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Top 8 Mountains in Xianning - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
  • No.1

    Jiugong Mountains

    683 Reviews
    28.8km from downtown
    "As long as you go off the peak, it is not summer vacation, you will feel that there are fewer people. The scenery is very beautiful. Climbing up the copper drum bag next to the dam of Yunzhong Lake for about 2 hours. Most of them are cliff plank road slopes. A small half is the steps. The scenery along the way is beautiful."
    Highlights: The Jiugong Mountains are located in Hubei Province in the middle of the Mufu mountain range. They are known for their towering peaks, peaceful valleys, and unusual rock formations. There are also a number of hot springs and waterfalls. In addition to the spectacular scenery, the area is home to several cultural attractions including the tomb of the 17th century rebel leader Li Zicheng, a stone temple, and a famous Qing dynasty residence. There is also a ski slope with a comprehensive range of facilities, making the area an excellent year-round destination.
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  • No.2

    Gexian Mountain

    16 Reviews
    8.7km from downtown
    "Ge Xianshan does not need tickets, parking is not charged, but there is no special parking lot, the vehicles are parked on the side of the road, and they may be traffic jams when going out. Gexian Mountain is actually a Taoist view, the reason why it is famous is because the wild cherry blossoms here in spring will bloom, all over the sky, very spectacular, and also the reason why tourists are like weaving."
    Highlights: Gexian Mountain is located in Zhongping Village, Guantangyi Town, Chibi City, with an altitude of 642.7 meters and an area of 6 square kilometers. It is 18 kilometers away from the Xingxing Bamboo Sea in Xianning in the east. There is a highway running through the Tiancheng District, which is adjacent to Chongyang in the south. It is named after Ge Hong, a famous chemist and medical scientist in Jin Dynasty, who once practiced Taoism here. According to Kangxi's "Puqi County Chronicle" in the Qing Dynasty, and Qianlong's "Puqi County Chronicle" recorded that "the place where Gexian's emergence in Jin Dynasty is located is Gexian Mountain, ten miles south of the maid...". Gexian Mountain Monastery is a place to commemorate Ge Hong, a famous chemist, medical scientist and Taoist theorist in Jin Dynasty, who cultivated here and became immortal. It was built without examination. According to the records of the stele, it was rebuilt during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. The statue of Ge Xian holding pills and pills in his hand is about 2 meters high. There is a Taiji map on the top of the courtyard door, and a stone carving on the door couplet that says "The peak of herbal medicine is still alive. , the traces of the burnt Danjing still exist." Outside the hospital, there is a stone tablet of merit and virtue of "Raising the Quartet". The peak in the east of the mountain is Ge Xian's ascension place. There is a round stone house with four stone statues of Ge Xian and his disciples inside. There are stone couplets inside and outside the round gate, which say "Extraordinary pills for changing bones. There is a 40-square-meter flat ground in front of the stone house, and there is a stone incense burner and a stone remnant plaque of "Gexian Mountain" on the side. The plaque contains the words "Repair in the Qing Dynasty".
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  • No.3

    Yunshang Longyin Mountain Tourist Resort

    41 Reviews
    16.3km from downtown
    "Good place to travel, beautiful scenery, worth a visit, bring friends again next time! After changing the ticket, there is a sightseeing car to take in the scenic spot. The mountain is a glass slide. It is really a good play experience. Is it heart-warming? Heart-warming is not as good as action!"
  • No.4

    Tongcheng Yaogu Mountain

    10 Reviews
    14.9km from downtown
    Bing Joog
    "Yaogushan is a paradise in the early history of the Yi people, and it has a long history and a deep culture. It has left a large number of stone houses, stone villages, stone tombs and other 100 stone cultural sites. Longqi Mountain is rich in natural resources, excellent ecology and a rich cultural collection. It is one of the tourist gathering places in Wuhan and Changsha urban circles in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River."
  • No.5

    Xuefeng Mountain

    12 Reviews
    9.9km from downtown
    "The main body of the snow peak mountain is located in the central and western Hunan, is an important mountain in Hunan. Snow peak mountain is located between the Lijiang River and Zishui in the western Hunan Province of China, which is the watershed between Zijiang and Lishui. From the south, Hunan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region border, it is connected with the 80-li Danan Mountain. Beizhi Dongting Lakeside. The west side is Xiangxi Hills. The east side is Xiangzhong Hills. Northeast-Southwest direction. Folded block mountain. The southern section of the mountain is steep, and the north section is gradually reduced to a hill after being cut by the water. Long 350 kilometers. The main peak Su Baoding, 1934 meters above sea level, is located between Xiangyang and the mouth of the cave. The second peak Baima Mountain, at an altitude of 1781 meters, is mainly subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest and various fir trees, with obvious vertical differentiation."
  • No.6

    Tongchengyin Mountain

    15 Reviews
    770m from downtown
    "The experience is very good, the super dopamine is secreted, super happy! Awesome 🖖, the price is not bad, it is really a treasure platform, I would like to give five stars 🌟, because the set is very careful, the wife is great! This place is really suitable for various scenarios. I came with my lover before, and now I bring my children together. Every time I have a new experience, it is very good five-star praise. The location is particularly good to find. It is super close to the subway station. It is very convenient to come here. This price is really cost-effective compared with other platforms. And the environment and health are not inferior to other homes. The environment is really unique and the style is unified. I like this stylish place."
  • No.7

    Hubei Tongcheng Daxi National Wetland Park

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    24.8km from downtown
  • No.8

    Fengchishan Forest Park

    9 Reviews
    3.1km from downtown
    "Although it is called a forest park, it is more appropriate to say that this place is called "the sea of flowers". Because the green forest and the sea of flowers constitute a wonderful picture."