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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Dayi - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Dujiangyan Irrigation System

    33,064 Reviews
    48.7km from downtown
    "Incredible history behind the Dujiangyan irrigation system, but also a brilliant place to hike. You can end your walk in the nearby ancient city."
    Highlights: The Dujiangyan Irrigation System is located along the main branch of the Lancang River, west of Dujiangyan City. It was constructed in the Qin dynasty around 256 BC by Li Bing, Prefecture Chief of Shu County, and his son. It is one of the few ancient Chinese water conservancy projects that has remained preserved and intact. The project consists of three primary works—Yuzui Diverting Embankment, the Feishayan Spillway, and the Baopingkou Water Inlet, and two secondary works which include the Baizhangdi (the thousand-feet dam) and Renzidi (the y-shaped dam). They divide the Yongjiang River into an outer and an inner branch, the former of which is used to divert floods and the latter for irrigation. This has allowed the Western Sichuan plateau to become "the land of abundance" as we now know it.
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  • No.2

    Qingcheng Mountain

    15,865 Reviews
    37.4km from downtown
    "Was enchanting and spectacular. Lots to see and do. Best to go in cooler weather. I had the most amazing experience when a butterfly sat on my head for about 15 minutes. Just started there as iwalked ."
    Highlights: Qingcheng Mountain is dubbed as the "most quiet and secluded place in the world". It is the birthplace of Taoism and there are many Taoist temples to explore there. Qingcheng Mountain is divided into two parts: Qingcheng Front Mountain and Qingcheng Back Mountain. They require separate tickets. The Front Mountain is a place where Taoist culture and cultural relics are concentrated. Visitors talking about “Qingcheng Mountain” are often referring to the front mountain; Qingcheng Back Mountain is known for its natural scenery making it a good place for vacation and leisure.
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  • No.3

    Emei Mountain

    31,491 Reviews
    112.8km from downtown
    "Excellent place for a weekend trip from Chengdu. It is a big park/mountain. Took the bus up to the cable car. There are 2 cable car routes. One is private; the other is public. Worth the extra money to not be cramped in a cable car with 100 other people, so I recommend the former. Avoid going on any National holidays as it can be quite crowded with people. Any places to eat or grab a snack up on the mountain."
    Highlights: Mount Emei is one of the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, and it is also the temple of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries in the mountains that combine to give this place a holy and serene atmosphere. The scenery in the mountains are beautiful. The four seasons each have their own characteristics. If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise and sea of clouds. Do note that the monkeys in Mount Emei are notoriously naughty. They are not afraid of people, and even take the initiative to ask tourists for food.
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  • No.4

    Leshan Giant Buddha

    17,744 Reviews
    117.4km from downtown
    Matt Xu1
    "Went to Leshan Giant Buddha in 2019. You can climb or view from boat. day and night time!"
    Highlights: The Leshan Giant Buddha is located on a rock wall of the Lingyun Mountain at the junction of Leshan's Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River in Sichuan. It is a sacred place for Buddhist and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Leshan Giant Buddha depicts a seated image of Maitreya and it is an exquisite piece of cliff-carving work from the Tang Dynasty. The colossal statue is about 70 metres high and over 1,300-years-old, making it the largest stone Buddha in the world, and by far the tallest pre-modern statue. It took an astonishing three generations of craftmen and 90 years to complete. When viewing the tall and majestic Giant Buddha, one cannot help but marvel at the wisdom of the ancients. In the absence of modern large-scale tools, they were still able to leave such a legacy.
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  • No.5

    Xiling Snow Mountain

    9,576 Reviews
    33.4km from downtown
    "It is more suitable for skiing with children. In summer, taking the cable car up the mountain is a lake to see the scenery and take photos. There is nothing fun, and it is not cool during the day."
    Highlights: The scenery of the Xiling Snow Mountain has its own unique characteristics throughout the year. The main peak Miaojiling is one of the highest peaks around Chengdu at a height of more than 5,000 meters above sea level. The top of the mountain is covered in snow all year round and is magnificently beautiful. In spring, the azaleas in the mountains and fields are in full bloom forming a sea of flowers. Due to the lush forests, this attraction is ideal for avoiding the heat during summer. The winter season runs from end November till end March. During this period, the mountain attracts many visitors to its snow-filled attractions. There are ski resorts in the mountains as well as snowmobiles and dog sleds available for rent.
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  • No.6

    Langzhong Ancient Town

    4,599 Reviews
    259.4km from downtown
    "Langzhong Ancient Town was an amazing place to visit. It feels like you are stepping back into ancient China. the buildings are beautiful, the food is really good and the people are so friendly."
    Highlights: Langzhong Ancient Town is located along the bank of the Jialing River in Nanchong and is one of China’s four major ancient towns. Its more than 2000 years of history are well-preserved, and the town has an extremely unique layout. The famous general Zhang Fei of the Three Kingdoms Period once garrisoned at Langzhong for 7 years. In Langzhong, you can stroll the ancient lanes, visit the Zhang Fei Temple, look out across the whole town from Jinping Mountain, and enjoy the leisurely pace of local life. The folk customs here are rich and varied. The on-site performance of the show Langyuan Xianjing includes many folk performances and is worth watching. A lot of fun activities are available during the Spring Festival period.
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  • No.7

    Bipeng Valley

    7,990 Reviews
    Li County
    102.5km from downtown
    "You must be very well-prepared to wear warm clothing to visit Bipeng valley even during autumn time because it is very cold up the mountains. The latitude is high and visitors may want to prepare oxygen bottles too. I suggest to cater a full day to visit Bipeng valley. There are rest stops that sell food and drinks."
    Highlights: Bipeng Valley is located within the Solo Valley in Putou Rural Area, Li County, Aba Prefecture, and lies at the northern foot of Siguniang Mountain. It is the ideal place to view the red maple leaves. Every autumn from September to October, this area is enveloped in a splendid red. It doesn't matter whether you cross the valley on foot or ride a tourist buggy, for both will give you unique travel experiences. In the winter, you can also enjoy beautiful views of snow-covered landscapes.
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  • No.8

    Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

    3,884 Reviews
    74.8km from downtown
    "Few people and more cats. The scenic spot is large. Good environment. Walk for2-3 hours throughout the whole journey. Just bound the canyon ticket. The price/performance ratio has been affected, and there is currently no net red cat. There is no baby cat business."
    Highlights: Bifengxia Giant Panda Base is located in Ya'an, Sichuan province. The area receives year-round precipitation and mist and is surrounded by forest. The beautiful natural landscape and fresh air attract a large number of visitors. The panda base offers a semi-wild environment for pandas, as well as a zoo with lions, tigers, and other predators. Visitors can feed the animals.
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  • No.9

    Jianmen Pass

    5,211 Reviews
    268.6km from downtown
    "A pleasant surprise. A great weekend trip from Chengdu (high-speed train to Guangyuan). Jianmenguan is a beautiful national park. Entered from the north gate to walk down through valley and exit the south gate. Didn't hike up or take cable car up to the view top. Just a nice relaxing stroll in a scenic park with great views. Highly recommend. A lesser known gem in northern Sichuan."
    Highlights: The Jianmen Pass is located in Jiange County between Dajian Mountain and Xiaojian Mountain. It has been famous throughout history, holding an important position militarily due to its precipitous topography and ease of defense. Visitors to the scenic area can take the easier “Bird Path” of the mountain, or the “Ape Route,” which requires renting professional mountain climbing equipment.
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  • No.10

    Lehe Ledu Theme Park

    7,101 Reviews
    271.8km from downtown
    "Chongqing Lehe Ledu Parent-child Theme Growth Park is located in Yongchuan District, Chongqing, covering an area of 5000 more than a mu, with a total investment of 30 million. It is built on the basis of the original Chongqing Wildlife World, and is also the largest and most fully functional super large theme park in the west. Wildlife World: It has the only and the first gold and silver tiger scattered area in the world. The first Australian animal scattered area in China. The largest number of African animal scattered areas in China are divided into car parks and pedestrian parks. Self-driving cars are used. Take a sightseeing bus, and take a new food viewing car, and take a thrilling but safe wild curiosity tour with wildlife. The walking tour area covers an area of 1800 mu, which is a unique Chinese mountain zoo. The pedestrian area is divided into primates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and animals, showing the world of rare wildlife at home and abroad: jointly built by the top international entertainment equipment three manufacturers, with 30 the remaining new generation of amusement projects with 12.5 meters high fourth set of the world Prehistoric behemoth King Kong has 1440 degrees of continuous flipping, the first ten-ring roller coaster in the west with the Guinness World Records title has the highest domestic rapids bravery project - Sinbadachang Culture Performing Arts: In addition to the world's top entertainment equipment, Lehe Ledu also has wonderful cultural performances of the international first-class circus classic performances - the Royal Circus won the National Amusement Skyscraper Award, known as the "must see marine animals show in a lifetime" Dolphin Alliance performance and animal-themed float cruise the global village: It is the entrance part of Lehe Ledu. Before entering the park, tourists can experience the largest medieval ring castle building in China, African villages, flame mountains, and water parks with distinctive world dances: with the theme of summer playing in the water, the total area is 3 10,000 square meters. Equipped with equipment such as blue water wave pool, jungle galloping slide, elf paddling pool, Tahiti water village, etc., 2018 New upgrade in the year, new facilities such as rapid slide, spiral slide, cyclone horn, music playing fountain and other exciting facilities"
    Highlights: Ledu Theme Park is a resort congregate of theme parks. It is composed of different programs such as World Village, Entertainment Paradise, Five-Star Resort, Wildlife World, Liangjiang Holiday Hotel and many othes. The park is home to exciting entertainment facilities as well as children's programs, such as rotating bees, fruit buggy, happy jellyfish and more.
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  • No.11

    Sanxingdui Archaeological Museum

    6,955 Reviews
    82.7km from downtown
    Kelly Leung
    "Museum that is goose bumps all over the place. Looking forward to the opportunity to better unlock the civilisation gifts left by ancients when archaeology is more complete in the future"
    Highlights: The Sanxingdui Museum holds and displays over a thousand precious cultural relics in bronze, jade, gold, and ceramic, unearthed at the nearby Sanxingdui (“Three Stars Mound”) archaeological site. The Sanxingdui Archaeological Museum is quite large and comprises two independent exhibition areas. The first area is a general exhibition where you can see gold, copper, jade, stone, and ceramic cultural relics. The second area is the bronze exhibition, which houses all sorts of bronzeware that has been unearthed at the site.
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  • No.12


    4,827 Reviews
    160.3km from downtown
    "Top shelf experience. Mugecuo is an excellent park with some amazing scenery. Nice to find a cafe lakeside. Take a couple of hours and walk down. There are many stations going down so if you get tired, you can jump back onto the bus at any time. Highly recommend."
    Highlights: Mugecuo in Kangding City, also known as Dahaizi, is a mountain lake in northwestern Sichuan. The water is very clear as they come from the melted water of the snow mountains. Visitors can pick a spot wih good views and comfortably enjoy the crystal clear waters and beautiful surrounding mountains. There is also a hot spring in the scenic area. If you are interested, take a hot spring bath and eat some local hot spring eggs.
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  • No.13

    Liu's Manor Museum

    2,302 Reviews
    13.3km from downtown
    "Book 55 yuan tickets on After visiting Liu Wencai Manor, spend 20 yuan on the rail car. Take a leisurely turn around in Anren Ancient Town. After getting off the bus, stroll through the streets of the Republic of China, taste various local snacks, wear a beautiful cheongsam to take pictures..."
    Highlights: Liu’s Manor Museum, once a private residence of the landlord Liu Wencai, is now a well-preserved landlord's manor. The museum's treasure house displays the cultural relics of Liu Wencai's collection, including some paintings, writings and cultural relics and daily necessities. In the backyard of the manor, there is also are large-scale sculptures - “Rent Collection House”, which shows how the landlord collected his rent and made inspections. In the north of Rent Collection House, there is a three-story building. This is the "Lady's Building", which is said to be the residence of unmarried ladies in Liu family.
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  • No.14

    Zigong Dinosaur Museum

    4,114 Reviews
    182.3km from downtown
    Miracle Prem
    "wonderful and marvelous place. educative and insightful. you’ve gotta visit. I loved been there. it was a good experience with my wife. young and traveling"
    Highlights: This museum is in the northeast part of Zigong City, situated on a major dinosaur fossil excavation site in Dashanpu, and is one of a relatively rare number of museums dedicated to dinosaurs. You can learn all sorts of new things about dinosaurs here. The museum has two floors. Eighteen stunning dinosaur skeletons are on display on the first floor, as well as many fossils. On the second floor, sound, light, and electronic models are used to recreate the setting in which the dinosaurs lived.
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  • No.15

    Shunan Zhuhai (“South Sichuan Bamboo Sea”) National Park

    2,460 Reviews
    274.6km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "The bamboo sea in southern Anhui is suitable for all seasons. Walking in the bamboo forest to enjoy the gift of nature and eat a bamboo meal, paddle a bamboo raft, relax, a very recommended place, there is a chance to come, the scenic spot is oversized, it is recommended to travel by car"
    Highlights: The Shunan Zhuhai National Park is located in Yibin where Changning and Jiang’an counties meet. The air here is pristine and the scenery is gorgeous. You can see many products expertly crafted from bamboo at the park's Changning Zhuhai Museum. You can even get a panoramic view of the “bamboo sea" from the aerial tramway. When you come here, don't forget to try a meal prepared fully from bamboo at a local farmhouse. You can get bamboo shoots, bamboo fungus (a type of edible fungus), bamboo eggs, and bamboo tripe, all of which are delicious.
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  • No.16

    Bifengxia Wildlife Park

    3,317 Reviews
    74.1km from downtown
    "Feeding the beast this project is relatively simple, and the sightseeing car a route, the difference is that you can feed one can only see, the biggest advantage is that when there are many people, the beast car queues much less than the sightseeing car, you can get on the bus as soon as possible, everyone should consider it as appropriate. There are a lot of small animals, there are a few performances, it is worth a visit."
    Highlights: Located within the Bifengxia Scenic Area, the Bifengxia Wildlife Park offers clean air and beautiful scenery. You can see all kinds of wild animals at the park, which is a great place to learn about animals and get close to nature. It's a great place to bring kids for a wildlife adventure. Most of the animals here roam free, and guests can ride the feeding trucks and feed lions, tigers, and bears. It’s very exciting to watch these large, ferocious animals carry off their prey.
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  • No.17

    Huang Longxi

    1,076 Reviews
    52.2km from downtown
    "Its an ok town, but it's about an hour drive away. We went on and walked around ALOT! We live in Shenyang so it was a pleasant change to see older buildings, different people. We tried different kinds of rice wines, that was wonderful. There are alot of hawkers, especially by the riverside who offer ear cleaning and massage services. Saying no to them is not the issue, but convincing them No means no was the problem. There is a gondola-like ride along the river which we opted out of. overall a pleasant day, but we won't be visiting it again."
    Highlights: The ancient town of Huanglongxi is located roughly 40 kilometers from Chengdu and boasts a history of over 1700 years. There are cobbled streets from the Ming and Qing dynasties, along with ancient memorial archways, temples, buildings and houses. A traditional festival is called the Fire Dragon Festival. The event is so well known that Huanglongxi is nicknamed the "the village of the Chinese fire dragon". The village is used as a set for films today, including films like Hibiscus Town (Fu rong zhen). The local snacks of Huanglongxi are also well-known. One-strand noodle, crispy pork legs, pearl tofu pudding and braised yellow catfish are all worth a taste!
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  • No.18

    Chongqing Wildlife World

    1,035 Reviews
    271.4km from downtown
    "its an awesome place for family,students and anybody who want to have fun and lern,lots of entertainmemt,performnces and safari.i love leheledu because i am part of the artists who entertain the visitors with our African dances.There is no good place to be than Leheledu.welcome one welcome all.Best regards from Moises aka Lei Feng"
    Highlights: Chongqing Wild Animal World is situated at Yongchuan's Shuangzhu County. Here you can take a sightseeing tour, learn about wild life, and get close to nature by watching and interacting with animals. In the park there are also recreational facilities and animal performance shows, making it a great place for a family tour.
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  • No.19

    Tongji Flower Sea

    462 Reviews
    71.4km from downtown
    "Because it is not a holiday, there are not many people watching flowers. Although I missed tulips at this time, there are more than 30 flowers such as tricolor, sunflower, flower hair, koi chrysanthemum, fushou flower, green chrysanthemum, cut autumn dill, Icelandic beauty, etc. It is really beautiful, it is really worthy of the sea of flowers, as if entering the legendary fairy world, The scenic spot is a European-style fairy tale building, small bridges and flowing water, pavilions, black swans, Indian blue peacocks, Shetland dwarf horses!"
    Highlights: Tongji flower sea is located in jianjiang road, qiaolou village, tongji town, pengzhou city. The park is equipped with intelligent greenhouse greenhouses, and there are eight theme flower exhibitions including tulip exhibition, buttercup exhibition and dahlia exhibition all year round. It is a good choice for the park to plant all kinds of flowers to enjoy the flowers.
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  • No.20

    Wolong China Panda Garden Shenshuping Base

    1,497 Reviews
    60.3km from downtown
    "Staying here cute and cute national treasure can let you see it up close enough, the key is that there are few people, you can see it as you want, and you can go shopping if you want! The scenery here is also very good, very suitable for children to visit!"
    Highlights: Wolong China Panda Garden Shenshuping Base is located in Gengda Town, Wolong Nature Reserve. It consists of areas such as Shenshuping Panda Breeding & Visiting Area, Captive Panda Wilderness Training Area, and Field Release Area. It contains a Tourist Reception Center, Science Education Center, Scientific Research Office, and other related establishments. The base not only provides a comfortable habitat for captive panda populations around the world, but also provides the public with the opportunity to get close to the pandas.
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