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Top 6 Forests in Xianning - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    Xingxing Zhuhai

    28 Reviews
    16km from downtown
    "Just in a part of the Qianshan National Forest Park, unfortunately most of them are ordinary mountain forest landscapes. Fortunately, there is a small red maple autumn color. I walked to the middle of the mountain and went back to the hot springs. It seems that several mountaineering gates have been closed due to the epidemic, otherwise you can go directly down the mountain to Sanjiang Hot Spring."
    Highlights: Xingxing Bamboo Sea is located in Xianning Hot Spring, Hubei Province. There is no sweltering heat in summer, no severe cold in winter, and the four seasons are like spring. There are continuous bamboo forests in the scenic area, and there are many varieties of bamboo. During the day, the dense bamboo leaves absorb heat energy and release a lot of oxygen at night, just like a natural oxygen bar. As an emerging tourist resort, Xingxing Bamboo Sea has attracted friends from more than 50 countries and regions to visit, inspect and travel. At present, the scenic spot is divided into five areas: Baixiang Garden, Mini Garden, Liufang Garden, Lover Island, Shilong Scenic Area, etc. Cuizhu Pavilion, Banshan Spring, Guanzhutai, Wang's Celestial Burial, Tianshen Cave, Cypress Jie, Cai Xianya and other scenic spots are scattered in. In 2003, the scenic area established an expansion training base, which is equipped with flying bars, ladders, mutual aid sets, escape walls, joint walking and other facilities. It integrates challenges, participation and fun. An ideal place to improve people's psychological quality.
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  • No.2

    Damu Mountain Forest Park

    6 Reviews
    21.1km from downtown
    "Damushan Forest Park is indeed very powerful and courageous, not only the forest covers a wide area, but also the charm of showing the appearance is very special, making people feel like walking into the painting."
  • No.3


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    4.1km from downtown
  • No.4

    Tongcheng County Xishan Forest Park

    6 Reviews
    2km from downtown
    "I often go to the place where I go to spring tour in primary school, and it has passed for so many years. One peak and two peaks have been rebuilt, and even the steps that have been climbed up have been repaired. It’s great."
  • No.5

    Chongyangguihua Forest Park

    1 Reviews
    17.1km from downtown
    "Whether it is the "guardian" at the entrance of the scenic spot or the various flowers and trees in the forest park, it has become very beautiful, becoming a scenic component of the Guijia Forest, attracting many tourists to come and watch."
  • No.6

    Fengchishan Forest Park

    9 Reviews
    3.1km from downtown
    "Although it is called a forest park, it is more appropriate to say that this place is called "the sea of flowers". Because the green forest and the sea of flowers constitute a wonderful picture."