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Top 8 Amazing Nighttime Views in Zhanjiang - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Zhanjiang Black-headed Gull Cruise

    838 Reviews
    4.7km from downtown
    Bing Joog
    "The environment of the ship is very good. I took a closer look. The first floor is a fully enclosed space, and the view by the window is better. The second floor is in the same space as the first floor. The height is a seat by the window. You can walk to the narrow boat outside the cabin to see the sea. The third floor has a large and semi-open space, with enough tables and chairs, 2 separate private rooms and bathrooms, and two super suitable check-in points for taking pictures."
    Highlights: Zhanjiang Black-headed Gull Cruise is located at Techeng Yudao Pier in Xiashan District. It is a luxury cruise ship built by Zhanjiang Shipping Group that integrates sightseeing, catering and entertainment. You can watch the cargo wharf, the military harbor, the South Oil Base at close range, and enjoy the scenery on both banks of Zhanjiang Port.
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  • No.2

    Techeng Island

    801 Reviews
    10.9km from downtown
    "Take the Clippers to the Techeng Island in about 20 minutes. The island has a beautiful environment. There is a resort here. You can stay for one night. There are mangroves nearby to swim. The people are very friendly."
    Highlights: Techeng Island is also called "Red Island" for the red soil on the island and red rocks after volcanic eruptions. The air here is fresh and the climate is very pleasant. There is a large protected old-growth mangrove forest, beautiful sandy beaches, the Xiantai Temple, and the World War II sites to visit.
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  • No.3

    Sea Viewing Promenade

    541 Reviews
    9.3km from downtown
    "Very beautiful, connected to the seaside park, the scenery is good! On a sunny day, it is really blue sea and blue sky, watching the sea and sky, there are state-protected mangroves and many rare birds. The green lawn, the dense coconut forest, is beautiful and very pleasant!"
    Highlights: Xiashan’s Sea Viewing Promenade is about 1.7 kilometers long and is divided into three regions, including south, center and north. The south section is relatively narrow and long, opening up from Zijing Square with thousands of flowers and trees. The central area is wide and open, with garden roads and large stretches of rolling green grassland, perfect for a stroll in the sun. The north area is dominated by Conch Square, which features a multitude of swaying palm trees and 28 kinds of flowers. The giant passenger ship “City on the Sea” parked on the seaside promenade of Xiashan is also a popular attraction. Standing on top of the boat, visitors are treated to a view of the entire city on the coast.
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  • No.4

    Jinsha Bay Beach

    174 Reviews
    3.5km from downtown
    "Jinshawan Beach is located on the southern beach of Guanhai North Road, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City. On a beach with a large area between the Olympic Goddess statue and the Jinshawan Seaview Corridor, some benches for rest and shower facilities are placed without tickets."
    Highlights: Jinshawan Bathing Beach is a public beach. Although it is a bay, it is as calm as a lake. The beach is very gentle and you can swim far away. It is located in the city center, with convenient transportation and perfect surrounding facilities. The coconut forest next to the beach also has the signatures and handprints of sports stars, which is very distinctive. There are several large shopping malls and China World Trade Center next to it, and beach chairs and umbrellas are free.
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  • No.5

    Inch Golden Park

    161 Reviews
    338m from downtown
    "Cunjinqiao Park is located on the west side of Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, named after the proximity to Cunjin Bridge, is the largest subtropical garden-style park in Zhanjiang City, known as one of the eight views of Zhanjiang. The inch gold zoo, after upgrading, now has sea lion performance venues, aquariums, jellyfish pavilions, teasing gardens, monkey mountains, swan pools, koi pools and other venue facilities. New animal varieties, northeastern tiger, African lion, giraffe, penguins, hippos, grasshoppers, crocodiles, birds, monkeys, everything."
    Highlights: Cunjin Zoo is located in Cunjin Park, which houses various animals, as well as an aquarium, a funny garden and a sea lion show acrobatics.
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  • No.6

    Xiashan Catholic Church

    84 Reviews
    10.1km from downtown
    "Xiashan Catholic Church is located at No. 85 Lvyin Road, Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City. It is a French-style old building with a large building area. The design is still beautiful, and the garden next to it is also very coordinated."
    Highlights: Xiashan Catholic Church is a rare Gothic church in Zhanjiang. The front wall of the main building extends 20 meters to the green road; the rear wall extends 6.8 meters to the fence; the left wall extends 6.1 meters to the fence; the right wall extends 23 meters to the bungalow, with an area of 2607.66 square meters. Construction control zone: along the protection range line, the left, right and rear sides are extended for 20 meters respectively, and the front ends at the shaded road. The exotic flowers and different leaves of the Catholic Church "fork leaf wood", there are five fork leaf trees in the seaside park of Zhanjiang City, also known as the cross tree. Four of these five trees are located in the north central area of the park, and one is located in the entertainment city in the south area. Fork leaf tree fruit is large, oval, smooth surface. The cross tree has become a major landscape in the park, and tourists come here to stop and watch. After the French Emperor invaded Zhanjiang, Catholicism followed. In 1900, French priest Fan Lan proposed to build a church while presiding over the local religious affairs. In 1903, the church raised funds and built it. With a masonry reinforced concrete structure and double spires, the building area is about 600 square meters. The hall can accommodate nearly dry people. It was the largest Gothic church in South China at that time.
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  • No.7

    Zhanjiang Seaside Amusement Park

    47 Reviews
    10.1km from downtown
    "The seaside park playground is very lively as soon as the holiday is here. There are still quite a lot of mobile games here. There are even some very exciting big swings in the large playground. The consumption here is still OK. It is charged according to a single project. Or buy a package, the price is more suitable for the public, the transportation is also convenient, in this park, adults and children can find a place to rest."
  • No.8

    Zhanjiang Bay Bridge

    71 Reviews
    7.2km from downtown
    "This bridge is also a landmark building in Zhanjiang, and the whole bridge is very magnificent. You can take a car to the Zhongao Garden and get off. You can cross the road and take a photo with the pier. It feels like a blockbuster. The lights on the bridge at night are also beautiful."
    Highlights: It was completed and opened to traffic on December 30, 2006. It is said to be a bridge project built after the Humen Bridge in Guangdong, and it can resist a typhoon of level 12 or above and a once in three hundred years. From above, you can see the dense breeding nets in the vicinity, as well as the ships that stop or move in the distance. On the occasion of the sea and the sky, there is more of a drifting atmosphere.
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