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Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Zhanjiang - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Blue Moon Bay Hot Springs

    252 Reviews
    8.6km from downtown
    "Today I went to my hot spring in Damodu. Alas, I feel that Zhanjiang's Yuanwan Hot Spring is more suitable. It is not that the environment is not good. The environment is actually the same. It is just that the fare is twice as expensive as the boyfriend's Bay. My mother, 198 people, but there is no way, one is a first-tier city, One is a city on the third and fourth lines, and the pricing must be different. There is a little bit of my hot spring in Shanghai to surpass Blue Moon Bay. No one smokes, very good."
    Highlights: The beach volcanic hot spring is located in the seaside hotel in the eastern part of Zhanjiang City. It is a rare geothermal hot spring in the volcanic rock formation in the middle of the city. It originates from the depths of the underground. The seaside volcanic hot springs are based on the tropical seaside garden scenery. The ancient cypresses, palms, waterfalls, etc. are built into a seaside hot spring recreation area filled with tropical coconut winds, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying the hot springs.
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  • No.2

    Donghai Island

    360 Reviews
    34.3km from downtown
    "China's first Long Beach, the world's second Long Beach, the length is second only to Australia's Gold Coast. Pure natural scenery, not fully developed, so there are not many people. The wind is big, the waves are big, and the vastness of the sea can be felt. When catching up with sunny days, the blue sea and blue sky, with beautiful clouds, is not too beautiful. But because it is not well developed, there are almost no supporting living and entertainment facilities."
    Highlights: Donghai Island is a large island with beautiful scenery and an abundance of fruit. “Donghai Melon” is a local specialty, sweet and crisp. There is a unique form of folk art in the local area: the “Donghai Human-Dragon Dance” is a long dragon that people form with their bodies, and it is worth a watch. The beaches of Donghai Island are very beautiful. On weekends or holidays, there are many tourists on the beach. If you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon, you can choose to come on a weekday.
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  • No.3

    Sea Viewing Promenade

    541 Reviews
    9.3km from downtown
    "Very beautiful, connected to the seaside park, the scenery is good! On a sunny day, it is really blue sea and blue sky, watching the sea and sky, there are state-protected mangroves and many rare birds. The green lawn, the dense coconut forest, is beautiful and very pleasant!"
    Highlights: Xiashan’s Sea Viewing Promenade is about 1.7 kilometers long and is divided into three regions, including south, center and north. The south section is relatively narrow and long, opening up from Zijing Square with thousands of flowers and trees. The central area is wide and open, with garden roads and large stretches of rolling green grassland, perfect for a stroll in the sun. The north area is dominated by Conch Square, which features a multitude of swaying palm trees and 28 kinds of flowers. The giant passenger ship “City on the Sea” parked on the seaside promenade of Xiashan is also a popular attraction. Standing on top of the boat, visitors are treated to a view of the entire city on the coast.
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  • No.4

    Techeng Island

    801 Reviews
    10.9km from downtown
    "Take the Clippers to the Techeng Island in about 20 minutes. The island has a beautiful environment. There is a resort here. You can stay for one night. There are mangroves nearby to swim. The people are very friendly."
    Highlights: Techeng Island is also called "Red Island" for the red soil on the island and red rocks after volcanic eruptions. The air here is fresh and the climate is very pleasant. There is a large protected old-growth mangrove forest, beautiful sandy beaches, the Xiantai Temple, and the World War II sites to visit.
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  • No.5

    Naozhou Island

    153 Reviews
    47.6km from downtown
    "There is no developed fishing village island, no amazing place, ordinary, find a seaside homestay to stay in a daze for two days, children can play on the beach for a day, the beach is very shallow swimming is very safe, the island is all by electric bicycles"
    Highlights: Weizhou Island, the ancient name of the island, is an island formed by a submarine volcanic eruption about 200,000 to 500,000 years ago. It is located in the southeast direction of Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, north of the east island, west of Leizhou Bay, southeast of the South China Sea, and deep into the Pacific Ocean. . Weizhou Island is one of the “Eight Scenes of Zhanjiang”, and Meilu: “Guizhou Ancient Rhyme”. There are many places of interest in the island, including: Songhuangcheng Ruins, Xianglong Academy, Bajiaojing, Songhuangbei, Songhuangting, Songhuangcun, Chima Village, Dou Zhenyu Tomb and “Gongbaofang”. The Bohai Sea Beach, a tourist resort in the South, is also located here, with an ideal natural bathing beach.
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  • No.6

    Jinsha Bay Beach

    174 Reviews
    3.5km from downtown
    "Jinshawan Beach is located on the southern beach of Guanhai North Road, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City. On a beach with a large area between the Olympic Goddess statue and the Jinshawan Seaview Corridor, some benches for rest and shower facilities are placed without tickets."
    Highlights: Jinshawan Bathing Beach is a public beach. Although it is a bay, it is as calm as a lake. The beach is very gentle and you can swim far away. It is located in the city center, with convenient transportation and perfect surrounding facilities. The coconut forest next to the beach also has the signatures and handprints of sports stars, which is very distinctive. There are several large shopping malls and China World Trade Center next to it, and beach chairs and umbrellas are free.
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  • No.7

    Seaside Park

    198 Reviews
    9.9km from downtown
    "Zhanjiang Seaside Park is located on the northeast corner of Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. It has fine white sand beaches, blue seawater, upright coconut trees, grasses, bright flowers. It is rich in subtropical sea scenery and is known as Zhanjiang's "urban living room"."
    Highlights: The Seaside Park is found on the northeastern corner of Xiashan District. There are soft white beaches, blue waters, tall coconut trees and subtropical ocean scenery. It is known as the "city living room" of Zhanjiang. The gate of the Seaside Park is European-style architectural features. It has a curved colonnade with dozens of columns and Han White Jade relief on it. The relief demonstrates the centuries-old history of Zhanjiang.
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  • No.8

    Fishing Harbor Park

    55 Reviews
    8.8km from downtown
    "Fishing Port Park is located on Ocean Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, is the northern starting point of Xiashan Sea View Corridor. The park is not small. There are free beaches and related rest and shower facilities on the beach, and there are some sculptures."
    Highlights: Yugang Park is one of the eight scenic spots in Zhanjiang. It is a better place to watch the sunrise. The northern starting point of the sea-viewing promenade, the beach is relatively clean, and it is also equipped with beach chairs. After the renovation, the environment has become very good, and sand sculpture activities have also been held. It is a small beach where you can go into the water, and many citizens go to play in the water in the evening.
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  • No.9

    Wushi Town

    35 Reviews
    95km from downtown
    "How can you not go to Wushi Town Tianchengtai Resort to watch the sunset, the breeze, the moon, the coconut shadow, and the sands, you want everything, it is best to come here by car, the ticket is 10 yuan per person, if you stay in the resort, you can free tickets, here is the best place to watch the sunset, recommended!"
    Highlights: Wushi Town is the only place in China where you can watch the sunset on the west coast. It was built in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 600 years. There are not only special products such as potato flour, lotus mist, sweet glutinous rice grains, and various delicious seafood, but also beautiful tropical scenery, charming sea and sandy beaches and intoxicating holiday atmosphere. Tianchengtai" praise. Come here to feel the simple folk customs, look up at the stars in the sky on summer nights, the beautiful sunshine, the beach, the coast, and you will run and dance unscrupulously when you arrive!
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  • No.10

    Nansan Island

    49 Reviews
    22.8km from downtown
    "The three islands of South and East China Sea, Weizhou Island and many other islands form the outer protective fence of Zhanjiang Port. With the sun, beach, sea, forest, scenic spots on the east coast with charming natural charm, is a pearl embedded in the rich South China Sea, attracting countless Chinese and foreign tourists to watch, becoming Zhanjiang long-standing reputation, one of the most familiar attractions for citizens."
    Highlights: The South Three Islands, Donghai Island, Naozhou Island and many other islands form the protective fence of Zhanjiang Port. With its charming charm, the east coast, with its sunshine, beaches, sea, forests and scenic spots, is a pearl embedded in the splendid South China Sea. The three southern islands are flat and have no ridges. The characteristic is that they contrast with the sea, and both seafood and aquaculture are flourishing. Traveling to the three southern islands, swimming in the South China Sea, listening to the sound of the waves, visiting farmers, participating in catching small seas, eating seafood in fishing villages, and watching the sunrise and sunset are all a kind of enjoyment of returning to nature. Therefore, the South Three Islands were selected as the basis for the "Eight Scenic Spots of Zhanjiang".
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  • No.11

    Longhaitian Island

    52 Reviews
    34.3km from downtown
    "11 small holiday in 2021, self-driving East Island. There is China's first Long Beach Dragon Beach, which faces the South Pacific and is the second Long Beach in the world after Australia's Gold Coast. The scenery is natural, less artificially decorated, and fewer people. It is a good place for leisure. You can lie on the beach, blow the sea breeze, listen to the waves, and pick up shells on the beach. It is very beautiful, but there are basically no supporting living and entertainment facilities."
    Highlights: Longhaitian is the world of dragons. Longhaitian tourist area is a rare seaside tourism destination in China. The forest belt in the tourist area is lush and undulating, like the "Green Great Wall". In the summer, people can camp, rest, and take a summer vacation there, which is wonderful. Longhaitian sunrise wonders are very spectacular. Longhaitian faces the South Pacific Ocean in the east, and the sea and the sky are the same color. “The golden sun shone on the water, leaping joyously in layers of waves” (Tagore). The bizarre sight will make you imagine, as if entering a dream world. Longhai Tianya Changsha is soft, the thickness of sea sand is moderate, and the slope of the seabed is very small. Southeast winds blow towards the coast 80% of the year. The wind is light and the waves are seven or eight layers thin. Donghai Island is the fifth largest island in China. Longhaitian is located in the east of Donghai Island. Longhaitian Beach is 28 kilometers long and 150-300 meters wide, second only to Australia's Gold Coast.
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  • No.12

    Zhanjiang Seaside Amusement Park

    47 Reviews
    10.1km from downtown
    "The seaside park playground is very lively as soon as the holiday is here. There are still quite a lot of mobile games here. There are even some very exciting big swings in the large playground. The consumption here is still OK. It is charged according to a single project. Or buy a package, the price is more suitable for the public, the transportation is also convenient, in this park, adults and children can find a place to rest."
  • No.13

    Haishitan Swimming Pool (Nayanhai Rock Beach)

    2 Reviews
    50.4km from downtown
    "It is a 100-meter-long sandy beach surrounded by black lava reefs, like a giant "concave". Millions of years ago, the volcano erupted here, hot lava encountered air and sea cooling, forming these sloping black stones. The blue waves rushed to chase, swooped on the black reef, splashing white spray. The beach is soft and soft. The place close to the sea is a flat stone beach. There is no complicated ground conditions and dangerous vortex. It is safe and exciting to play in the water here. Unfortunately, the surrounding environment is too bad and the salty smell is very uncomfortable."
  • No.14

    Baishawan Haishang Bathing Spot

    4 Reviews
    113km from downtown
    "The scenery of Baishawan in Xuwen County is really beautiful. The sand is very white and the water is very clear. It is more beautiful than the Jinshawan Beach in Zhanjiang City. Opposite is Hainan Island, the lights can be full at night, but unfortunately no one has to develop."
    Highlights: Baishawan Bathing Beach is a swimming and tourism resort. The swimming facilities are relatively complete, the functions are also effective, and the scenery is very good. It is a rare good place.
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