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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Fusong - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Benxi Water Caves

    4,547 Reviews
    Benxi County
    297.4km from downtown
    Yolande (Yoli)
    "A must see type of place. wow what an amazing experience here at the Water caves. So much to see and do here."
    Highlights: The Benxi Water Caves are partially submerged karst caves formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. The caves are divided into a wet cave and a dry cave. The many stalactites of every form shine in a variety of colors under the cave lights. A long underground river runs through the caverns that you can ride a boat through. You will feel the air get colder the deeper you go into the caverns.
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  • No.2

    West Slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area

    752 Reviews
    36.3km from downtown
    "The west slope has to transfer to the second car to reach the foot of the mountain, and then climb the 1440 steps to reach Tianchi. There are food for sale at the foot of the mountain, and the price is OK and convenient. The weather on the top of Tianchi Mountain changes quickly and the fog is large. Unfortunately, I didn't see Tianchi and it was raining. However, the scenery in the fog is still very special and worth a visit!"
    Highlights: West Slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic Area lies in the west of the Sky Pool of Changbai Mountain. Here, tourists can admire a landscape that does not exist on the north slope, such as Jinjiang Canyon and Gaoshan Garden. From the peak of the west slope, tourists can see the sky pool of Changbai Mountain, with a broader and magnificent view compared with that of the north slope. Apart from these beautiful scenic spots, you can even take a photo at the side of the boundary marker between China and DPRK.
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  • No.3

    Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park

    342 Reviews
    222.9km from downtown
    "The Raiders said that Phoenix Mountain is divided into two parts: the sky garden and the Grand Canyon. Tickets can be played within two days. If the time is tight, we can go to the scenic spot at 6:30, first play the sky garden (7:00 to 10:30) 6500 meters, the place to climb is more tired, but fortunately it is not long. The whole distance is relatively long. After 11 o'clock, I started to enter the Grand Canyon (11:00 ~ 4:00) 6000 meters. The location of Wulongtan is too steep. It takes more than 30 minutes. It is very tired. The place to go down the mountain is in the 18th plate location. The whole stairs are too steep. The experience is that all climbing mountains are tired, no matter the short, tall, big and small. The intensity of the day trip is relatively large. There is almost no network throughout the whole process. Only at the entrance and exit of the scenic spot. From Phoenix Mountain, take the Xuexiang Highway all the way down ~G333, no high-speed, the whole journey is 4 and a half hours, there is almost no car, there is only one gas station, the road in the forest, very, very beautiful, no signal place, more terrible than no man's area, summer snow township is almost empty city, Nor does it look like a fairy tale town."
    Highlights: Located in the Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area of ​​Harbin, Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park is an eco-friendly park that integrates tourism, health care, summer vacation, vacation, scientific research and exploration. There are two major scenic spots in the park, namely the Phoenix Mountain Alpine Garden and the Fenghuang Mountain Grand Canyon. It is characterized by strange peaks and cliffs. The ancient towers and temples in the mountains complement each other. It is a scenic tourist area where the human landscape and the natural landscape blend. Known for its excellent ecological environment and unique natural scenery.
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  • No.4

    Hetuala City

    555 Reviews
    220.5km from downtown
    "The attractions are still like that overall, relatively sparse. . . . . . . . . . . . ,,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Come and feel it, you can see it, it needs to be built."
    Highlights: Located in Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, Hetuala City is the birthplace of the Houjin, Manchu and Qing Dynasties. Most of the sites were rebuilt in the ruins, and the original state was preserved to an extent with rich Manchu folk customs. The environment in the scenic area is beautiful, and there are Manchu song and dance performances and Manchu traditional cuisine year-round.
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  • No.5

    Northeast Tiger Park

    343 Reviews
    236km from downtown
    "Very fun, far from the city, it is worth seeing with children, there are not many beasts inside, the battery car is very powerful, not tired, the acrobatic performance is good, there are only two pandas, there are many tigers, and there are no other large beasts."
    Highlights: The Northeast Tiger Park aka Jilin Province Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center is located in the Jingyuetan National Forest Park in the southeast of Changchun. The purpose of this park is to rescue injured wild animals in time to save and protect endangered animals, such as the northeast tiger.
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  • No.6

    Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone

    605 Reviews
    138.7km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "Very good attractions, beautiful scenery, strong Buddhist cultural atmosphere, the construction of Qingzuxuan facilities is very magnificent, but the artificial taste is too strong, the historical and cultural atmosphere is insufficient. Overall it is worth a visit."
    Highlights: Located in the southern suburb of Dunhua City, the Liuding Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone is in the hilly area of the famous Changbai Mountain, beside the river and surrounded by peaks. Its core area includes scenic spots such as Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level, including the ancient tombs of the Bohai Kingdom on Liuding Mountain, the oversized Buddhist nuns' ashram, Zhengjue Temple, the spiritual home of Manchu, Qingzu Temple, and the sky-high open-air sitting Buddha, the Jingding Buddha.
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  • No.7

    Wusong (Rime) Island

    1,103 Reviews
    226.9km from downtown
    Prerona Boruah
    "This place is totally like a Dreamland, the rime on the trees makes them look so much like the magical world of Narnia. It's truly one of nature's miracles that one must see if you got a chance."
    Highlights: Wusong, an island in the middle of the Songhua River, is a famous place to view the rime ice for which it is named. Every winter, unfrozen water vapor rising up from the river hits the cold and solidifies as frost - rime ice - on the trees. Viewing the iced trees from a distance is like seeing the legendary jade trees and flowers of immortality, a beauty that defies description. This is also an excellent place to view the sunrise and sunset.
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  • No.8

    Tiannvshan Forest Park

    172 Reviews
    Fushun County
    266.5km from downtown
    "The scenic spot is not big. Generally speaking, it can be completed in half a day. The scenery is average. It may also be the reason for the just opening of spring. The road signs are not clear. Many signs and paths need to be repaired."
  • No.9


    232 Reviews
    Benxi County
    278.3km from downtown
    "40 kilometers east of Benxi City, there is a main peak at an altitude of more than 900 meters, and a Qishan with a radius of more than 20 miles. This is the birthplace of the Northeast Taoist Longmen School. Jiuding Iron Temple Mountain is the Yumai of Changbai Mountain. There are Yuanshi, Zhenwu, Lingbao, Jade Emperor, Xuanwu, Taishang, Splendid, Incense Furnace, Lion, Nantian, Beitian, purple gas, golden mother, come dragon and other ten tops, peaks, mountains, ripples, clouds, sun, sky crown, overpass, dry, crouching tiger and other caves, the mountains flow, wild flowers scorching, green cypress towering, the sky is covered with pine, clouds and mist, the breeze is slowly, the scenery is beautiful, and there are many places of interest; Among them, the most famous is Yunguang Cave, which is in the shape of a gourd."
    Highlights: Tieshashan is a part of the Changbai Mountains. There are five peaks, namely Zhenwu North Peak, Lingbao South Peak, Yuhuang East Peak, Taishang West Peak, and Yuanshi Middle Peak. It is the birthplace of Northeast Taoism. Visitors can see the towering old trees as well as the deep, serene caves. There are many ancient caves in the mountain, including Yunguang Cave, Tianqiao Cave, Qiankun Cave, Sunlight Cave, Fengyue Cave, Xuanshi Cave, Guozu Cave, and Sanxian Cave.
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  • No.10

    Yongling Tombs of the Qing Dynasty

    129 Reviews
    226.1km from downtown
    "This scenic area is not bad, with children to understand the history of the Qing Dynasty, the scenery is beautiful, the staff is very good, there are more food and play inside, the archery project is fun, adults and children like it, Wenchuang ice cream is cheap"
    Highlights: The Yongling Tombs of the Qing Dynasty is the cemetery of the great ancestors of Nurhachi, great grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers and uncles. There are four monuments erected in a row behind the entrance, with each housing one of the four memorial stone tablets of the four ancestors of the Qing Dynasty, namely the "Yuan Emperor of Zhaozu", "Zhi Emperor of Xingzu", "Yi Emperor of Jingzu" and "Xuan Emperor of Xianzu". The tablets are inscribed with words of aspiration such as "carrying on the family line and founding the nation", written in the three languages of Manchu, Mongol and Han.
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  • No.11

    Jilin Sengong Fairy Bridge Hot Spring

    85 Reviews
    21.6km from downtown
    "The full name is probably Fusong County Xianrenqiao geothermal hot spring group, belonging to the natural hot spring, Fusong County in Baishan City, Changbai Mountain northwest, Changbai Mountain Tianchi is also within the jurisdiction. The location of the west slope of Changbai Mountain tourism line, look at the crater of Tianchi, you know that Changbai Mountain is an dead volcano. The residual geothermal heat must have hot springs. There are many springs in Fusong. It is said that there are 62 ℃ water gushing from granite cracks. It is an excellent natural hot spring."
    Highlights: Xianrenqiao Hot Spring is a hot spring on Changbai Mountain. It is a great place to take a break and a good meeting point for tours around Changbai Mountain. There are many spring vents here — gallons of spring water at a temperature of 62°C gush from granite fractures. Surrounded by mountains, the hot spring offers picturesque scenery and a basin micro-climate only seen in the forest of Changbai Mountain, making it an ideal place for tours and vacations throughout the year.
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  • No.12

    Shengxin Water World

    139 Reviews
    180.4km from downtown
    "Too fun, the outdoor water park is relatively poor, but the outdoor hot springs and indoor hot springs are good, remember to bring your own swimming laps, beach socks, slippers, shower caps, you can taste red wine, super delicious, several large manors are more distinctive, but don’t go climbing, it’s too high, If you stay at night, you can see the night view, it is good-looking, highly recommended, 3 yuan for Quanyang Quanbing, there is food, but I went in the afternoon, did not eat, the canteen environment is general, it is recommended to go early in the morning, or not enough time"
    Highlights: The Shengxin Paradise Hot Spring Valley is located in the Shengxin Winery, Mengjia, Fengman District, Jilin City. It is a multipurpose scenic area that integrates services such as dining, lodging, hot springs, fishing, fruit picking, and entertainment. At the same time, an art of tea area and a water bar area have opened to the public. The area highlights various cultural contents such as local customs, gardens, sculptures, and wine. It is an ideal place for holiday tourism.
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