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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Nanning - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Libo Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong) Scenic Area

    17,060 Reviews
    276.9km from downtown
    Highlights: The Libo Seven Small Arches Scenic Area is located among the karst peaks south of the Libo County urban area. The attraction gets its name from a seven-arched bluestone bridge that crosses the noisy river there. The site incorporates all the beauty of mountains, water, trees, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. This natural splendor has combined with the authentic cultural flavor of the Tujia and Yao people of the area to bring fame to the area. Attractions like the ancient seven-arched bridge, the water forest, the crouching dragon pool, and Mandarin Duck Lake make the area like an earthly fairyland.
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  • No.2

    Detian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Area

    8,936 Reviews
    163.2km from downtown
    "amazing waterfall and park! we went early in the morning and avoided crowds. very enjoyable walk and scenery . high recommended!"
    Highlights: The Detian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Area is located in Chongzuo City on the border with Vietnam and straddles both China and Vietnam. The waterfall is over 200 meters wide, creating an unforgettable image of grandeur. In addition to enjoying the majestic scenery of the waterfall, visitors can ride bamboo rafts to experience the strange sensation of passing through two different countries. You can take a photo with the ancient boundary marker and look across to view the scenery of rural Vietnam on the other side.
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  • No.3

    Tongling Grand Canyon

    2,549 Reviews
    175.1km from downtown
    "very nice surprise! you need to be relative fit to go down so many steps but worth it!"
    Highlights: Tongling Grand Canyon is home to a number of natural attractions, including a rainforest, waterfalls, and a spectacular canyon. Visitors can walk through the lush forest and enjoy views over the canyon and its enormous waterfall. The area is one of Guangxi's most beautiful spots. It contains stunning lava deposits and ancient specimens of flying spider-monkey tree fern, which date back to the Jurassic period.
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  • No.4

    Da Qikong Scenic Area

    1,388 Reviews
    279.6km from downtown
    "The overall is not big, the scenery feels more general, it takes about 2 hours, because it is a joint ticket without extra money, so you can go and see, the cruise ship 20 one-way is not expensive, the people are not too small, and there are not many photos."
    Highlights: Da Qikong (literally “seven holes”) is located in Libo County, Guizhou Province. The area is named after a bridge with seven arches over the Mengtang River. The main attractions include karst gorges and unusual rock formations. Visitors can go white water rafting and admire the steep cliffs. The picturesque rock faces are covered with stalactites and lush green trees.
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  • No.5

    Silver Cave

    4,535 Reviews
    295.6km from downtown
    "I have not been to the cave, I can go to enjoy it. When it is hot, it is more comfortable to stay in the cave. The environment in the cave is dark. Children and the elderly should be careful! I can't find the so-called Yuye Pearl, I bought a 🤣$68."
    Highlights: Yinziyan is an exemplary karst landform, running through twelve peaks and containing stalactites from different geological ages, all shining like pillars of silver. There is a saying that goes, "Once you've been to Yinziyan, you'll never want for money again." The beauty of this site attracts waves of visitors every year. The underground space is divided into a lower cave, an upper cave and a grand hall between them. As one walks through the cave, the view gradually opens up to hundreds of sparkling silver lights, and the sight becomes even more impressive and unforgettable.
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  • No.6

    Hongshulin Tiantianganhai

    809 Reviews
    179.9km from downtown
    "The experience is good, it would be better if the tour guide can bring it closer to the sea! You can teach in detail how to catch the sea best! The ticket bought is actually the rental fee for catching the sea! The scenery in the early morning is really beautiful... worth a visit!"
    Highlights: Every day, the mangroves hired a local experienced guide to take you to experience the original snails, catch crabs, dig sand worms, and experience the fishermen's life. The harvested things are owned by you, free of charge to catch sea tools, catch the sea guide, catch the sea, let us uncover the mystery of the sea, discover its unique charm, bring home and children. Discover beauty and find happiness in joy.
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  • No.7

    Goose Spring

    1,121 Reviews
    200.2km from downtown
    "Very good attraction. Have the opportunity to check in. beautiful scenery! idyllic scenery! It's just a bit hot this season. The weather is cool and it is more comfortable to play. The online review before seems to be not recognized. Personally feel good."
    Highlights: Goose Spring is located in Jingxi City and has been one of the eight scenic spots in Jingxi since ancient times. Upon entering the gate of the scenic spot, along the riverside, visitors can see a towering mountain on one side and a rolling farmland on the other. A fifteen-hole arch bridge built in the Qing era can be seen moving ahead. From time to time, bamboo rafts pass beneath the bridge, which is one of the scenic spots of Goose Spring. The village connected to the bridge is called Nian'antun, where the original pastoral atmosphere is rich. The Yangyu Temple also stands next to Goose Spring. Three huge stone tablets, including the Goose Spring Pavilion Monument from the Qing Dynasty, stand in front of the temple. The tablets record the origin of the Goose Spring and poems about it.
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  • No.8

    Shiwanda Mountain Hot Spring

    434 Reviews
    79.7km from downtown
    "After only 3 days, the price was reduced. Some small regrets, the hot spring water is still very clean, the waterfall spring is full of fun, the best choice for children to play, it is highly recommended for parents and children to travel to this tour, different fun"
    Highlights: Shiwanda Mountain Hot Spring is in the north of Shangsi County. The hot springs are built on the hills and surrounded by green trees. The surrounding air is fresh, creating quite a pleasant environment. There are indoor and outdoor pools with crystal clear water, at a comfortable temperature. They are equipped with a deep-water area, a shallow water area and full facilities. You can get closer to nature and relax with your family and friends on weekends.
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  • No.9

    West Mountain Scenic Area

    880 Reviews
    188.7km from downtown
    "My friend came to Xishan to return to the wedding period. I heard that Xishan is very practical when I have a temporary mountain climbing bureau. I don’t know if my flag will stand this year? ps. It is suitable for not exercising all year round. Other friends come on and set off to the top of the mountain."
    Highlights: The West Mountain Scenic Area is one of Eastern Guangxi's famous scenic spots. West Mountain has been one of Guangxi's famous Buddhist shrines ever since ancient times. Inside the scenic area, the ancient Longhua Ancient Temple is a must-see site for the many Buddhists. Furthermore, the scenery in the mountains is also very beautiful. Ancient trees tower over the mountain roads. From the mountaintop, it is possible to look over the city. There is also the famous Fu Spring and the Longhua Temple, which can be said to be the essence of the West Mountain Scenic Area.
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  • No.10

    Maoming Forest Park

    954 Reviews
    289.8km from downtown
    "It took an hour and a half from Chikan, and the 20 yuan ticket was too worth it. There are also a lot of animals, mainly large inside, science museum amusement parks, suitable for bringing children to play, adults can also walk. It just feels that some animals are a bit pitiful, like tigers' feet hurt, walking a little, and very thin."
    Highlights: The Guangdong Maoming Forest Park is located in the western suburbs of Maoming City. The scenic area's main attractions are the Path of Bravery, the Animal Display Area and the Precious Pigeon Garden. With thirteen projects simulating modern military field training courses, the Path of Bravery is a large-scale amusement project with a dual-channel layout that allows multiple groups to take part in simultaneous competition of collective strength, intelligence, perseverance and skill. It is a thrilling challenge. The beautiful natural environment of the park allows visitors to come for sightseeing and also to learn about the diversity and wonders of living things.
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  • No.11

    Baimo Cave

    934 Reviews
    205.8km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "It is worth a visit, very ornamental, in the magnetotherapy area in the hole should not stay too long, the magnetotherapy area has free water (longevity water), free from 9 am to 3 pm, closed at other times."
    Highlights: Located in the western Poyue Village, Jiazhuan Country, Bama County, Hechi City, Guangxi Province, Baimo Cave is a splendid limestone cave. Panyang River runs through it. The main scenic spots include Peacock Greeting, Monkey King of Jin Mountain and Du Fu statue, which shows the poet reciting a poem. Springs at the bottom of the cave fill up the ponds. You can wade through them in the shallow area and paddle a boat in the deep area. In the west, the springs from the cave converge with the Panyang River from Renxiang in the cave.
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  • No.12

    Long Gu Wan Dinosaur Park

    999 Reviews
    53.3km from downtown
    "Very cost-effective baby paradise, children like it very much. While watching the dinosaurs, there are many amusement facilities to play, that is, a lot of dinosaurs have not moved for a long time, I hope to repair it again."
    Highlights: Long Gu Wan Dinosaur Park is situated in Fusui County near Nanning. The park is located close to the site where three complete dinosaur fossils were found. Visitors can learn about dinosaurs and join in a fun range of leisure activities. The park contains realistic dinosaur sculptures as well as fossil exhibits and a multimedia center.
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  • No.13

    Gulongshan Canyons

    528 Reviews
    168.7km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "More distinctive, walk 30 minutes to the rafting point in the clear river rafting, pass two caves to walk through the underground river like the scene in the graveyard note, the cave boatman will ask you to tip 20 yuan a boat, walk out of the cave on the waterfall is very shocking, and finally walk the cave, It is recommended to wear raincoats and get wet. There is a shuttle bus through San Diego Waterfall on the return trip."
    Highlights: Known as Gulongshan Grand Canyons, Gulongshan Canyons is located in Jingxi County, Baise City, Guangxi Province. It is quite near Tongling Canyons. Some tourists may choose to visit these two scenic spots during their trips. The Gulongshan Canyons are known for rafting. The landscape along the canyon is unique, with dense virgin forests, splendid canyon landscapes and a number of large caves with exotic landforms. It is a must-see tourist attraction.
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  • No.14

    Bama Birds Rock

    600 Reviews
    199km from downtown
    "In Bama, the Guangxi River Pool, there is a fascinating natural wonder - Bai Bird Rock, like a painting of the art landscape deeply attracted by its magnificent scenery, breathtaking. Bai Bird Rock is located in Bama County, uniquely located, surrounded by magnificent mountains and rivers. When I visited, I was shocked by the magic of nature. There were countless waterfalls hanging on the rock wall, running down from high places, and the water was shining like pearls. The water flow beat on the rock, splashing layers of water mist, making the whole scenic spot like a fairyland. As the most striking feature of the Hundred Bird Rock, I am particularly amazed by the unique biodiversity here. At the cave entrance of the rock wall, I see countless nests, where birds hatch in the nest make happy croaks under the sun. They fly freely between the walls, intertwining with each other into a wonderful picture. I even had the pleasure of witnessing a group of colorful peacocks flying, as if turning the whole rock into their own stage. During the tour of Bird Rock, I also felt the protection of the natural environment of the local people. They have created an ecological tourist attraction in the whole scenic area, not only protecting the habitat of rare birds, but also setting up a series of environmental protection measures, so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery while respecting the natural environment. Overall, Bama Bird Rock is a fascinating natural wonder, with its magnificent scenery, rich biodiversity and unique cultural connotations. It is a great place to relax and get in touch with nature. If you love nature and explore cultural relics, take a dreamy trip to Bama Bird Rock, which you will definitely be conquered by its charm."
    Highlights: Bama Birds Rock is also known as Birds Cave because of swallows inhabiting, and bats flying around the cave. There are stones of various shapes such as stone eagle, stone pillar, stone curtain and stone Guanyin. Around the stone platform are fairy dressing and conch stone, and opposite the stone snail are stone desks, stone jars and stone pine cones. The peculiar sight is like Guilin reed flute rock and is also reputed by visitors as "water reed flute rock" because it cannot be visited without boating.
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  • No.15

    Yiling Cave

    393 Reviews
    24.5km from downtown
    "The scenic spot is still possible, the door is changed, the cave is quite big, walk down for almost an hour, very satisfied with a journey! Not bad, I will go again next time I have a chance, Nanning is also delicious!"
    Highlights: Yiling Cave is located in the north of Nanning and in the south of Wuming City. It is a famous karst cave around Nanning. The shape of the whole cave is like a conch. It is divided into three layers. The winding roads are twisted and twisted, and the stacked columns and stalagmites are full of confusing feelings. After swimming through the caves, you can also watch Zhuang song and dance performances and participate in experiential projects such as dancing and dancing.
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  • No.16

    Wucai Tuanyuan Farmers Festival

    523 Reviews
    202.8km from downtown
    "Colorful pastoral agricultural carnival scenery is pleasant, the air is fresh, the natural natural scenery is pure, it feels very good, although it is raining, strolling in the rain, there is no taste, the price is super high, not bad!"
    Highlights: The Wucai Tuanyuan Farmers Festival is located in the core area of the "Wu Cai Tuanyuan" in Lutang Community in Maolin Town. It is a large high-tech agricultural technology exhibition hall in China. The hall is divided into several themed pavilions, including Melon World, Agronomic High-Tech and Shennong Cottage. The Pavilions exhibit exotic melons and fruits, high-tech vegetable cultivation, the five cereals display and large-scale, high-efficiency production of agricultural culture for an educational experience.
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  • No.17

    Darong Mountain Forest Park

    372 Reviews
    201.1km from downtown
    "It was a very pleasant trip and we enjoyed the scenery and cultural heritage of the city. Thank you very much to our guide , he was very professional and enthusiastic, making our trip more perfect."
    Highlights: Darong Mountain Forest Park is north of Yulin City. It has rich views of alpine forests and lakes. The main scenic spots include Jiupugu Scenic Area, Tianhu Scenic Area and Lotus Scenic Area. Longmen Scenic Area is at the foot of Darong Mountain, where you can find a Huizhou-style ancient house. Jiupugu Scenic Area has valleys and waterfalls. Lotus Scenic Area is the highlight of the entire Darong Mountain Forest Park, with views of Lotus Waterfall and Little Lotus Pond. Darong Mountain is a peak in southern Guangxi. The top of the mountain is surrounded by clouds, and the windmills enhance the scenery.
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  • No.18

    Longtan National Forest Park

    431 Reviews
    189km from downtown
    "This place has been there many times, the traffic is still relatively convenient, the whole natural environment is not bad, the content of negative oxygen ions is also very high, the most important thing is that the ticket does not need money, I think this is the most attractive place"
    Highlights: Longtan National Forest Park is in Jintian Forest Farm and Dapingshan Animal and Plant Nature Reserve in the northwest of Guiping City. The peaks in the scenic area are surprisingly steep, and the waterfalls are famous for their 100-meter drop. There is also a rich flora and fauna landscape. Wandering in the garden, you can see monkeys playing. It was once one of the main scenic spots of the TV drama "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom."
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  • No.19

    Great Flower World

    382 Reviews
    22.3km from downtown
    "The place is very large, you can rent multi-person bicycles, there is a Wuhu, but when you go, there is only leftovers, there is a church inside, you can take pictures and go in, the consumption of food inside is relatively high and it is not easy to find."
    Highlights: Located in the northern part of Nanning and in the south of Wuming County, Great Flower World is a large-scale botanical garden where you can enjoy a variety of flowers, such as lavender, rape, and peaches all year round. At the same time, there are many animals such as black bears, sika deer, ostriches, and others and you can pet and feed them. It's great fun for the entire family!
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  • No.20


    307 Reviews
    80.2km from downtown
    "Bazhaigou is really "you can visit the mountains and play in the water". From the entrance of the scenic spot, 2 hours to Dianchi Lake, 7 hours a week on foot around the field, there are countless large and small pools, the pool water is very clear and clean, wearing swimming trunks can swim in the water at any time, it is great! The mountains are more original, various small animals, gray-headed green-body small cockroaches, yellow-winged large butterflies, and a green spicy strip. . . Parking in the scenic spot is 10 yuan, tickets are 45, very good value for money, it is strongly recommended to go in summer!"
    Highlights: Bazhaigou is located within Guitai Town's Dongli Village. The scenic area has a vast coverage of virgin old-growth forest. The scenic area has not yet been fully developed. A boardwalk in the scenic area has been built alongside the stream. At any time, visitors can go from the boardwalk to play in the water. There are several small bridges along the path, as well as some beautiful pools of water. During the rainy seasons, visitors will see the pools overflowing with water. The landscape within the scenic area is beautiful, with fresh and clean air. It is an excellent place for hiking and leisure.
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