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Top 5 Local History in Zhanjiang - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    French Minister Department Site in Guangzhou Bay

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    10.1km from downtown
    Highlights: The French Minister Department Site in Guangzhou Bay is a reinforced concrete structure with doors and windows that resemble Gothic, reflecting the architectural style that was popular in France at the time. Facing Guangzhou Bay, this building was once the ruling authority of the leased land in Guangzhou Bay, France. The building on the old site is geese yellow, and there is a self-clocking bell on the roof. The interior is more spacious and has a fireplace inside, with a distinctive modern Western architectural style. The interior is now divided into several sections, and the history of Zhanjiang has been introduced with pictures, objects and texts.
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  • No.2

    Zhanjiang Museum

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    512m from downtown
    "Zhanjiang Museum was built and opened in 1960, and the name of the museum is Dong Biwu. The museum has six display rooms for local history, cultural relics display and temporary special exhibitions. It was named Zhanjiang Patriotism Education Base in 1995 and was awarded the title of "Excellent Patriotism Education Base of the National Cultural Relic System" by the State Administration of Cultural Relics."
  • No.3

    Denglou Cape

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    125.1km from downtown
    "The corner of the lamphouse, the old name is the tail corner, is located on the southwest seaside of Xucheng Town, 2 to 3 kilometers southeast of Xuwen Yanchang Lighthouse Working Area, surrounded by the sea on three sides, and there is a corner of the beach in front of the sea. The corner is facing the high corner of Hainan Island, and the strait is 12 nautical miles wide, which is for maritime traffic. More than 10 meters north of the lighthouse, there is a 10-story hexagonal square lighthouse set up by the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration in March 1994, 36 meters high, and replaced the original lighthouse after completion. The new lighthouse towers are all set with white tiles and separated by blue tiles. Each floor of the tower has 16 steps, leather-shaped, the highest floor is placed with a standard lamp, hemispheric. The aerial lamp is solar powered and automatically self-extinguished. The tower is long jumping, the sea is wide, the smoke is vast, and the sails are competing. There are hundreds of acres of salt fields in the northeast, and the coastal protective forest belt runs through, and the surrounding coconut trees, calyx trees, acacia trees, cactus, bushes, seaweed flowers, mangroves, etc. are very charming with the wind. The corner of the lamphouse is located in the corner of the horn tail peninsula and the area of Dongchangwan and Polo Bay, and the coastal coconut groves have constructed a tropical scenery. Xuwen Salt Farm is one of the seven salt farms in Guangdong Province. The lamphouse work area is the unit of the test site of the mechanized production of salt fields in southern China. The White Butterfly Bay Reserve is the pearl breeding base. The sea surface of the lamphouse also preserves large and complete coral reefs, stretching 27 kilometers, covering an area of 2,000 hectares, with a complete variety, colorful, strange shape and spectacular."
    Highlights: Dengloujiao is the Dengjiaolou at the southern end of China's mainland. It was built in the 16th year of Guangxu (1890) and is located in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City. Landmark South Point. French, British, Russian and other imperial powers built their houses here. Today, there are still western-style houses around the lamp corner building, attracting many tourists to visit. Dengloujiao is not only famous as a relic, but the scenery from the tower is full of style. The vastness of smoke, the vast sea and the sky, as far as the eye can see, are full of lush tropical plants, coconut trees, casuarina trees, acacia trees, cacti, bushes, seaweed flowers, mangroves, etc. Unique scenery to enjoy. Sunrise and sunset, standing on the lighthouse, the day passed quietly. When you are lucky, you can also see the peculiar "waves", one after another, rolling in from far away in Hainan, which is truly spectacular. At the same time, large and complete coral reefs are preserved in the sea area of Dengloujiao, which are rich in variety and colorful. Because the coral reefs have the effect of purifying the sea water, the clean sea exudes infinite charm.
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  • No.4

    Dengloujiao, Jiaowei Township

    5 Reviews
    125.1km from downtown
    "The old name is tail corner, located on the southwest seaside of Xucheng Town, 2 to 3 kilometers southeast of Xuwen Yanchang Light Building Work Area, surrounded by the sea on three sides, there is a corner of the beach in front of the sea. The corner is facing the high angle of Hainan Island, and the channel is 12 nautical miles wide, which is for maritime traffic. The southwestern and southeastern seas of the Cape have dangerous reef dark rocks. The lighthouse was built here in Guangxu 16 years (1890), hence its name"
  • No.5

    Ten Sages Shrine

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    48.7km from downtown
    "Shixianxuan is located in the West Lake Park of Leizhou Ancient City, and is also a monument. The main sacrifices are to ten historical and cultural celebrities, and now they are in disrepair all year round, and there is nothing to see."