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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Mulan Grassland

    4,995 Reviews
    125km from downtown
    "Going to the kite festival, Mulan grassland has been there many times. This is a place suitable for all kinds of people to play. It is picturesque and has many play projects. It is also a good place for friends to gather. It is recommended!"
    Highlights: The Mulan Grassland is a rare grassland tourist area located in the Huanghua District in Central China. It is said that the Mulan Grassland is where a young Hua Mulan learned to ride horses, how to fight, and trained in archery. The area here is spacious and open, with classic Mongolian architecture, and becomes even more valuable when the flowers come into bloom. The grasslands are home to alpacas, ponies and other animals. Visitors can ride horses, practice archery, and even enjoy local singing, dancing and equestrian performances.
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  • No.2

    Mount Lu Scenic Area

    8,884 Reviews
    164.6km from downtown
    "I remember that I went to Lushan twice in the 1980s, neither saw the clouds nor the waterfall, I was very sorry, and the qualitative Lushan tourism was not good! This time I went with my colleagues and finally saw it. [View] Yunshan Wuhai, beautiful as fairy [interest] Xianrendong with the poem of the chairman, [price ratio] tickets are one hundred and six yuan, worth it!"
    Highlights: Mount Lu is known as one of China’s “four great summer retreats,” together with Jigongshan, Beidaihe, and Mount Mogan. Mountain peaks, waterfalls, unique views of “cloud oceans,” and garden architecture all lend Mount Lu its rich charm. The mountain climate allows visitors to feel the cool and comfortable feel of spring even in the summertime, and has secured Mount Lu's position as a famous scenic area and historic vacation spot and retreat.
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  • No.3


    3,707 Reviews
    75.6km from downtown
    "The advantage is that the area is large, there are more varieties of flowers, and there are some amusement projects. If you bring children out to play, you can also participate in those amusement projects. The disadvantage is that the place to eat inside is relatively simple, and the price is not high."
    Highlights: Located in Caidian Houguan Lake Ecological New City, Huabohui is a French-style literary town built with the original combination of village bay, flower field, river and lake. It integrates flower tourism, creative agriculture experience, pastoral health holiday, and pro Water leisure play, beautiful country experience, flower trade exhibition and other functions in one, to meet the "slow life" needs of people returning to nature and rural vacation.
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  • No.4

    Yuexi Peninsula Hot Springs

    1,503 Reviews
    70.5km from downtown
    "The ancient city of Phoenix returned to Lu'an's transit station. In the morning, I returned from the ancient city of Phoenix and opened at 6:50 a night to reach Yuexi Peninsula. The room was very warm, there were more hot springs, the overall health was average, and the breakfast was quite rich."
    Highlights: Yuexi Peninsula Hot Springs is an enormous indoor hot spring spa that has both precious hot and cold springs. The spring water here is clear, hot, and abundant. In addition to the hot spring spa, the attraction also has beautiful gardens in which to lose yourself and themed gardens with flowers that bloom in every season. Floral perfume permeates the gardens, like a natural oxygen bar. Yuexi Peninsula Hot Springs is a romantic natural hot spring retreat.
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  • No.5

    Wuhan Garden Expo Park

    5,131 Reviews
    87.9km from downtown
    "1. The whole park is not necessarily enough for a day to play. It takes a lot of time to look at every place inside. 2. In fact, not every attraction needs to be seen, and many landscapes have no characteristics. 3. The Yangtze River Civilization Management must go, and reserve more than three hours to visit two venues."
    Highlights: Wuhan Garden Expo Park is located in the East-West Lake region. It was the location of the 10th Chinese International Garden Expo, and has now become a city park where residents and tourists alike go to relax and unwind. The Garden Expo is expansive and features many distinct sections including the rebuilt Wuhan Old Street in Hankou, where visitors can get a taste of traditional Wuhan living and traditional snacks. The Yangtze River Civilization Hall allows visitors to experience the high-tech 4D interactive Yangtze River Tour, while the International Garden Art Center features ornamental garden art for visitors to appreciate.
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  • No.6

    Shiyan Lake

    4,633 Reviews
    236.6km from downtown
    "Searched Changsha Scenic Area, there is a choice of mountains and waters, a great scenic spot, fun to play for a day, May 1st is not many people, there are play areas, there are also horse farms, a great experience!"
    Highlights: Shiyan Lake is a ecological park located in the suburbs of Changsha. It is ideal for city residents who want to take a vacation. The park contains various ecological attractions such as a water world, an equestrian club, a paintball club, an artificial beach, a team-building training base, and a Shiyan Lake Wildlife Zoo and Botanical Garden. Dragon boat contest is one of the unique offerings of Shiyan lake. It is worth checking out. The park also has entertainment programs like karting, horse riding, bumper cars and tour boats, very suitable for family trips.
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  • No.7

    Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty

    1,267 Reviews
    221.7km from downtown
    "The cemetery is particularly large, the scenery is beautiful, the relics are protected and complete, and the vivid explanation of the interpreter is very impressive. It is a good understanding of the stories of Jiajing and Zhongxiang, which will generate a strong interest in the history of the Ming Dynasty. The bathroom is very clean and has paper towels. Wherever Zhongxiang must go, people who like the history of the Ming Dynasty must go."
    Highlights: Built in the 14th year during the reign of Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty, Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty is composed of large architectural complexes surrounded by mountains and water. Its layout and architecture are unique with a golden flask-shaped outer wall. The nine-bend imperial river and dragon scale road winding among the Mausoleum buildings are rare in Ming tombs. Two mysterious dumbbell-shaped underground palaces connected by towers have been hailed as a wonder — a masterpiece combining architectural art and environmental aesthetics.
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  • No.8

    Weishui Scenic Area

    375 Reviews
    265.1km from downtown
    "The scenery is so-so, but the staff is good, helping to lift the elderly wheelchair, amiable. The old man took a cruise to swim the dream of water. Two islands on the way, three hours to and from, there are snacks on the island, there are children to play."
    Highlights: Weishui Scenic Area is southwest of Songzi City, Hubei Province. It is in the center of three well-known tourist areas: the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Jingzhou Ancient City and Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province. Weishui Scenic Area consists of three major sections: the Weishui artificial fresh water lake, Weishui National Forest Park and the Karst Cave Group. Here, you can appreciate the beauty of the Jiangnan landscape and the magnificence of northland scenery. Such a fascinating spot deserves your visit.
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  • No.9

    Changsha Ecological Zoo

    3,349 Reviews
    238.5km from downtown
    "Guobao Giant Panda 🐼, there are many lively animals, there is also a car area, you can see white tigers, northeast tigers, etc., there are penguins in the polar museum, you can walk or take the car."
    Highlights: Changsha Ecological Zoo's predecessor was Changsha Zoo. It is located in Changsha's Tianxin District. The zoo rears and displays many rare wild animals. Among these are plenty of large predators, as well as amphibious animals, such as birds, turtles and tortoises, snakes, and frogs. In addition to these there are a number of animals from the tropical oceans for you to appreciate.
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  • No.10

    Huangxian (Yellow Fairy) Cave

    633 Reviews
    218.2km from downtown
    "I went to Zhijin Cave in Guizhou in 2019, and I went to Tenglong Cave and Huangxian Cave in August 2022. Tenglong Cave: The scenery is not enough to perform, there is no performance, there is nothing to see, a landslide site, the name is Longlin Mountain. . . Huangxian Cave, not as big as Tenglong Cave Zhijin Cave, but the concentrate is all essence, limestone in the cave, karst landform, stalactites are many and large, many lights can't be hit, and there is a world-class scale side stone pool (ba) (similar to terraces), and because it has not been developed too much, So the car parked directly at the door, there was no routine shuttle bus and commercial tourist street. But because it is not too developed, it may be insufficient funds? Personally think that the number of lights inside is seriously insufficient, dim, and there is no side stone pool (ba) and many stalactites. After all, the hole is dark, and the light can be seen to see the side stone pool of the scale of the ten thousand squares of good fields. In short, like it, it is worth seeing"
    Highlights: Huangxian Cave is located in the southern part of the Dahong Mountain Range. The cave gets its name because, according to legend, Huang Shigong once rested here. On the right side of the cave stands a great hall with a stone pool, which was created by a naturally formed dam of calcified rock. The pool, dam, stalactite said to resemble General Shi Yong from the Water Margin and a three-arched cavern are some of the wondrous sights within. Many magnificent and glorious scenes lay inside the cave, with evocative and imaginative names like Strong Cave Mouth, Jigong Prays, the Whisper, Panda and Butterfly, Yellow Fairy Promenade, Fairy Path, the First Night, Harmoniously Together, Nezha's Birth, the Golden Shower and a Fairy's Lost Dress.
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  • No.11

    Yueyang Tower

    4,834 Reviews
    129.4km from downtown
    "Yueyang Building is worth watching. The building is very distinctive. The whole building is pure wooden structure without a nail. Standing on a high place and looking at the cave, the scenery is pleasant"
    Highlights: The Yueyang Tower is located in Yueyang City, Hunan Province. Near the shore of Dongting Lake, the Pavilion is one of the Three Great Towers of Jiangnan. It was made famous by the author Fan Zhongyan’s Memorial to Yueyang Tower. When you climb the tower, you will overlook the misty and watery expanse of Dongting Lake. If you are familiar with Fan's Memorial to Yueyang Tower, one of its famous lines may echo in your ears: “First be concerned with the worries of the world and then you can rejoice in its joys.” In addition to climbing the tower to gaze into the distance and reflect on ancient times, the architectural structure of the tower itself is also worth a look. The entire structure is built without a single metal nail or support beam.
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  • No.12


    2,311 Reviews
    108.4km from downtown
    "The package includes tickets, glass bridges and a cable car. From the ticket office, you can go up the mountain without taking the cable car, and you will not charge money for walking through the glass bridge and plank road and landscape platform. The mountain is not high, the environment is beautiful, there is a cliff swing next to the glass bridge (charged), the plank road is very long, and it takes about 3-4 hours to take the cable car down the mountain. Not many people. There are not many charging items, it is worth playing."
    Highlights: Located where Hunan, Hubei, and Chongqing meet, the Glass Bridge Scenic Area of Shiniuzhai has historically been an important strategic area. In the late days of the Yuan dynasty, peasant leader Tang Kuang led troops here and built fortifications, later recorded by local histories as “Shiniuzhai.” Above Shiniuzhai are limitless views, and below it enticing scenery. It is a geological wonderland of strangely shaped rocks, peaks, and stone caves carved out by nature in so many different forms that the beauty cannot be taken in all at once.
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  • No.13


    1,326 Reviews
    159.4km from downtown
    "Very interesting, very suitable for experience with the object, unlock the new store, next time I have time to come back to my evaluation essay, I will evaluate it immediately after the experience, I super recommend everyone to come, a great experience, fortunately, I made an appointment online in advance, otherwise there are many people on weekends, It’s not a waste of time. I’m looking forward to it for so long. It’s really good. It’s a great experience. In short, I highly recommend everyone to check in. The price is very high and the transportation is convenient. It completely stimulates my desire to go out ( ͈ ᵕ `͈ ) ◞♡"
    Highlights: Jinligou is a tourist area with a Tujia culture in Wuhan and a natural mountain resort. The scenic spot consists of three parts: the Huanhu Lake Experience Zone, the Canyon Scenic Area and the Zhaiwang Culture Exhibition Area. Green mountains and green waters, surrounded by streams, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, strange stones, wildflowers and hanging feet, wind and rain bridges, toasts and other Tujia buildings complement each other, forming a unique landscape of poetry and landscapes, which is a perfect place for weekend outings. .
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  • No.14

    Sunny Beach

    234 Reviews
    248.7km from downtown
    "Very good store, the traffic is very convenient, eating around is also very convenient, the most important thing is that the room is good, the water pressure is enough, the water temperature is good, this is too important. Breakfast and afternoon tea are free, I like it."
  • No.15

    Sandie Waterfall

    2,276 Reviews
    169.3km from downtown
    "Sandie Spring is the last stop on the East Line. If it takes about 20 minutes to get from Guling Town, I heard from locals that this is the attraction that the residents of the mountain have found before, and then it was acquired by Lushan. All Sandie Springs can always go down the mountain. There is a small train in the location of the stack, and walk about one kilometer to Darmian. You need to go up and down the stone steps behind, and go to and from the 2600 floors, but the waterfall is very large and spectacular, but this is not a famous flying stream of 3,000 feet. It is suspected to be a waterfall of the Milky Way for nine days. The real waterfall is in Xiufeng Waterfall in Xingzi County. You need to buy another ticket. It's cooler if you go in summer"
    Highlights: The scenery around Sandie Waterfall changes with the seasons. The waterfall is at its most spectacular in late spring and early summer. Visitors can descend to the foot of the waterfall for a breathtaking view.
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  • No.16

    Former Residence of Mao Zedong

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    278.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Mao Zedong's former residence is located in Shaoshan, Hunan Province. The U-shaped building was shared by two families. As one of Hunan's top destinations, the building attracts a large number of tourists. Visitors can see the bedroom, study, and other rooms where Chairman Mao spent his childhood.
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  • No.17

    Mingtang Mountain

    1,559 Reviews
    204.5km from downtown
    "Several halls on Mingtang Mountain, moving in a variety of ways. When Liu Chefeng, the emperor of Han Wu, set up the "Mingtang" to worship Yuexi Mingtang Mountain, which is named after this mountain."
    Highlights: The history of Mingtang Mountain dates back to Emperor Wu of Han, who established a place of worship here over 2000 years ago. The area is known for its unusual rock formations and conifer trees that line the edges of the cliffs. A waterfall is located at the foot of the mountain. There are five different areas within the visitor site, each of which has its own unique character.
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  • No.18

    Wanfo Lake

    827 Reviews
    285.8km from downtown
    "I haven't come for several years, and I didn't have anything last time. This time I felt very comfortable and the air was good. It was just a long time to go shopping on a few small islands by boat. I was tired and came out to eat a fish from Wanfo Lake."
    Highlights: Wanfo Lake is known for its crystal-clear water. The lake features a lush green island that can be reached by boat. Visitors can also appreciate the area's natural beauty by taking a walk along the lakeside. The area around the lake is home to a number of hotels, some of which have rooms with a lake view. There are also several restaurants that serve traditional local cuisine.
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  • No.19

    Tiantangzhai (“Heaven Village”) Scenic Area

    886 Reviews
    195.8km from downtown
    "In early summer, the May Day holiday is suitable for traveling. This time, I jumped into Dabie Mountain for thousands of miles and revisited Anhui Tiantang Village + Hubei Tiantang Village. One mountain separated 2 provinces. The scenery is pleasant and the weather is fine."
    Highlights: Many high mountain peaks are located within Tiantangzhai Scenic Area. If you go to of the mountain at Tiantangzhai, you will have a glorious, unobstructed 360° view of the mountain peaks rolling away from you. Be sure to view a sunrise in the early morning or a sunset at night, during which the scenery is at its most spectacular. After rain has cleared out the sky, you can climb the mountain early in the morning to see the “cloud sea.” Tiantangzhai has been fought over by military strategists since ancient times and has been the focal point of many major campaigns. This was also an important area of action in the push of the Liu-Deng army into the Dabie Mountains.
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  • No.20

    Yangshimu Scenic Area

    630 Reviews
    256.8km from downtown
    "We went late, did not see the sea of clouds, a little pity, but overall not bad, the whole play is not tired, suitable for family leisure travel, high-altitude small train is not recommended, unless you want to travel with Mingyue Mountain and Yangshimu, you can take it."
    Highlights: Yangshimu Scenic Area lies to the northwest of Wugong Mountain in Anfu County, Jiangxi Province. The scenic spot is dominated by granite peak-forest landform and is known as Xiaohuang Mountain. There are more than 100 undeveloped landscapes. Bizarre rocks, ancient trees, waterfalls, and seas of clouds are known as the four wonders of the Yangshimu Scenic Area. The mountain-type tourist attraction is equipped with facilities such as suspended walkways and mountain slides. Excitement and fun along the way.
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What are some Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning?
Some Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning include:Mulan Grassland|Mount Lu Scenic Area|Huabohui|Yuexi Peninsula Hot Springs|Wuhan Garden Expo Park
What are some highly-rated Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning?
Some highly-rated Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning include:Mulan Grassland:4.6|Mount Lu Scenic Area:4.5|Huabohui:4.6|Yuexi Peninsula Hot Springs:4.6|Wuhan Garden Expo Park:4.6
At what locations in Xianning can Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning be found?
The Fun Attractions Nearby in Xianning are mainly located in:Mulan Grassland:Wuhan|Mount Lu Scenic Area:Lushan|Huabohui:Wuhan|Yuexi Peninsula Hot Springs:Honghu|Wuhan Garden Expo Park:Wuhan