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    Local History in Edinburgh

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    Palace of Holyroodhouse

    208 Reviews
    998m from downtown
    "The Palace of Holly Lutheran is also a very shocking historical monument. It has not been damaged for hundreds of years. It is also an artistic gem of the British Empire. It can experience the ancient royal culture and some legacy living facilities."
    Reasons to Recommend: Palace of Holyroodhouse Standing at the end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, the Palace of Holyroodhouse is the official home of Her Majesty The Queen in Scotland, and is used by Her Majesty for State ceremonies and official entertaining. The Palace has been a royal residence for over 500 years and is closely associated with Scotland's rich history. A visit to the Palace includes the Historic Apartments of Mary, Queen of Scots, which were the setting for many dramatic episodes in her short and turbulent reign, including the brutal murder of her Italian secretary, David Rizzio, by her husband, Lord Darnley. Her Bedchamber has been described as 'the most famous room in Scotland'. In the Palace's State Apartments, visitors can see the magnificent Great Gallery, where Bonnie Prince Charlie held lavish balls when he set up his Jacobite Court at the Palace in September 1745. The State Apartments today reflect the changing tastes of successive monarchs, and are renowned for their fine plasterwork ceilings and unrivalled collection of Brussels tapestries. They are furnished with numerous works of art from the Royal Collection, many of which have long associations with Holyroodhouse and Scotland.
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    Scott Monument

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    326m from downtown
    Reasons to Recommend: This eye-catching black tower was built to commemorate the Scottish historical writer Sir Walter Scott. The building is more than 60 meters high and has 287 narrow steps. It is a typical Gothic building. There are arches on all sides at the bottom of the tower, which makes it look more agile. The building materials of the memorial hall are sand and gravel quarried near Edinburgh. Due to the looseness of the stone, it has turned dark brown in less than 200 years, adding to the ancient charm. On the tower stands the statue of Scott in white marble, which can be seen from all sides. The statue shows Scott in a robe with his dog lying beside him.
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    St Giles' Cathedral

    147 Reviews
    450m from downtown
    "St. Giles Cathedral (St Giles Cathedral) stands on the High Street of Royal Mile Boulevard. It is the main church of Edinburgh and the National Church of Scotland. It is one of the landmarks of Royal Mile Boulevard. The tower of the church emulates the design of the Scottish crown, reflecting its position as the leading Scottish church."
    Reasons to Recommend: St Giles Cathedral is Edinburgh's main church and the national church of Scotland. Originally built in 1120, the church was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1385. The top of the church tower is modeled after the Scottish crown. St Giles' Cathedral is the power center of the Christian Scottish Presbyterian Church and is often considered the "mother church" of the Scottish Presbyterian churches around the world. The history of the church reflects the secular and religious life of the Scots, as well as the history of the development and evolution of Catholicism in Scotland in the 16th century. There is a statue of the Duke of Buckingham in front of the church, and there is a chapel of the Scottish Knights built in the 20th century.
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    St Mary’s Parish Church

    18 Reviews
    25.9km from downtown
    "Edinburgh St Mary's Church is a very famous building, this church is quite fun, you can see many classic buildings, the church has a lot of views to enjoy. [View] The air tube here is beautiful [price-effective] Free tour around the periphery"
    Reasons to Recommend: St Mary's Church in Edinburgh, built in 1462, is an Anglican church in England. The building of the church is in a beautiful Gothic style. If you are lucky, you can also encounter a choir singing. It is also the only church in Scotland that retains daily singing services. Entry to the church is free, and it costs £3 to climb the tower, which is good value for money.
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    Gladstone's Land

    22 Reviews
    540m from downtown
    "Glendon Manor is outside Edinburgh, a private estate, covered in large green vegetation, with lots of flowers in the centre, few houses, and far away. natural scenery is not general [interest] can experience nature"
    Reasons to Recommend: This is a 6-storey cottage in Edinburgh's Old Town, a typical Edinburgh 17th century building. Its owner, a former local wealthy, is today a charming historic building with Edwardian décor and furniture.
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    St Margaret's Chapel

    57 Reviews
    893m from downtown
    "The Queen's Chapel is inside Edinburgh Castle. It is a long-standing legacy of Edinburgh, which has been used as an arsenal of war and has now passed by it without any guidance. Read the nameplate nearby to see its history. The space inside is small and the windows are beautiful. There are some cultural relics to visit. Out of respect, no photos are taken indoors. Out of the chapel, the surrounding scenery is magnificent."
    Reasons to Recommend: St. Margaret's Chapel, located in Edinburgh, is the oldest existing building in Edinburgh, Scotland. The chapel is in the right-angled Gothic style, and the space is very small, and can only accommodate about 15-20 people at a time. The interior decoration is also very simple and simple, with tables, flowers and candlesticks placed in the semicircular high altar, and a beautiful stained glass window depicting St. Margaret, Queen of Malcolm III.
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    Dirleton Castle

    16 Reviews
    North Berwick
    27.5km from downtown
    "The Derton Castle and Gardens are well maintained, a huge, charming castle ruins in a beautiful village that is rarely seen near a very interesting local church, large in scale including its dove-house, bridges to the entrance and plenty of rooms."
    Reasons to Recommend: Delton Castle is a medieval defensive castle in the village of Delton that was abandoned in the 17th century. The garden in front of the castle is very beautifully trimmed, and the surrounding environment is also very good. If you have enough time, you can come here to see it.
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    Craigmillar Castle

    34 Reviews
    4.3km from downtown
    "This ancient castle is a very long historical building, the long history of the castle is quite attractive, it takes a car to come here, walking distance, it is said that it is also a private place. [Scenery] The scenery is beautiful [interesting] Know the history of the castle"
    Reasons to Recommend: Craigmiller Castle is a castle built in the late 14th century, located in the south of Edinburgh city, on a hill behind the hospital. The castle was remodeled and expanded in the 16th century. In 1660, the castle was sold to Sir John Gilmore, who rebuilt it further. Because of the different construction periods, there are many interesting gaps and small spaces, and it is very interesting to walk through them.
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