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Top 5 Great Urban Parks in Geneva - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    The Flower Clock

    161 Reviews
    929m from downtown
    "Next to Lake Geneva, I will pass by every day. This is a famous attraction. It is relatively large, but I don’t think I have anything to see. It is a clock composed of flowers. It may be of greater significance."
    Highlights: The Flower Clock is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, west of the English Garden. The combination of flowers and clocks makes it a symbol of Geneva's reputation as the "Watch Capital". Although flower clocks can also be seen in other cities in Switzerland, the flower clock in Geneva is the real ancestor of the flower clock. The flower clock is 5 meters in diameter. The mechanical structure of the clock is set underground. The clock face on the ground and the Arabic numerals representing 12 hours are covered with fresh green grass or flowers, and new patterns change with the seasons. After visiting the Flower Clock, you can visit the large fountain in the lake along Lake Geneva.
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  • No.2

    English Garden

    78 Reviews
    974m from downtown
    "When I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, no one knew about the famous big flower clock; the English garden where the big flower clock is located was mentioned, and there were very few people who knew it. The British garden covering an area of 2.5 10,000 square meters, the largest of the series of city parks on the shore of Lake Geneva in downtown Geneva. In 1854, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Geneva's accession to the Swiss Confederation, the English garden was built on the shore of Lake Geneva on the north side of the old town. Another hundred years - 1955, the world's first flower clock was built on the southwest edge of the garden. The bell, which is 5 meters in diameter and consists of more than 6,500 bright flowers, has ranked first in the world for decades and is loved by citizens and tourists. Slowly, the big flower bell became an iconic landscape in Geneva, and the name of the British garden was quietly forgotten. After close contact with the big flower clock, go around the English garden, the dense ancient trees, the spacious green lawn, the fountains overflowing with water columns, the simple and elegant pavilion, and the clear blue lake, the couple who walk arm in arm... Romantic and fresh feeling, really good."
    Highlights: The English Garden was built in 1854 and is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. It has an elegant environment and is a good place for leisure walks. There are not only towering trees, various fountains and statues in the park, but also the world-famous Flower Clock, which attracts many tourists to take pictures.
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  • No.3

    Conservatory and Botanical garden Geneva

    34 Reviews
    3.3km from downtown
    "Not far from the Palais des Nations, the botanical garden is not very large, there are several small greenhouses inside, it is worth a turn. There is also a sheep pen in the botanical garden, which has the black-nosed sheep unique to the Zermatt region of Switzerland."
    Highlights: The Botanical Garden is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, close to the Palais des Nations, and is a popular local leisure place. The expansive garden features a variety of plants, trees, flowers, dedicated biological habitats, greenhouses and a small zoo. More than 16,000 species of plants grow here, including roses, dahlias, medicinal plants, exotic flowers and herbs. The exotic birds in the zoo area are as diverse as the flowers in the garden, and the colors are colorful and dazzling.
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  • No.4

    Jardin Alpin

    5 Reviews
    5.7km from downtown
    "Savoie on food are made from Michelin chef Philippe Chevrier, he is a household name in Geneva, has a Michelin restaurant, want to be a delicious, need to make an appointment in advance. Savoie in gone with the wind gently across the lake, slow Michelin meal, words can''t describe."
  • No.5

    Independence Park

    10 Reviews
    43.6km from downtown
    "Independent park lake Geneva is a park, the park beautiful scenery, is a good place for leisure. In addition to the spring of each year will be held in the park free of tulip festival, I wish I could be a pack of pleasure, this is then the attendant serving drinks and snacks,"
    Highlights: Independence Park is an independent park on the shore of Lake Geneva. The park has beautiful scenery and is a good place to relax. In addition, a free tulip festival will be held in the park every spring. If this is later, you can get a package of eye blessings. Drinks and snacks will be provided on site.
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