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Top 7 Instagram-Worthy Locations in Foshan - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    The CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town

    2,275 Reviews
    18.5km from downtown
    "This is a pretty cool place for photography. Its very big, and several different themes. They do some filming in different locations so some areas may be off limit. I only experienced that once."
    Highlights: Nanhai Film and Television Town is located in the South China Taoyuan Tourist Resort. It is a filming base directly under the control of CCTV. Many film and television hits are filmed here, including "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom". The base is comprised of three main film and television themes, namely the Tianchao Palace District, Jiangnan Water Township District and the Old Hong Kong Macau District, each with its own special characteristics. Of course, attractions here are not limited to photo ops with classic film and television scenery, but there are a number of great performances to enjoy.
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  • No.2

    Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park

    2,563 Reviews
    37.5km from downtown
    Raed Alhaji
    "Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park in Foshan is one of the Best Tourist Attractions and Top Things to Do when you travel to Foshan, it introduces the main attractions, entrance tickets booking, The best time to visit, How to Get there, the highlights, facts, history, photos, visiting routes, travel tips, travel maps of Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park in Foshan."
    Highlights: Located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park offers sports facilities for outward-bound activities, water sports, climbing, swimming pools, football fields, basketball courts, zoos, etc., making it an ideal place for children's physical outings. Other than these, the Park also has a farmhouse restaurant, where one may find popular dishes such as "scented chicken", "roast whole lamb" and "chicken with citronella".
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  • No.3

    National Arts Studios

    1,576 Reviews
    19.7km from downtown
    "Xiqiaoshan National Art Film and Television City integrates film and television, tourism and leisure. The magnificent Ming and Qing Palaces, nostalgic Guangzhou Street, Hong Kong Street, Shanghai Street. Restore the historical appearance and market style of the times."
    Highlights: Xiqiaoshan National Arts Studios has replicas of Qing and Ming-era imperial palaces, ancient houses, and buildings from different points in history. Wandering through the studios, one might feel as if one has been transported hundreds of years into the past. Guangzhou Street and Shanghai Street retain the nostalgic look and charm of times past. Hong Kong Street has has been the set for many TVB drama series. The Canal Towns of Jiangnan and the painting "Along the River during the Qingming Festival" demonstrate the grace and beauty of traditional culture. The areas also feature a variety of exciting shows for the visitors' enjoyment. Shanghai Street's Paramount, and the Qing-Ming Dynasty Imperial Palace, both feature performances.
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  • No.4

    Foshan Pioneer Industrial Park

    141 Reviews
    2.6km from downtown
    Highlights: The Foshan Creative Industry Park was transformed from an old factory and has a very literary atmosphere. Every place is a photo spot. There are various Chinese and Western restaurants, petty bourgeoisie cafes and dessert shops here, as well as specialty shops and entertainment and leisure places, which are very suitable for weekend leisure. Walking through it, characteristic sculptures can be seen everywhere, small trains, kung fu figures, etc., full of strong contemporary art charm. Foreigner Street is the core block here, with delicious snacks and stylish shops, each of which can bring full sensory enjoyment.
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  • No.5

    Half Moon Island Wetland Park

    29 Reviews
    5.3km from downtown
    "It’s time to go out on the spring equinox again. I have a class of sisters and go to the wetland park for a picnic on weekends. After many years, there is a laa, and the environment has changed greatly. The environment has become so awkward, with green mountains and green waters, and there is a riverside. Most suitable for picnics and kites. There are many cars in the week, and there are many cars to shake to the parking space. So it is best to go to Li early or stagger it. It is annoying to park at the time. The overall environment is not wrong, it is suitable for children and parents."
    Highlights: Banyue Island is located on the alluvial sandbar on the Dongping River. It is designed with the characteristics of “sports and leisure, watching fish in the sea of flowers”. It will integrate sports, leisure and landscape. It is a rare riverside park in Chancheng. It is a good place for viewing lotus flowers, fishing and citizens' leisure.
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  • No.6

    Ronggui Desheng Creative Park

    12 Reviews
    30.9km from downtown
    "Today (January 26), Ronggui Fisherman's Wharf held the unveiling ceremony of the national AAA-level tourist attraction. This is the first national-level tourist attraction in Ronggui Street, and the first "three old" renovation and activation project in Shunde was awarded the A-level scenic spot."
    Highlights: Before the establishment of the creative park, it was a dilapidated industrial factory, where the history, culture and architecture of Shunde in the 1960s and 1970s were preserved. With the arrival of many artists and designers, this place has a new look. The graffiti culture and European decoration style can be seen everywhere, full of literary and artistic atmosphere, and it has also become a favorite check-in place for everyone.
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  • No.7

    Yanbu Viollon Church

    28 Reviews
    9.2km from downtown
    "Cow! Not a general cow, subverting the gothic style of the west, leading the direction of the future church style, becoming one of the world's modern church classics. The violin architecture after the first stage of the musical instrument was named the "Sound of the Apocalypse", which was mainly used to share the Bible. The second stage of the musical instrument king piano architecture was named the "Sound of the Sky", concert hall and art training center."
    Highlights: Yanbu Violin Church is located at No. 38 East Road, Yanbu Huanzhen, Nanhai District, Foshan City. The appearance of the church is like a violin standing on the beautiful Huadi River. The main body of the church is on the eighth floor, with the main hall, reception room and library on the first floor; The auxiliary hall, mother and baby room, and choir room; the third floor and the fourth floor, the main day school, and the sky garden; the fifth floor and the sixth floor are double-standard guest rooms; the seventh floor is the preacher's dormitory; the eighth floor is the prayer room.
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