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Top 10 Great Urban Parks in Nanning - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Nanning People's Park

    247 Reviews
    1.7km from downtown
    "20230614 Afternoon: 1. "Nanning People's Park" is the largest convenient park in Nanning City, with an area of more than 500,000 square meters, with beautiful lakes and mountains, and ornamental plants with red and willow green flowers, integrating history and humanities, fitness and health, leisure and baby walk. Free admission ① Address: No. 1 Renmin East Road, Xingning District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province. ② Transportation: Direct bus, easy to stop by car. ③ peak season: No. ④ Time: 1 hour. 2. After entering the main entrance, go straight to the "Wangxianpo", the altitude is 112.5 meters, is one of the eight scenic spots in Guyanzhou (Nanning ancient name) "Wangxian Huaigu", that is, you can see "Luoxiu Mountain" on this slope and get the name, and it is passed down to Luoxiu Mountain in Luoxiu Mountain. According to the Southern Song Dynasty Wang Xiang's "Xingdi Remembering" record, the Northern Song Dynasty famous Di Qing was ordered to come to Pingding, Guangxi, when he stationed his army in Wangxianpo. Near Wangxianpo: ① Zhenning Fort: It was built in the Republic of China for six years (1907), and Lu Rongting, the old Guangxi warlord and then the two-Guangxi patrol, ordered the army Major General Yuan Zhengyuan to build it. There was a cannon imported from the Krupp factory in Germany on the middle and high platforms. But the ring pavilion around the cannon was built after the founding of the state. The fort has not been fired since it was built, and it really plays a role of "zhenning". Under the fort is the relevant inscriptions and "Ping An Bell" from previous generations (cast in Ming Jiajing ten years, that is, 1531, weighing more than 1,000 kilograms, hanging on the Bell and Drum Tower "Pingchu Building", each morning and night 108 sounds, is the origin of the ancient Nanning "morning bell and twilight drum"), the day is the staff to Tuobei, I watched it for a long time. The outermost circle is the barracks and bunkers. There are 18 barracks, 13 of which are used as exhibition halls to show the modern military winds and historical processes in Nanning City, and 2 haha mirror rooms that are interested in children. ② Six Gongxuan: Demolition when building the fort. Founded in the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor You five years (1055), originally called "Sangong Pavilion", Zhangzhou Taishou Tao Yu in order to recognize Song Dynasty Di Qing, Sun Yu, Yu Jing 3 will recover the achievements of Zhangzhou; After the Northern Song Dynasty Xining eight years (1075), Vietnam Li Chao captured Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou Zhizhou Su Xu self-immolated the country, the people moved his spirit into and changed his name to "Four Gongs"; Later, in the seven years of Ming Jiajing (1528), Wang Shouren, who was educated in Daxing, Zhangzhou (that is, Wang Yangming, who founded "Heart Learning"), was added to become "Five Gongs"; Finally, Wu Sangui, one of the three sage of Qing Kangxi in 1673, rebelled, and Qing general Mang Yitu was ordered to fight the rebellion, not kill the army and not disturb the people, known as "General Renyi", and after death, he entered the sage and was renamed "Six Gongs". ② Wangxianting/Yulongting: A pair of rest pavilions outside the fort guard the entrance of the fort like a bodyguard. ③ Bailong Academy: A total of 5 antique buildings, mainly showing Wang Shouren's heart learning, the largest building is the heart learning classroom, the outside extended pavilion is a good place to shoot ancient buildings. ④ Guangxi Stadium: Under the mountain on the north side of the park, it is not a park, but you can see the old stadium built in 1956 at the top of the slope. The number of words is overrun and continues in the last picture."
    Highlights: Nanning People's Park is situated in the north of Nanning City and is a famous urban park in Nanning. The park has Bailong Lake reflecting the clear blue sky. There are also sights such as the Chairman of the National People's Memorial Museum of Guangxi and the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs. Visitors can board the Zhenning Fortress overlooking the surrounding urban areas, and Guangxi Museum of Nature is also close to the park. The Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs is built on the north side of the park. It is a historic monument marking the heroic dedication of the liberation of Nanning and the establishment of new China during the period of the Great Revolution, the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the War of Liberation.
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  • No.2

    Nanhu Park

    1,395 Reviews
    3.7km from downtown
    "the park is HUGE and so peaceful and beautiful, on one hand you can enjoy green environment and enjoy the walk between the trees , on the other hand you can walk by the lake and enjoy the landscape of the city, cross and take great pictures on the beautiful bridges . many people are doing sports in the park and its very comfortable place for it"
    Highlights: Nanhu Park is located in the southeast of Nanning City. It is a comprehensive park with a lake and a subtropical garden. Three-quarters of the entire park is water surface, the lake is clear, there are long banks and nine arch bridges on the lake. People can also go boating in the South Lake, or walk along the lake, and enjoy the beautiful night view of the Nanhu Bridge at night. And the park is full of vegetation, you can see plants from all over the country as well as many foreign famous trees.
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  • No.3

    Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

    140 Reviews
    11.3km from downtown
    "First and fifteen Eid, pray for blessings 🙏 Wang Xiangfudi, all wishes to return to all longing for all beings! Nanning Liangfengjiang National Forest Park, 15 minutes drive from the city, bus 601 special line, K7 direct access, subway 🚇 not available, trams are over-range."
    Highlights: Liangfengjiang National Forest Park is located in the southern suburbs of Nanning City. It consists of three parts: Fengjiang Greenfield, Bodhi Garden and Amusement World. The park is full of trees, with lakes and meadows. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as grass skiing, live-action CS, or just laze in an afternoon here.
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  • No.4

    Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden

    228 Reviews
    6.9km from downtown
    "The garden is very large, there are many Guangxi plants, Guangxi forget worry flower tree has a mall, very beautiful, there are many southern medicine species such as herbs, it is worth seeing, that is, the explanation of the drug is not particularly detailed, there are many no brands do not know"
    Highlights: The botanical garden is located in the northern suburbs of Nanning, where not only the vegetation is lush, but also a variety of useful plants. Here you can see plants that have been heard in life, such as Zanthoxylum nitidum, Sarcandra glabra, etc., and many plants that are unheard of, which are eye-opening. The Botanical Garden is large and can be accessed from the West Gate, which is close to the Science Park. The Science Park is based on Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" and is divided into several regions.
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  • No.5

    Shimen Forest Park

    178 Reviews
    6.8km from downtown
    "This park is on a hillside, only one way away from the convention and exhibition center. The whole park has a beautiful small lake, and there will be a large lawn on a hillside. The park is like a large botanical garden, full of tropical plants. It should be said that in this season, especially in the morning, you can hear all kinds of birds, and the air is filled with flowers, the whole park is also very quiet, there are many people exercising around, it should be said that it is still a good place for leisure, the whole hillside is not too steep, The wins and losses in the park are very dense, you almost walk in a green promenade, you can't see the sun, all walk around, it takes about two hours, it should be said that it is relatively leisure, there are some recreational facilities in the park. The park is free, no tickets, you need to see the verification code when entering the door, but it seems that the check is not too tight."
    Highlights: Shimen Forest Park is conveniently located near the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangxi region of China. The beautiful forest park is very close to the center of the city and boasts of convenient transportation. The park provides avenue for cyclists and also barbecue facilities for picnickers. The pleasant environment of the the park is suitable for family outings where picnickers can enjoy cherry and peach blossoms during spring season. The forest park also boasts of tourist attractions such as Sakura Valley theme park. Kids can enjoy several amusement rides at the theme park. Even though the forest park is not very large in size, its tree cover is extremely high. Dotted with ornamental plants and cherry blossoms, the park is a natural oxygen bar in the city.
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  • No.6

    Shishan Park

    112 Reviews
    5km from downtown
    "Nice big and relaxing park with dense vegetations and area for kids to play."
    Highlights: Shishan Park is located in the northern suburbs of Nanning City. It is an urban park with a beautiful environment. There are palm garden scenic spots, bamboo cultural scenic spots, water landscape areas, fitness and entertainment areas and other areas in Shishan Park. It is suitable for all kinds of people to come and relax. . There are many plant landscaping in Shishan Park, as well as large lawns and small gardens, as well as relatively gentle hills. There are small lakes such as Rising Sun Lake and Moon Shadow Lake in the park.
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  • No.7

    Famous Tree Expo Park

    71 Reviews
    4km from downtown
    "20230620 Afternoon: 1. The "Mingshu Expo Park" is located in the "Nanhu Park" area in the "Folk Song Lake" in the 4A Scenic Area. Folk Song Lake is a waterway scenery belt in Nanning city. It is an iconic project of Nanning "China Water City" launched in 2009. It is located in the bustling area of the city center. You can take a night cruise to enjoy the night view of Nanning city. The scenic spot consists of five areas: Folk Song Lake, "Nanhu Park", "Bamboo Pai River", ship locks, and "Connecting Mingqu". The last three are the water road through the night cruise ship, connecting Folk Song Lake and Nanhu. The scenic spot is an open-plan convenient park, free of charge. ① Address: No. 23, Jinpu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province. ② Transportation: Direct bus access, easy to stop by car. ③ peak season: no. ④ Duration: 5 hours. 2. Famous tree Expo Park: Located on the east bank, all kinds of famous trees have strange shapes, umbrella trees and large banyan trees with long beards are quite high in appearance."
    Highlights: Famous Tree Expo Park starts from Nanning International Hotel in the east and connects with Nanhu Park Exhibition Hall Scenic Spot in the west, with a planned total area of 44.33 hectares (664.5 mu). There are more than 870 large trees planted in the Famous Tree Expo Garden, with a chest radius of more than 40 cm, and a total of 25 species, mainly local tree species and subtropical plant trees, such as banyan tree, mango, king coconut, etc., and a small amount is introduced. Foreign tree species, such as Buddha belly tree, Canary date palm, etc.
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  • No.8

    Jinhua Tea Garden

    219 Reviews
    3.6km from downtown
    "Since I live here it is my favorite park in NN. Not large but amazingly beautiful! In hot times the ideal place to walk in the shadow of trees. Nice lake. Extremely clean."
    Highlights: The Golden Flower Tea Park is located in Nanning City, on the west side of Nanhu Lake. From November to April of the next year, camellias bloom, especially from January to February. Camellia has the reputation of "Queen of Flowers" and has strong ornamental value. There are more than 5,000 camellias, camellias, and drinking teas in the Golden Flower Tea Park. There are also sloping forests and Manila lawns. At the same time, the mountains are built for scenery, and the natural features of the native place of Jinhuacha are deliberately reproduced. In the park, precious camellias from home and abroad are collected. In addition to golden camellias, there are also precious varieties of camellias such as "Catching the Beauty's Face", "Katie Camellia", "Sai Peony", "Swan Lake" and "Unforgettable".
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  • No.9

    Nanning Wuxianghu Park

    81 Reviews
    10.4km from downtown
    "Wuxianghu Park is located on Daming Road, Liangqing District, Nanning City. It is a newly built urban green park with Wuxianghu resources. The area of the park is a bit large, there are better trails around the lake, and there are many tourists."
    Highlights: Wuxianghu Park is a large-scale leisure park in Nanning. The gardens are diverse, and you can enjoy the scenery of characteristic parks in major regions of Guangxi. Many buildings and sculptures with a sense of design are also intriguing. It was also the venue for the third Guangxi Horticultural Exposition. The entire Wuxianghu Park is run through by the Golden Elephant Lake, the Silver Elephant Lake and the Jade Elephant Lake. Walking through it, the green grass is green, sparkling, and the scenery is very beautiful. The garden landscapes and sculptures in the scenic spot cover the characteristic customs of major regions in Guangxi, such as portrait sculptures with Zhuang customs, and the Five Elephant Pagoda with local characteristics. In addition to walking tours, the scenic spot can also take a cruise in the lake.
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  • No.10

    Xinxiu Park

    65 Reviews
    3.4km from downtown
    "The park is located at the junction of Xinyang Road and Mingxiu Road in Nanning City. Construction began in 1992 and opened at the end of 1995. The park covers an area of 13.78 hectares, of which 10.75 hectares, and the green space rate reaches more than 93%."
  • No.11

    Pujin Park

    31 Reviews
    19.1km from downtown
    "This park is really good. The hillside is facing the river. If you cut the trees, it is a good viewing store. The most suitable People's Park. The temple under the mountain is also very historical. There are many stone carvings and there are many places to view. It is worth visiting."