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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Haikou - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

    33,857 Reviews
    210.8km from downtown
    "Definitely the highlight of my sanya trip! beautiful scenery, friendly staff and so much fun! I'd avoid the 6D show, not really worth it. also avoid during peak season as walking the rope bridge takes forever. but overall a really really great time!"
    Highlights: Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is a park unique for its tropical rainforest. It is also the main filming location for the movie “If You Are the One 2”. Here, you can trek through the rainforest, enjoy the company of a variety of orchids, walk on the bridge where Shu Qi once walked, or climb up to the hill overlooking the Yalong Bay to enjoy the magnificent view.
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  • No.2

    The Lost Chambers Aquarium (Sanya)

    22,227 Reviews
    196.5km from downtown
    "absolutely lovely! I'd recommend to go in the off season to have a nicer view of things and avoid over crowding. but it felt like being underwater with the fish. simply beautiful! also right outside is a cute little restaurant that had the best smoked salmon panini!"
    Highlights: The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a popular attraction in Sanya. The aquarium has staggered underwater tunnels and distinctive corridors. It has more than 30 display pools and tens of thousands of marine life can be seen here. The gigantic transparent display curtain wall is one of the most popular part of the tour with direct visual access to various marine life on the sea floor and the remains of Atlantis. In addition, the aquarium also offers plenty of diving programs for visitors to experience the magic of the underwater world.
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  • No.3

    Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou Tourist Area

    2,208 Reviews
    291.5km from downtown
    "This time I stayed at the B&B in Xiachuan. The terrace faces the beach. The scenery is beautiful, the beach is clean, the whole street is full of seafood, fresh and cheap, it is worth recommending."
    Highlights: Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou Tourist Area features pristine coastal scenery, ideal for beach-side strolls, watching sunrises and enjoying the gorgeous sunsets. Kilometers of coconut trees line the beach, swaying in the sea breeze, greeting travelers as they meander down the coast. Visitors can also climb the ascending stones to get a view of the “Seven Stars and Moon”, a group of small islands off the coast. This is a great place to taste local and tasty seafood.
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  • No.4

    Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

    3,192 Reviews
    30.5km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "The overall fun is very good, that is, the traffic is not very convenient for foreigners. Take a taxi, from the city to the park, and charter a car to visit the car dealership area for a total of 190. It is not recommended to rent a car. Haikou is full of motorcycles. If you are not familiar with the traffic, it is very dangerous."
    Highlights: Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden is located on the bank of Dongshan Lake in Haikou. It is a zoo with the theme of tropical wild animals and plants. The beautiful scenery here is also a good wild environment for wildlife. In the driving area of the parks, visitors can witness animals such as the African lion, the Siberian tiger, and the Asian elephant in their natural contexts.
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  • No.5

    Binlang Ethnic Village

    5,332 Reviews
    194.7km from downtown
    "The amusement projects in Betelcon Valley are simply too fun. I have experienced it with my children. The children like it very much. There is a shed in the shooting place and it is not sunbathing. The children can also play. The staff is also very good. Recommend!"
    Highlights: The Binlang Ethnic Village is located within the Ganshiling Nature Reserve. The village preserves the pristine tropical environment, and the dense forest is thick with areca (betel) nut palms. The Binlang Ethnic Village showcases the culture of the Li and Miao peoples. Live performances display the folk customs of Hainan's indigenous inhabitants and help visitors better understand them as they enjoy the lovely scenery.
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  • No.6

    Zhapo Dajiao Bay

    2,420 Reviews
    231.9km from downtown
    "Traveling to the beach on weekdays, but still feel the enthusiasm of the masses for the sea. In the afternoon, there are many people. There is also a little blockage on the road. Fortunately, the parking space is still sufficient. The sun and the beach are indispensable for summer."
    Highlights: Zhapo Dajiao Bay is a well-known harbor in Yangjiang, located southeast of Zhapo Town. The bay empties into the vast South China Sea, with majestic mountains on three sides. The beach at Dajiao Bay is 2.5 kilometers long, offering a gorgeous view of the peaceful bay. The fine, soft sand, clear sea and fresh air make the bay an excellent vacation destination. Visitors to Zhapo Dajiao Bay relish a romantic sea view and fun in the sand. Recreational activities at the beach include surfing, motorboating, parasailing and riding ATVs.
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  • No.7

    Nanwan Monkey Island

    4,120 Reviews
    184.9km from downtown
    "This is a place you must go to. It is so amazing. The monkeys are so cute. One took my Sprite from me but that’s okay. I would have shared anyway. They walk on the sidewalk next to you. There is a area where you can take pictures with them too. Adults like children can have fun here. If you love animals you should go here."
    Highlights: Nanwan Monkey Island is located on Hainan Island's Nanwan Peninsula in Lingshui County. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, this peninsula is an island-type nature reserve for macaques. Since the attraction is on a peninsula, guests can choose to get there by aerial tram or by taking a boat. Over a thousand rhesus macaques inhabit the island. In the park's numerous sections, you can see the monkeys dive and swim and even perform difficult circus tricks.
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  • No.8

    Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

    4,351 Reviews
    145km from downtown
    "amazing place, beautiful plants, was very interesting and enjoyable to see everything there"
    Highlights: Located in the eastern outskirts of Wanning, the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is a popular attraction with considerable history. The garden is scenic and rich in a variety of tropical plants. You can enjoy seeing a host of exotic plants you will not see at typical gardens. The garden also has a collection of tropical product plants such as black pepper and a wide assortment of fruits including durian. The garden's rest, reception, and sampling area even provides a special Xinglong coffee developed at the garden, as well as many famous teas.
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  • No.9

    Hongshulin Tiantianganhai

    809 Reviews
    195.2km from downtown
    "The experience is good, it would be better if the tour guide can bring it closer to the sea! You can teach in detail how to catch the sea best! The ticket bought is actually the rental fee for catching the sea! The scenery in the early morning is really beautiful... worth a visit!"
    Highlights: Every day, the mangroves hired a local experienced guide to take you to experience the original snails, catch crabs, dig sand worms, and experience the fishermen's life. The harvested things are owned by you, free of charge to catch sea tools, catch the sea guide, catch the sea, let us uncover the mystery of the sea, discover its unique charm, bring home and children. Discover beauty and find happiness in joy.
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  • No.10

    Red Crayon Rafting

    523 Reviews
    159.4km from downtown
    "Wuzhishan Red Canyon Cultural Tourism Scenic Area is located in Nansheng Town, Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province, 12 kilometers away from Wuzhishan City. The scenic spot covers an area of 3,000 mu and has a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. It is a boutique tourism project that Wuzhishan City has focused on promoting. The scenic spot mainly has four tourism resources groups: tropical rainforest experience, red canyon rafting, mountain amusement, hot spring health vacation."
    Highlights: Located in the Wuzhishan Mountain Red Crayon Cultural Tourism Scenic Spot, the Red Crayon Rafting is a boutique tourism project promoted by Wuzhishan City. Rafting was named after the rock along the way washed by the mountain springs and rainwater to form a reddish yellow color. The rocky walls of the crayon are steep and strange, and the river has diverse rocky beaches and rapids, with a virgin tropical rainforest on the banks and hilltop waterfalls often falling from the air.
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  • No.11

    Qixianling (Seven Fairies Ridge) Hot Spring National Forest Park

    1,021 Reviews
    162.5km from downtown
    "It is worth playing. I haven’t climbed the mountain for a long time, but I still insist on going to the top of the mountain. The scenery is very good. It is still very challenging to go to the top of the mountain through the chain. I dare not climb at first. I still have the courage to go to the top of the mountain. It is recommended to play."
    Highlights: Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park is located in the northeastern part of Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County. It includes both hot springs and forest areas. The area's main charm lies in the hot springs, the sharp peaks, the ethnic customs and the pastoral tropical scenery. The park has three main tourist routes: the Qixianling National Park experience route, the rainforest adventure route and the adventure summit tour. The seven peaks of Qixianling stand like fingers around the palm of a hand. Looking like a cluster of fairies, the name of the mountain comes from this resemblance. The climate here is warm and the mountains are densely covered with pristine rainforest. This is a natural kingdom of plants and animals.
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  • No.12

    Swan Lake Animal Base

    752 Reviews
    15.6km from downtown
    Young Rich
    "This zoo. The outside is tattered, the inside is very good, there are a lot of small animals, the animals are a lot of free-range, you can interact with people, we bought vegetable bags, that turtle, chicken dumplings, and little monkeys are too cute, a good place for parent-child travel"
    Highlights: Swan Lake Animal Base is a modern ecological park integrating the breeding and travelling of rare animals. It is located in Guilinyang Development Zone, Haikou City, next to Guilinyang Avenue. This park consists of lake, small islands and peninsulas. Swan Lake is surrounded by large waterfowl dominated by swans.The island and peninsula are divided into Lemur Island, Tortoise Land, Flamingo Valley, Parrot World and so on.
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  • No.13

    Rice Park

    1,215 Reviews
    202.2km from downtown
    "There are children who like dinosaurs at home, so they must come to punch in. My son is too excited, I am so happy to see the dinosaurs, and will come again in the future. The dinosaur is really much more than I thought. The baby is young and too tired, only a quarter of the dinosaurs have been seen. nice! Will come back to punch in."
    Highlights: The rice park is dominated by rice fields, including the Yuan Longping rice experimental field. The surrounding areas of the park include a small town, a farming museum, folk art galleries, a large-scale live performance stage, a village theme hotel, a commercial street, and a paddy photography base. Rice Park features Hainan Li culture, and incorporates functions such as folk-custom experience, ecological recreation, health and fitness, popular science education, and agricultural production.
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  • No.14

    Maoming Forest Park

    953 Reviews
    184.4km from downtown
    "It took an hour and a half from Chikan, and the 20 yuan ticket was too worth it. There are also a lot of animals, mainly large inside, science museum amusement parks, suitable for bringing children to play, adults can also walk. It just feels that some animals are a bit pitiful, like tigers' feet hurt, walking a little, and very thin."
    Highlights: The Guangdong Maoming Forest Park is located in the western suburbs of Maoming City. The scenic area's main attractions are the Path of Bravery, the Animal Display Area and the Precious Pigeon Garden. With thirteen projects simulating modern military field training courses, the Path of Bravery is a large-scale amusement project with a dual-channel layout that allows multiple groups to take part in simultaneous competition of collective strength, intelligence, perseverance and skill. It is a thrilling challenge. The beautiful natural environment of the park allows visitors to come for sightseeing and also to learn about the diversity and wonders of living things.
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  • No.15

    Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum

    1,031 Reviews
    234km from downtown
    "A very creative attraction, which is lamented by the wisdom of the ancients and the power of modern technology. Parking is free with tickets. The downside is that the route to visit the venue is chaotic, and the VR experience is not open. It seems that the 70 yuan ticket price is low, and the blank punch card passport has to be charged 18. This is too much. I hope to improve it."
    Highlights: The Guandong Maritime Silk Road Museum is located near Yinli Beach on Haili Island. The back of the mountain, where the museum is located has a beautiful view of the sea. The main building is composed of five different ellipsoids of various shapes and sizes, which invokes the movement of the waves as they in and out. The museum itself focuses on the history of shipwrecks and shares both the research and ancient art of various wrecks that have been discovered along the island. Specifically they focus on a shipwreck that occurred during the first Song Dynasty in Nanhai. The exhibit shows the process archaeologists take when discovering a shipwreck, and also the culture of the prehistoric coastal villages at the time.
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  • No.16

    Permanent Venue of the Bo’ao Forum for Asia

    1,942 Reviews
    101.4km from downtown
    "The permanent address of the World Forum! Worth coming! Nearby Jade Belt Beach Asia is a must! Boao town snacks are gathered! Central Plains style town Southeast Asian style! The story of the sea is the most worth punching in the seaside."
    Highlights: The permanent venue of the Bo’ao Forum for Asia is located on Dongyu Island in Qionghai, Hainan. The ticket office to the attraction is located off the island, and once you purchase your admission ticket you can board the electric tour vehicle to go to the island. The Bo’ai Forum for Asia has long served as a platform for governments, businesses, and scholars from Asia and other continents to discuss matters of economics, society, and the environment. The meeting center has grown in importance as a tourist attraction as the importance of the forum it hosts has grown.
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  • No.17

    Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest

    1,642 Reviews
    147.1km from downtown
    "Very good experience, the restaurant is a bit hot, the experience of drifting down from the top of the mountain is very cool, and I will experience it again. The scenery of the mountain cable bridge is very beautiful. The glass plank road is very beautiful. In short, it is beautiful."
    Highlights: Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest is situated next to Wuzhi Mountain near the village of Shuiman. The area is surrounded by thick tropical rainforest and is traversed by the Shuiman River, which runs through a number of traditional Li villages. Visitors can walk through the forest to a viewing platform that offers spectacular views of Wuzhi Mountain.
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  • No.18

    Shihua Water Tunnel

    594 Reviews
    127.2km from downtown
    "Shihua Water Cave Geopark is located in Bayi General Field, Zhangzhou City, Hainan Province, 28 kilometers from Zhangzhou City and 160 kilometers from Haikou City. It is the lowest-latitude natural cave successfully developed in China, formed 1.4 million years ago. The whole scenic spot consists of three parts: inner scenic spot, stone forest scenic spot and tropical orchard sightseeing scenic spot. It is a comprehensive garden landscape integrating science and examination, sightseeing and science and education. Inside the cave are stone stalactylic, stone stele, curly stone, single crystal calcite flowers and other great ornamental and scientific value, among which curly stone is called "national best stone" by experts. The water cave is twisty, strange and varied, colorful, roaming in the water cave light boat, like a dragon palace, beautiful."
    Highlights: Shihua Water Tunnel is a rare natural cave in Danzhou. It is over one million years old. The resort is composed of an inner resort, stone forest resort and tropical orchard resort. Stalactites in various shapes can be found in the cave. It is also full of small, dense and exotic cave flowers blooming on the walls.
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  • No.19

    Dongshan Ridge Cultural Tourism Area

    993 Reviews
    137km from downtown
    "Wanning Dongshanling, just a few kilometers away from Wanning City, is known as the first mountain in Hainan. Take the battery car to the mountainside, climb a steep slope of 180 meters to the top of the mountain, see the not beautiful sea, and then return to the parking place of the battery car in the middle of the mountain. Don't take the battery car down the mountain again. Instead, it should follow the direction of Chaoyin Temple to go down the mountain. The cliff stone carvings on both sides of the downhill trail are the real valuable places in Dongshanling, and the Chaoyin Temple built in the Tang Dynasty is also the reason why Dongshanling became the first mountain in Hainan."
    Highlights: Dongshan Ridge is located in the suburbs of Wanning City. With an altitude of 180 meters, the mountain is not very high, but the scenery is especially charming and unique. There are strange and mysterious caves, vast valleys and ancient stone carvings. This is one of Hainan's long-established Buddhist holy sites. Some of them look like boats, while other appear to be flying eagles. Each and every one appears true to life. The Buddhist culture of Dongshan Ridge has a long history. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, temples were built here. The Chaoyin Temple is a very popular site which was built to commemorate Li Gang—the Anti-Jin revolutionary of the Southern Song Dynasty.
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  • No.20

    Wenbi Peak

    633 Reviews
    53.1km from downtown
    "The scenery is good, every attraction has a tourist car to pick up and drop off, very convenient, but at the end of the day, the baby has to climb to the top of the mountain, haha, tired enough for the old mother, standing on the top of the mountain to see the small mountains is still very good"
    Highlights: Located in the center of Ding’an County, Hainan Province, it features places of importance to Taoist culture. The founder of Southern-sect Taoism, Bai Yuchan, also one of the five ancestors of the South-sect, once lived in seclusion here. Many Taoist temples, such as Yuchan Pavilion, Temple of the God of Wealth and Wenchang Pavilion are distributed along the mountain. The film "Personal Tailor" was filmed here. Besides Taoist culture, this place is also related to Pangu culture. Legend has it that this peak appeared after Pangu created heaven and earth and was made from the Pangu's giant nose. It absorbed the essence of heaven and earth so it became a lucky place.
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