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Top 6 Important Religious Institutions in Hallstatt - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Hallstatt and Altausee Salt Mine

    90 Reviews
    959m from downtown
    "This city is a must-go place! Salt caves add a lot of fun to this place. After taking the cable car up the mountain, I have to walk for about 20 minutes, but it is all flat, and the scenery is super beautiful! The slide in the cave is the key, but the process is not boring at all, the tour guide is very humorous!"
    Highlights: There is a salt cave halfway up the mountain behind the town. It has a history of more than 7,000 years. It is the oldest salt mine in the world and one of the must-see attractions in Hall Tate. Visitors can take the cable car to go there. After arriving at the cable car station, they can see a restaurant. After climbing up for about 15 minutes, they will see the salt pit. After that, they have to change into "miners' clothes" and take a small train to enter the cave. After getting off the bus, I walked into a twisty, deep and strange passage. Since the mine was deep underground, it was very interesting to slide down a slide. In the mine, there is a movie room to introduce the history of the salt pit and the mining process, so that visitors can deepen their understanding of the salt cave; there is also an underground salt lake, the level is like a mirror, in addition, tourists can also visit the original salt mine workers' dormitory "Salt Miners". Attractions such as the House of Excavated Clothes and tools used to mine rock salt are displayed.
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  • No.2

    Pfarrkirche und Beinhaus

    60 Reviews
    134m from downtown
    "Due to the limited land area of Harstadt, the bones of the deceased person will be removed from the grave after 10 years of burial and placed in the skeleton hall in the cave on the mountain, and the names and skulls of the years of life and death will be stacked together to form a human bone chamber, and a total of 1,200 skulls will be piled up in the human bone hall. 610 of them were also painted."
    Highlights: The church is built on the hillside and is an important local church. Many local residents believe in Catholicism, so it is also an important place for religious ceremonies. Next to the church, there is a cemetery where many people of faith are buried, including people from other denominations. The cemetery is solemn and solemn, with a unique pattern of crosses and roses erected. People come here to cherish the memory of their ancestors, revealing a touch of warmth in the silence.
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  • No.3

    Central Square

    59 Reviews
    18m from downtown
    "The market square is located in the center of the town, surrounded by a circle of colorful fairy-tale houses, with sculptures and fountains in the square, a monument in the center, and many restaurants and souvenir shops are concentrated here."
    Highlights: The Market Square is a small square in the town of Hallstatt with a sculpture standing in it and surrounded by colorful houses. Most of the buildings around the square are handicraft shops, so you can stroll around if you have enough time. When there are few tourists, the square is quiet and peaceful, and sometimes street performers perform here. Nowadays, there are more and more tourists in Hallstatt, everyone will take a break in the square, and the square will become more and more lively.
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  • No.4

    Hoher Dachstein

    25 Reviews
    Ramsau am Dachstein
    10.2km from downtown
    "It's worth going! It's so beautiful! Please look at my picture, there is no need to use too many words to describe it, it is definitely: Up high and look at the distance, you can see the mountains! At an altitude of 2996 meters, the scenery is beautiful! recommend!"
    Highlights: The Dachstein is a karst mountain range that is part of the Eastern Alps. The highest peak of the mountain range is Dachstein, which is 2995 meters above sea level. Because the mountain is located at the junction of the three states of Upper Austria, Steiermark and Salzburg, it is called "the mountain of the three states". The Dachstein Mountains are listed as a World Heritage Site together with Lake Hallstatt.
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  • No.5

    Die Evangelische Christuskirche

    33 Reviews
    71m from downtown
    "Undoubtedly, this Protestant church is the most famous landmark of Hallstatt, the most conspicuous church in postcard photos, but because it is a Christian church, its interior decoration is still simple and unpretentious, and it is not in line with its external reputation."
    Highlights: Built in 1785, the church is a local landmark with great historical and artistic significance. Although the church style is not as majestic, it gives people a sense of tranquility. The church was built by the lake, and its unique geographical advantage gives it a lot of extra points, and the mountains behind it are natural, especially its bell tower spire has become a part of Hallstatt's iconic scenery. .
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  • No.6


    17 Reviews
    7.1km from downtown
    "It should be the church in the postcard angle. The church is very high and the top of the pointed tower, but the church is a rectangular church with wooden tables for worship. It closes in the evening."
    Highlights: The church is located next to the Simoni hut on the Dachstein Mountain. It was completed in 1925. The location is 2206 meters above sea level. It is a chapel with a high altitude in the northern mountains of the Alps. The straight-line distance from Erstadt is 8 kilometers. But you have to climb a mountain to get there.
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