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Top 7 Family-Friendly Attractions in Nanning - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Fangte Dongmeng Shenhua

    13,468 Reviews
    11km from downtown
    "It's very big inside, you can break your leg series! There are many projects, that is, the children are not tall enough, and a few projects cannot be played! We bought tickets after 4 pm, isn't the items inside free to play? The roller coaster asked for a fee, and the lake tour asked for a fee!"
    Highlights: Nanning Fangte ASEAN God Painting is another new large-scale high-tech theme park created by Shenzhen Huaqiang Fantawild Culture and Technology Group after Fantawild World, Fantawild Dream Kingdom, Fantawild Water Park and Fantawild Oriental God Painting. At present, it is the only theme park that displays the cultures of the ten ASEAN countries. The park uses new technological means, using laser multimedia, three-dimensional special effects, miniature real scenes, reality shows and other performance techniques to present the essence of the history and civilization of the ten ASEAN countries in front of tourists with a new attitude. Fangte ASEAN God Painting is located at No. 66 Qinghuan Road, Qingxiu District, leaning on Qingxiu Mountain and built along the Yong River. The park includes Southeast Asian Style Street, five themed restaurants, eleven indoor themed projects and more than 30 outdoor amusement projects. , is a theme park suitable for all ages, suitable for family leisure travel, but also suitable for young people to explore strange adventures. There are special performances favored by the elderly, bear-infested theme areas that children like, and thrilling amusement projects that young people yearn for.
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  • No.2

    Fengling Children's Park

    350 Reviews
    8.1km from downtown
    "The best time after 2022, the sun is shining, but unfortunately parking charges began on both sides of the road, and I also posted two receipts. A car only posted the front and back distance of less than one arm, which made me a dilemma and almost couldn't get out. I advised the owner to pay attention to public morality!"
    Highlights: Fengling Children's Park is adjacent to the center of Nanning. The terrain is wide, the grass is green, and the environment is very good. The more attractive ones are the many fun projects here. There are both thrilling amusement parks and cool and comfortable water parks. You can also take a ride on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the aerial view. In the summer, the Fengling Water World in the park is a good place to cool off, with super big speakers, rapids, and tsunami waves. It has both thrilling and exciting experiences and leisurely play. Water enjoyment.
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  • No.3

    Seabed World

    1,280 Reviews
    1.5km from downtown
    Stefano Chin
    "This was awesome. The highlight for me was the overhead Acquarium all the different species of sea animals were great. I recommend the Seal performance-it was a bit too short but it was good. "
    Highlights: The Seabed World is located in the Nanning People's Park and contains over 300 kinds of marine life. Visitors can view the various sea creatures and even feed and touch them. Strolling through the "undersea tunnel" in the scenic area is like under the sea. There are also shark performances, mermaid ballets, and other great shows. Don't miss it!
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  • No.4

    Nanning Zoo

    1,034 Reviews
    5.7km from downtown
    "Nanning Zoo locates in Xixiangtang District, Nanning city and it is currently the only large-scale zoo in Guangxi Province that mainly focuses on the wild animal protection, breeding, and scientific research. It has the first roller coaster and becomes the only themed amusement park in Nanning."
    Highlights: Nanning Zoo is located in Wuliting, the Western suburb of Nanning. It is also sometimes called Xijiao Park. The zoo has a gorgeous natural environment perfect for taking the kids to see and enjoy the wide variety of animals. The zoo offers not only a great view of animals, such as black langur monkeys, hornbills, giant pandas, white tigers and camels, but also a variety of rides and waterparks. The amusement park is right inside the zoo, and includes rides like a giant pendulum swing and drop tower. If you're craving an adrenaline rush, be sure to check it out.
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  • No.5

    Nanning Wanda Amusement Park

    500 Reviews
    12.6km from downtown
    "I took my family to play once. It feels quite good. The biggest advantage of the room is that you don’t need to be sunbathed. Usually there are not many people who don’t have to queue up. The equipment is not too exciting. It’s really a drop to sit on the dragon boat leg. You can go and play if you are bold! The family is the first time to go to the playground, I don't understand the staff, and I patiently told us, quite satisfied!"
    Highlights: Nanning Wanda Amusement Park is a large indoor park located in Wuxiang New District. Styled with classic Guangxi ethnic characteristics, it contains several different themed areas like Xiaozhai Section and Qingxiu Mountain Water Section. The architectural style of the Xiaozhai Section is styled after the unique Drum Tower style of the Yi people. Qingxiu Mountain Section is inspired by the famous Dachuan mountain in Guangxi. The park is rich with ethnic style and is a popular attraction for tourists from all backgrounds.
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  • No.6

    Fengling Ferris Wheel

    180 Reviews
    8.3km from downtown
    "Nanning Fengling Children's Paradise, free admission, amusement projects are charged separately, such as the Ferris wheel. The last picture is the city view that you can see after sitting on the Ferris wheel. Nanning ASEAN Business District is here. Go to the commanding heights to see Nanning and see the night view of Nanning. [View] Ferris wheel, how to shoot how beautiful. [Cost-effective] Take pictures without spending money, take the Ferris wheel to choose a good weather."
    Highlights: Fengling Ferris Wheel is located in the Fengling Children's Park in Nanning. It is a very good experience whether you enjoy the beauty of the city or visit the gorgeous night scene at night. The cabin of the Fengling Ferris Wheel is a fully enclosed structure. All cabins are equipped with air conditioning, leather sofa seats and background music. They run for about 20 minutes. As the cockpit moves slowly, they can take in the bustling city scene of Nanning.
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  • No.7

    Caribbean Water World

    212 Reviews
    5.9km from downtown
    "Very fun, not many people, the staff are very good, the amusement facilities are very easy to find, the water is very cool, it is recommended to go around 13:00 in the middle, the amusement facilities can be played. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, waterproof mobile phone bags, slippers, eyes can be sensitive to water, you can bring paper towels, there is a bathroom, toilet, shower gel shampoo in the bathroom"
    Highlights: Located in the Nanning Zoo, Caribbean Water World is a water amusement park built by the Nanning Zoo. Water World facilities spiral slides, rainbow slides. Water roller coasters, children's paddling pools, etc.; land facilities, big pendulum, Shenlong roller coaster, sprinting boat, crazy tackle. The park is equipped with an isolation sand pool between the beach area and the rest area. In addition, there is also a new food area with restaurants, barbecues and canteens to cater to the needs of tourists, and visitors can enjoy the world of water while enjoying the food.
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