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Top 8 Nature Attractions in Nanning - 2023

Discover the scenic wonders of Nanning's nature attractions. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking wilderness and experience the serene and picturesque landscapes that will leave you in awe.
Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1
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    "I didn't expect the park to be so big. It took longer than expected to get around but it was very enjoyable. Lots of squirrels to be seen and an awesome view of the city."
    7.8km from downtown
    Highlights: Qingxiu Mountain is one of the famous scenic spots in Nanning and is located on the banks of the Yongjiang River. Qingxiu Mountain has more than a dozen foothills such as Qingshan and Fenghuangling. Here, you can visit the Longxiang Pagoda, look out over the landscapes. Or you can stroll through the park and admire different kinds of flowers. In springtime, this is a great place to enjoy flowers blooming, especially peach blossoms on Peach Blossom Island.
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    "I thought the fare of 128 yuan (including the car transportation fee in the scenic area) was not worth it, but I was tired for four hours and went down the mountain to know the value! The scenic spot (a national nature reserve) will park at several viewing points such as salmon jumping dragon gates, Yunlong Buddha light, glide base, Grand Canyon and so on when you drive up the mountain, and the driver also told us not to hurry and take it slow. 🤗 I noticed that it took an hour to reach the top of the mountain platform (see figure 3), and it took 40 minutes to go directly down the mountain. People with good fitness in the top platform area estimate that they can turn for three or four hours in each path, and the road signs are quite clear. The mountain is really cool, with plenty of negative oxygen ions, it is a good place for summer vacation in Guangxi. (There is a research institute on the top of the mountain and accommodation can be arranged.)"
    78.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Daming Mountain is located in the north of Wuming District, Nanning. The main peak is 1,761 meters and it features many natural landscapes such as canyons, old-growth forests, ancient trees, waterfalls, and expansive grasslands. The scenery is truly remarkable. In the spring, you can see large wild azaleas and escape from the summer heat in the coolness of the waterfalls and forest. In autum, you can see the "sea of clouds" and witness the rare southern fog in the winter.
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  • No.3
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    "We passed by the self-driving highway from Nanning City. We had lunch one or two kilometers away from the park and then went in. There were relatively few monkeys in the afternoon. After all, we were full in the morning. The environment was good. It was very suitable for children to play. Feeding the monkeys, watching them play is very interesting, It's fun to see a lot of monkeys swimming in bamboo rafts,"
    69.8km from downtown
    Highlights: The Longhushan Nature Reserve is located northwest of Nanning within Longan County. It is considered to be one of the "Four Monkey Mountains" that are found in China. Visitors are able to explore the well kept peaks of the Longhu Mountains and are even able to interact up close with the monkeys. From the moment visitors enter the monkey district they will see monkeys excited and coming to welcome them. The monkeys enjoy interacting with visitors and can often be seen hanging out on the roadside or at the bridge playing and reaching out to food offered by the visitors. While in the scenic area visitors are able to make actual contact with the monkeys which makes for a great experience of harmony between man and nature with many amazing photo opportunities.
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  • No.4
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    "Dalongdong Reservoir (also known as Dalong Lake Scenic Area), located in Shanglin County, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Dalongdong Reservoir is the only natural reservoir in China that does not need dams and relies on Leishi to store groundwater, and is one of the top ten karst reservoirs. 1958-1960 built in year. The rain collection area is 245 square kilometers, and the reservoir area is 8.05 square kilometers. The total reservoir capacity is1.51 billion cubic meters, and the effective reservoir capacity is1.09 billion cubic meters. The maximum discharge is 808 cubic meters per second. The lake surface of the reservoir is irregularly curved, 13 kilometers long, the widest is more than 1 km, and the narrowest is 100 meters. There are 7 spring eyes in the lake, the largest one is close to Shangling Village. According to villagers, every time the water period, the spring water rushes out of the water to more than one meter high. Surrounded by the lake, the strange peaks are clustered and different in shape, like lions, like carp, like elephants. The stone mountains reflect the water, the landscape is integrated, beautiful."
    88.3km from downtown
    Highlights: The Scenic Area of Dalong Lake is situated in Xiyan Town, Shanglin County. It comprises of the Dalong lake and the Dalong Cave. Dalong lake is enclosed by mountains and has a pleasing karst topography. You can take a boat ride on the lake to enjoy the alluring beauty of the picturesque view of the mountains. You can also visit the Dalong cave on the shore of the lake. The Dalong Lake is a man-made alpine flat lake which is formed by using the artificially intercepting groundwater. You can find various natural islands on the lake. A boat trip can be taken to the lake to have good time taking in a view of the natural scenery of the Bailongfeitian and Sleeping Beauty Mountain. The rolling stone mountain here looks like it is in a landscape painting such as the landscape of Guilin.
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    "The scenic spot is still possible, the door is changed, the cave is quite big, walk down for almost an hour, very satisfied with a journey! Not bad, I will go again next time I have a chance, Nanning is also delicious!"
    24.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Yiling Cave is located in the north of Nanning and in the south of Wuming City. It is a famous karst cave around Nanning. The shape of the whole cave is like a conch. It is divided into three layers. The winding roads are twisted and twisted, and the stacked columns and stalagmites are full of confusing feelings. After swimming through the caves, you can also watch Zhuang song and dance performances and participate in experiential projects such as dancing and dancing.
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  • No.6
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    "Gengwang Lake, the source is from Buquan River, is a seasonal natural lake, located at the junction of Buquan, Nanxun, Pingshan Sanxiang Town, located near the old Wangtun of Silian Village in Nanxun Town and Bangning Xinwangtun in Nanxun Town. Gengwang Lake has different scenery throughout the year, so it has the title of "Changfa Lake". The scenery is beautiful, beautiful scenery, is a typical karst terrain, ecological environment is excellent."
    81.1km from downtown
    Highlights: Gengwang Lake is the Shangri-La of Guangxi, with beautiful scenery and buckwheat flowers.
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    "Jiulong Waterfall, as the name implies, has made up nine waterfall landscapes, named after China's totem dragon system. Let me talk about the traffic here first. It is suitable for self-driving tours. You can't go without a car. Because you have to take the national road, township road, county road, and Panshan Highway around. The road is narrow but flat, and you can barely get a car, so it is best to take a leisurely ride there for newbies with poor car skills. This is a scenic spot in the mountains, and the mobile phone signal is not good. Navigation sometimes has no signal. I have been to Detian, Huangguoshu, the size of seven holes, Maling River. So here is not so much a waterfall as a stream. Although it is not so spectacular, you can play in the water up close, suitable for children to play in the water. And this attraction has few people, and there will be no crowding. It is still possible to go to the mountains in your leisure time to breathe the air and blow the air. Many of the ponds inside are a bit turbid, but the water quality of two attractions is still great and crystal clear. Another thing to say, I don't know how the fare of this attraction is usually. I went on the 11th holiday. The adult ticket cost 54 yuan, the scenic battery car 15 yuan, and the parking lot parking 15 yuan is a bit expensive. I hope it is just a holiday price increase, usually not this price, so that it can be worthy of people who drive long distances to play."
    90.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Jiulong Waterfall Forest Park is located at the southern foot of Longshan Mountain, Hengxian Town, Nanning. . The scenic spot may not be as spectacular as the Huangguoshu Waterfall, but it has a more delicate beauty. The waterfall bends down the rocks, like countless little dragons falling vertically, this is the scenic spot "Dragon Welcoming Guests", in addition to the spectacular "Double Dragons Playing Pearls", the romantic purple "Purple Dragons Meeting", etc. attractions. The main scenic spots in the park can be reached on foot, and some scenic spots can be reached by sightseeing bus in the scenic spot. Wonderful legend: The names of the scenic spots in the Nine Dragons Waterfall Forest Park are mostly related to dragons, because there is a wonderful legend here: According to legend, in ancient times, dragons were in chaos, and the Jade Emperor sent the Phoenix Fairy down to the earth to subdue the Nine Dragons, and the Phoenix Fairy made a handsome Zhuang people. The man sincerely asked for a hundred birds, and made a hundred bird clothes with a piece of bird feather on each bird, and then flew up to the sky and subdued the dragons at the foot of Zhenlong Mountain. From then on, people called this place Jiulong.
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    "It is a river that runs through Nanning City. As the saying goes, how long the Lijiang River is, how big Nanning is. That is to say, the city of Nanning is built along the Lijiang River. And it is really good to use the scenery on both sides of the Straits. Many riverside parks have also been built."
    17.4km from downtown
    Highlights: The Yong River originates from a tributary of the Pearl River. It traverses the entire Nanning City from west to east, dividing it into two parts: north and south. The Yongjiang River winds through the city of Nanning. Visitors can stroll in the green space by the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. At night, they can enjoy the night view of the city and feel the prosperity of Nanning. The Yongjiang River has a total length of 133.8 kilometers. It has abundant water and is the main source of water supply for Nanning. Therefore, it is also called the "Mother River" of Nanning. There are many riverside green spaces such as Minsheng Square, Yongjiang First Bridge Riverside Leisure Park, and Liyuan Waterfront Park on both sides of the river section where the Yongjiang River flows through the urban area. The famous Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot is also located on the banks of the Yongjiang River.
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What are some Nature Attractions in Nanning?
Some Nature Attractions in Nanning include:Qingxiu Mountain|Daming Mountain|Longhushan Nature Reserve|Dalong Lake Scenic Area|Yiling Cave
What are some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Nanning?
Some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Nanning include:Qingxiu Mountain:4.7|Daming Mountain:4.5|Longhushan Nature Reserve:4.4|Dalong Lake Scenic Area:4.1|Yiling Cave:4.4
At what locations in Nanning can Nature Attractions in Nanning be found?
The Nature Attractions in Nanning are mainly located in:Qingxiu Mountain:Nanning|Daming Mountain:Nanning|Longhushan Nature Reserve:Longan|Dalong Lake Scenic Area:Shanglin|Yiling Cave:Nanning