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Top 7 Popular Art Exhibitions in Rome - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    Borghese Gallery and Museum

    250 Reviews
    2.5km from downtown
    "The collections of the Borgsey Museum are important works in the history of art and are one of the museums in Rome. The first floor of the museum is a sculpture exhibition, and the second floor is an art exhibition. The exhibits are extremely impactful."
    Highlights: The Borghese Art Museum, formerly known as the Borghese Villa, is located in the Borghese Gardens and is known as one of the most beautiful art galleries in Rome, even in Italy. The museum is famous for its Italian Baroque-style sculptures and Renaissance paintings, and exhibits paintings by famous artists such as Caravaggio, Bernini, Botticelli and Raphael collected by the Cardinal. In addition to regular exhibitions, temporary exhibitions are also very colorful. However, the Borghese Art Museum has strict restrictions on the number of visitors, visits must be reserved in advance, and each visit is limited to 2 hours. The collections of the Borghese Art Museum on the first floor are divided into two parts: the first floor is a collection of excellent sculptures, intricate and exquisite Romanesque mosaic floors and breathtaking fresco art, and the second floor is a gallery. Photography and eating are not allowed in the museum. Stepping into the main entrance and looking down, the mosaic pattern on the foyer floor dates back to the 4th century, showing the scenes of ancient Roman gladiators fighting wild beasts. The frescoes on the ceiling are by Mariano Rossi, showing Romulus receiving an audience with the Roman gods. Hall 1 is one of the highlights of the Borghese Gallery, where you can admire Canova's marble statue of Napoleon's sister, which is very elegant, like Venus. Halls 2-4 display early sculptures by GianLorenzo Bernini, among them "David", "Apollo and Daphne" and "The Abduction of Pros Alpi" Na (TheRapeofProsepine) is very worth watching. Hall 5 displays some important classical sculptures, most of which are replicas made by the Romans based on Greek sculptures. Among them, Faun and Herma Phrodite are the highlights. Bernini's Aeneas and Anchises occupies the entirety of Hall 6, while Hall 7 is largely Egyptian-themed, with works by Conca on the ceiling depicting ancient Greece Allegorical, the statue of Isis dates back to the 2nd century. Hall 8 has several works by Caravaggio, including Boy with a Basket of Fruit, Sick Bacchus, David with the Head of Goliath ( DavidwiththeHeadofGoliath) and "John the Baptist" (StJohntheBaptist). The second floor gallery also has many Renaissance paintings, including Raphael's "Deposition", Pinturiccio's "The Passion of Saints Jerome and Christopher" (CrucifixionwithSaintsJeromeandChristopher), Corogio's "Danae" for Charles V of Spain, Lucas Caranaci's "Venus and Cupid with Honeycomb" (Venus and Cupid with Honeycomb), Sodom Pieta, Rubens' Susanna and the Elders, Titian's Venus Blindfolding Cupid and Sacred and Profane Love miss. The Borghese Art Museum is located in the Borghese Villa, which houses the sculptures, paintings and other treasures collected by the Red Patriarch of Borghese. You can admire Bernini's "Apollo and Daphne" and "The Rape of the Statue of Posippina", as well as Raphael's "Jesus Falling to the Cross" created in 1507, Titian's "Holy and Secular Love" "Wait.
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  • No.2

    MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Art

    39 Reviews
    4.1km from downtown
    "Maxxi -Super Modern museum- This Zaha Hadid building strikes a dramatic note against the baroque Roman skyline, A piece of Art Itself!(Maxxi - Super Modern Museum in Rome - This Zahadid design breaks the Baroque-style Roman skyline, and the building itself is a work of art!)"
    Highlights: The MAXXI Museum in Rome, also known as the National Museum of 21st Century Art, was designed by the famous "deconstructionist" Zaha Hadid. The building itself is a very abstract artwork.
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  • No.3

    Doria Pamphili Gallery

    16 Reviews
    568m from downtown
    "It is worth looking for a day to watch here at Panfeili Gallery last week. The 12-euro ticket is very conscience compared to the domestic illusory exhibitions. Not bad."
    Highlights: The Doria Pamphili is an art gallery in Rome, Italy. The name of the museum comes from the Doria family and the Pamphili family. Even descendants of both families still live here. In addition to displaying works of art, the museum also carries out the work of restoration of exhibits.
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  • No.4

    MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea

    8 Reviews
    2.9km from downtown
    "MACRO- stunning exhibition of birth to be death, being & existing! Rome Contemporary Museum: Exploring the Being itself - A stunning exhibition to the dead!"
  • No.5

    Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale 'Giuseppe Tucci'

    6 Reviews
    1.5km from downtown
    "The National Museum of Oriental Art is 6 euros, and there is a good collection of Oriental art, especially our country's ceramics, bronzes and Tibetan Buddhist culture, followed by more Japanese and Indian artifacts, the vast majority of descriptions and information are only Italian"
    Highlights: Museum with an interesting collection of art from Iran, China, India, Tibet, Japan, etc. There are great exhibitions on Indian/Hindu religious art and Buddhist artifacts on display.
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  • No.6

    National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

    20 Reviews
    2.7km from downtown
    "When we went there, we encountered some modern art works on display. It was not bad. The venue was large and there were not many people. If you visit slowly, it will take a day. The tickets are not expensive and it is good."
    Highlights: The National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome is a museum with a rich collection of modern art works in Italy. There are 19th-20th century Neoclassical, Machiagioli, Futurism, Metaphysics, Abstraction and other paintings collected here.
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  • No.7

    Palazzo dei Conservatori

    22 Reviews
    29m from downtown
    "Tickets are quite expensive. I didn't expect that there are so many museums in a place so small in Rome. There are a lot of things in the conservative palace, and it is very good, there are different sculpture portraits and so on."
    Highlights: The Conservative Palace is located in the Capitoline Square in Rome, on the right side of the Palazzo Vecchio, opposite the Palazzo Nuovo. The Palazzo Conservatoire and Palazzo Nuovo, together with the Tabularium, are the exhibition halls of the Musei Capitolini. The Palazzo Conservatory takes its name from the fact that it was the seat of the city officials (Conservatori) in the Middle Ages, who, together with the Senate (senato), ran the Eternal City. Rubins' "The She-Wolf of Capitolino" is a work that he began to draw with his memories of Rome, and he did not leave his hands until his death. The canvas is full of bright tones, full of the painter's love for Rome. The Conservative Palace mainly exhibits ancient sculpture art. There are sarcophagi on the first floor, and famous works on the second floor, such as "Venus of Capitolino", "The Dying Gauls", "Eros and the Soul" and so on. What is very exciting is that there are 64 busts of emperors and concubines on display in the emperor exhibition hall.
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