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Top 5 Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang - 2023

Discover the scenic wonders of Zhanjiang's nature attractions. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking wilderness and experience the serene and picturesque landscapes that will leave you in awe.
Updated Dec 2023
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    "Huguang Rock is a crater for thousands of years. It has a geological landscape and is very researched by archaeologists. It has air like an air freshener and oxygen content is very high. It is a choice for being close to nature."
    Zhanjiang.Huguangyan Park
    16.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Huguangyanfeng is located about 19 kilometers southwest of Zhanjiang City. It is an extremely rare maar lake and one of the three volcanic lakes in China. Huguangyan is surrounded by volcanoes, the lake is very clear, and the lake is surrounded by steep cliffs, where the stratification of volcanic rocks is clearly visible. There are many old-growth trees in the scenic area, the vegetation is dense, and the air is very fresh. If you like history, you can also visit the ancient temples and rock carvings here.
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    "If you want to play Dinglong Bay for two days and one night, brush the circle of friends, then this nanny level guide must be suitable for you Dinglong Bay Ahai Dou because of the find, very cost-effective, good attitude. Remember to collect it first book a package one day in advance, including invincible sea view room and two water park tickets. On the first day, you can check in the apartment first. You can see the invincible sea view in the room. Downstairs is the first stop of the villa area. The kart kingdom helmet must be taken before the game. Remember that safety is the first time you have to brake when you enter the bend. You have to give oil to the second station. The flying tribe is indispensable for the flying tribe. The sea glider can fly up and you can see the entire Dinglong Bay Water World. The third station is the corner of the sea. The sky mirror has increased the sea. You are not Aite. He comes together. The net red punch card is punched in the fourth stop of Dinglong Bay Water Event. On weekends, you can meet three or five friends to the surfing pool. Surfing is next to the children's swimming pool. Bring the children to play together. The annual electric syllables are sure you can't come to the sky."
    57.6km from downtown
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    "Very beautiful, connected to the seaside park, the scenery is good! On a sunny day, it is really blue sea and blue sky, watching the sea and sky, there are state-protected mangroves and many rare birds. The green lawn, the dense coconut forest, is beautiful and very pleasant!"
    Zhanjiang.Dingsheng Square
    9.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Xiashan’s Sea Viewing Promenade is about 1.7 kilometers long and is divided into three regions, including south, center and north. The south section is relatively narrow and long, opening up from Zijing Square with thousands of flowers and trees. The central area is wide and open, with garden roads and large stretches of rolling green grassland, perfect for a stroll in the sun. The north area is dominated by Conch Square, which features a multitude of swaying palm trees and 28 kinds of flowers. The giant passenger ship “City on the Sea” parked on the seaside promenade of Xiashan is also a popular attraction. Standing on top of the boat, visitors are treated to a view of the entire city on the coast.
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    "Take the Clippers to the Techeng Island in about 20 minutes. The island has a beautiful environment. There is a resort here. You can stay for one night. There are mangroves nearby to swim. The people are very friendly."
    Zhanjiang.Zhanjiang Railway Station
    10.9km from downtown
    Highlights: Techeng Island is also called "Red Island" for the red soil on the island and red rocks after volcanic eruptions. The air here is fresh and the climate is very pleasant. There is a large protected old-growth mangrove forest, beautiful sandy beaches, the Xiantai Temple, and the World War II sites to visit.
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    "China's first Long Beach, the world's second Long Beach, the length is second only to Australia's Gold Coast. Pure natural scenery, not fully developed, so there are not many people. The wind is big, the waves are big, and the vastness of the sea can be felt. When catching up with sunny days, the blue sea and blue sky, with beautiful clouds, is not too beautiful. But because it is not well developed, there are almost no supporting living and entertainment facilities."
    Zhanjiang.Donghai Island
    34.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Donghai Island is a large island with beautiful scenery and an abundance of fruit. “Donghai Melon” is a local specialty, sweet and crisp. There is a unique form of folk art in the local area: the “Donghai Human-Dragon Dance” is a long dragon that people form with their bodies, and it is worth a watch. The beaches of Donghai Island are very beautiful. On weekends or holidays, there are many tourists on the beach. If you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon, you can choose to come on a weekday.
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What are some Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang?
Some Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang include:Huguangyan|Wuchuan Loong Bay|Sea Viewing Promenade|Techeng Island|Donghai Island
What are some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang?
Some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang include:Huguangyan:4.4|Wuchuan Loong Bay:4.7|Sea Viewing Promenade:4.5|Techeng Island:4.2|Donghai Island:4.4
At what locations in Zhanjiang can Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang be found?
The Nature Attractions in Zhanjiang are mainly located in:Huguangyan:Zhanjiang|Wuchuan Loong Bay:Wuchuan|Sea Viewing Promenade:Zhanjiang|Techeng Island:Zhanjiang|Donghai Island:Zhanjiang