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Family-friendly Attractions
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Top 3 Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang - 2023

Discover a wide range of family-friendly activities, kid-friendly attractions, and fun for all ages in Zhanjiang. Immerse yourselves in family-oriented sights and enjoy child-friendly entertainment. Experience unforgettable moments together.
Updated Sep 2023
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    "The environment of the ship is very good. I took a closer look. The first floor is a fully enclosed space, and the view by the window is better. The second floor is in the same space as the first floor. The height is a seat by the window. You can walk to the narrow boat outside the cabin to see the sea. The third floor has a large and semi-open space, with enough tables and chairs, 2 separate private rooms and bathrooms, and two super suitable check-in points for taking pictures."
    4.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Zhanjiang Black-headed Gull Cruise is located at Techeng Yudao Pier in Xiashan District. It is a luxury cruise ship built by Zhanjiang Shipping Group that integrates sightseeing, catering and entertainment. You can watch the cargo wharf, the military harbor, the South Oil Base at close range, and enjoy the scenery on both banks of Zhanjiang Port.
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    "If you want to play Dinglong Bay for two days and one night, brush the circle of friends, then this nanny level guide must be suitable for you Dinglong Bay Ahai Dou because of the find, very cost-effective, good attitude. Remember to collect it first book a package one day in advance, including invincible sea view room and two water park tickets. On the first day, you can check in the apartment first. You can see the invincible sea view in the room. Downstairs is the first stop of the villa area. The kart kingdom helmet must be taken before the game. Remember that safety is the first time you have to brake when you enter the bend. You have to give oil to the second station. The flying tribe is indispensable for the flying tribe. The sea glider can fly up and you can see the entire Dinglong Bay Water World. The third station is the corner of the sea. The sky mirror has increased the sea. You are not Aite. He comes together. The net red punch card is punched in the fourth stop of Dinglong Bay Water Event. On weekends, you can meet three or five friends to the surfing pool. Surfing is next to the children's swimming pool. Bring the children to play together. The annual electric syllables are sure you can't come to the sky."
    57.6km from downtown
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    "Today I went to my hot spring in Damodu. Alas, I feel that Zhanjiang's Yuanwan Hot Spring is more suitable. It is not that the environment is not good. The environment is actually the same. It is just that the fare is twice as expensive as the boyfriend's Bay. My mother, 198 people, but there is no way, one is a first-tier city, One is a city on the third and fourth lines, and the pricing must be different. There is a little bit of my hot spring in Shanghai to surpass Blue Moon Bay. No one smokes, very good."
    8.6km from downtown
    Highlights: The beach volcanic hot spring is located in the seaside hotel in the eastern part of Zhanjiang City. It is a rare geothermal hot spring in the volcanic rock formation in the middle of the city. It originates from the depths of the underground. The seaside volcanic hot springs are based on the tropical seaside garden scenery. The ancient cypresses, palms, waterfalls, etc. are built into a seaside hot spring recreation area filled with tropical coconut winds, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying the hot springs.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang?
Some Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang include:Zhanjiang Black-headed Gull Cruise|Wuchuan Loong Bay|Blue Moon Bay Hot Springs
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang include:Zhanjiang Black-headed Gull Cruise:4.5|Wuchuan Loong Bay:4.6|Blue Moon Bay Hot Springs:4.4
At what locations in Zhanjiang can Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang be found?
The Family-friendly Attractions in Zhanjiang are mainly located in:Zhanjiang Black-headed Gull Cruise:Zhanjiang|Wuchuan Loong Bay:Wuchuan|Blue Moon Bay Hot Springs:Zhanjiang