Raffles Marina Lighthouse
I definitely made the right decision to visit raffles marina last week as you can see the sunset was really so clear and beautiful 🥰. I went there with my family to have a picnic and to watch the sunset. Come and visit raffles marina lighthouse with your family, friends and your love ones. The place does get packed sometimes, do come early to get a good sopt. There is so much yet to be discovered in Singapore, it gets me excited when I discover new things in my own country. 🌅🌄 *Singapore is a country to be explored* #moreinsg #singapore 🇸🇬 #rafflesmarinalighthouse #sunset #picnic #explore #food #discovesingapore
Wujin Xintiandi Park (East Gate)
⛳️ I visited Xintiandi Park during dragon boat 🐉 🛶 festival. Many people go there in the morning or in the evening for a walk to enjoy the greenery and breathe fresh air. Whether to enjoy the sunshine ☀️ or watch the sunset 🌅 , families having picnics 🧺 ; fishing 🎣 ; jogging 🏃‍♀️, strollers 🚶🏾‍♀️. The park offers canoeing activities 🛶 where you can explore deeper into the park on water rather than walking around . ⛳️ Walking through Xintiandi Park ,I saw skies 🌌 of blue and clouds ⛅️ of white . The eye-catching butterflies 🦋 and bees🐝 were dancing here and there collecting their food from the cluster of flowers 💐. There are trees for shading , benches to relax and enjoy the scenery . ✨ If you are visiting during the summer carry water to stay hydrated , a hat 👒 or an umbrella ☂ . I will recommend visiting at evening time when it’s cool and chill 😊. #park #enjoythelife #nature #explore #relax
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Romon U-Park
📌Romon Universal Park is an amusement park which consist of a high indoor park and an outdoor park 🎡🎢🎠⛲️🎭🗼located in the south of Ningbo, China 🇨🇳. 📌There are six differently themed zones in the park; Romantic Avenue, Fantasy Dream, Mystery Land, Adventure Challenge, Festival Plaza and The Island of Legends 🏰🎭🗼🎡🎢🎠. 📌 If you’re visiting or residing in Ningbo you can get to the park by car 🚘, bus 🚌, subway 🚇, taxi 🚕 or didi 🚙 . There are self service ticket machine 🎫 to purchase the tickets before entering .The price of the tickets various based on activities. 📌I’ll suggest not going there on public holidays because it’s crowded with families bringing their kids to have a good time . Therefore, the queue for the rides be long 😅😅. Overall it was a great experience 🤩, enjoying the rides , having fine and exploring the park 🎠🎢🎡🗼. #themepark #universal #explore #ningbo #summertrip
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Jewel Changi Airport
🚨The Singapore Changi Airport 🛬isn't your typical airport. Yes, you'll see fast food chains 🍟🍗🍔🥤🧃, long lines for coffee ☕️ , and some less than aesthetically pleasing carpet in *certain* terminals but at the same time, you'll feel transported to another “country” while being in a country😆. 🚨The airport 🛬has four main terminals... and then there's the ‘Jewel ‘💎💦 😍which is the showstopper! There's so much to see and do on the airport, I swear it felt more like an amusement park 🎡🎠. #jewel #changi #airport #morelikeanamusementpark #singapore #explore #detraveler #summer19 #fun #ctrip #moments
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Karuola Glacier
On our drive through Tibet we stopped to see Karola Glacier. This glacier has a peak elevation of 5560 meters and had so much snow in early October. It is located in Shigatse in the Tibet Autonomous Region and is located close to Mount Naiqing Kangsang, which is one of the four tallest mountains in Tibet. We passed here after spending our morning viewing the stunning Yamdrok Lake and then continued on our way towards the highlight of our trip…Everest Base Camp! Admission price: 5 RMB (≈$0.80) #travellater #travel #tibet #explore #summervacation #summertrip #nationalpark #urbanexplorer #bucketlist
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Shanghai Natural History Museum
I visited the Natural History Museum in Shanghai and it did not disappoint! My friends and I spent a day at the museum and loved taking the day to learn about all sorts of cool animal facts and history of the world. The displays here are very well done. I especially enjoyed the safari room which included a show that made the entire exhibit transition from day to night. They also had an arctic themed section which was quite fascinating. I highly recommend a visit here if you live in or are visiting Shanghai! :) #createwithtrip #travel #museum #staycation #summervacation #china #shanghai #explore #butterflies #naturalhistory
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Yulong Bridge
While traveling through Yangshuo, we stopped to admire the beautiful Yulong Bridge. This was a very pretty sight to see and allows us to see a spectacular view of the Yulong river and mountains in the surrounding area. There were quite a few people rafting underneath the bridge that we waved to as they passed by and the water looked stunning from the reflection of the sun on a clear day. The bridge is 36 meters in length and it’s name translates to Dragon! #createwithtrip #yangshuo #china #travel #travelchina #summervacation #river #raft #bridge #explore #exploretogether #staycation #urbanexplorer
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Petrosains in Klcc, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have a great ootd spots for youngsters beside of their science exhibition there. Not only for photo spots, but they have many activities you can try such as real f1 racing car game, slides, and more. For students, bring your student card for discount!! #photospot #explore
Harbin Ice and Snow World
I visited The Harbin Snow and Ice World in early January and it was a dream!! This ice and snow festival is world famous and has been on my bucket list for years. Each year, new sculptures are made to fit the theme. This years theme was influenced by the Olympics being hosted in Beijing in February 2022. The sculptures here were so meticulously detailed and truly felt like we were transported to a fairytale land. I loved walking through the ice castle and my favorite part of the night was sledding down the giant ice luge that ran the entire span of the park. Pro Tip: Pack some serious layers, heat tech, and heat packs. The temperatures here are in the negatives and will freeze your eyelashes haha! #travellater #wintergetaway #travel #china #harbin #snow #explore #skiadventure #staycation #themepark
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Cycling is one of a great form of exercise and you can also be able to explore more of Singapore on a bike, including some locations that are off the beaten track. #singapore #singaporetravel #singaporeexplore #cycling #vacation #holidayvacation #explore
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