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Top 6 Best Shopping Experiences in Zurich - 2023

Updated Oct 2023
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    339 Reviews
    330m from downtown
    "Since we were there in December, the street was decorated for Christmas and there were a few stalls from the Zurich Christmas market on the street, only handicrafts. you could buy almost everything- arts and crafts, gastronomy (also mulled wine, with a certificate required). shops close very early- at 7 pm so be ready not to be too late! Check many shops with watches, glasses, try cheese and chocolate and voila- you saw everything in here"
    Highlights: Bahnhofstrasse (freely translated as Railway Station Street) is located on the west side of the Limmat River, extending from Zurich Railway Station to Bürkeli Square on the shore of Lake Zurich, with a total length of about 1.3 kilometers. This is one of the more expensive shopping streets in the world, as famous as New York's Fifth Avenue, and a must-see for everyone who comes to Zurich. The world business district is also a world-renowned business district. Bahnhofstrasse is known as "Swiss Wall Street". More than 200 banks from all over the world are stationed here, and the world's top ten banks have a place here, including appearing in many movies. Zurich Bank. The world's largest "gold market" is here. It is said that the gold reserves of many Swiss banks are stored under Bahnhofstrasse. Do you feel like walking on the "Golden Avenue" when you walk through it? Exquisite window display If you are not keen on shopping, you may wish to take a good look at the beautiful street view of Bahnhofstrasse, known as the "European window". In order to keep the streets clean and the air pure, no cars are allowed to pass here, and only trams run slowly through it. The streets are lined with shady trees, and the stone roads on the pavement have a medieval style. Most of the buildings next to the streets were built in the 19th century, which are simple and elegant, and have a low-key luxury. The well-arranged window displays of major brands are also a beautiful sight on Bahnhofstrasse. In addition, the branch of Swiss chocolate Sprüngli, known as the "essence of Switzerland", is located at Bahnhofstrasse 21.
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    Old Town

    113 Reviews
    626m from downtown
    "I believe Zurich is the most visited Swiss city by tourists, with a prosperous daytime environment and a different flavor at night. There are many restaurants and taverns in the city, offering exquisite cuisine from all over the world."
    Highlights: Zurich is a very modern city, but the old town in the center is well preserved and you can still get a glimpse of the medieval European town. There are many elegant and beautiful ancient buildings on both sides of the cobblestone paved stone road in the old city, and the whole city is filled with nostalgic and retro atmosphere. Standing on the banks of the Limmat River, you can see the three main landmarks in the old town at a glance: the Cathedral, St. Peter's Church and the Church of Our Lady. In addition to the quaint appearance, most of the old buildings in the old city have been converted into trendy restaurants and bars, which are very popular with tourists. In addition, there are a number of quirky but decently priced hotels in the Old Town. Personality cafes, bookstores, gift shops, etc. also abound, you can visit here in depth.
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    73 Reviews
    390m from downtown
    "Every time I travel, I am especially willing to go for a walk in some old local lanes and feel the life of the most simple people and some of the most romantic things in the local area. This alley is very long. It takes about three or four hours to walk. After walking, the scenery is beautiful."
    Highlights: Augustine Lane is located in the old town of Zurich, next to Bahnhofstrasse. It is a very historic street in the area. There are many exquisite historical buildings on both sides of the stone road, all of which are hung with the Swiss flag, full of romantic nostalgia. In the Middle Ages, Augustine Lane used to be a gathering place for Zurich's craftsmen. Today, these colorful little houses have been transformed into creative craft shops, cafes, bookstores, etc. You can take a good stroll here if you have enough time.
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  • No.4

    Swiss Craft Center

    4 Reviews
    680m from downtown
    "Near the Rudolf - brook near the bridge, and the matt, a corner of the river, is a Swiss technology center. Here have all kinds of handmade goods store, clothing, toys, and some local folk apartment flat, and home decoration is very artistic breath. The staff was very friendly, shopping here won''t be any force selling things to happen."
    Highlights: Near the Rudolf-Brunbrück bridge, on one corner of the Limmat River, is the Swiss Craft Centre. There are all kinds of handicraft shops here, clothing, toys and some local folk flats, as well as very artistic home decorations. The staff here are very friendly and there is no forced peddling when shopping here.
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    22 Reviews
    742m from downtown
    "Niederdorf is also an old city part, the house structure is very traditional, there are no modern high-rise buildings built here for decades, life is very comfortable, are very comfortable working attitude, the income level here is also very high."
    Highlights: This is an old town alley not far from the train station. There are a wide variety of restaurants, jewelry stores, gift shops, bookstores, and cafes in the alley. If you want to experience the old town style of Zurich, you can visit here.
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    39 Reviews
    120m from downtown
    "Parades Square is an old building in the city square, the square is a very early artificial paved stone road, there are many bistros and cafes nearby, in summer can enjoy the scenery at the open-air bar, suitable for walking slowly."
    Highlights: Paladplatz is located in the heart of Bahnhofstrasse, the financial center of Zurich. There are several Swiss banks in the surrounding area, and the global headquarters of UBS and Credit Suisse are located here. The headquarters of the Swiss famous Sprngli chocolate company is also located in the area of Pallard Square, where the company's larger chocolate branch is located. Ninety percent of the chocolates in the store are handmade, with a variety of varieties and more than 50 flavors.
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