Getting There - by taxi from the Yangshuo it takes around 20 RMB or you can rent a bike in Yangshou Attractions - Yulonghe, you can walk there or take a boat. it takes around 3-4 hours to see whole Yulonghe☀️#themepark #staycation #skiadventure #summervacation #china #chinatravel #chinatravel #guilin #yangshuo #yulonghe
Hire a boat with a driver and sail down the river. Very beautiful karst mountains #guilin#yangshuo#guangxi
Yangshuo Town
In mid March, my friend Katie and I checked off a bucket list item! Our very first Hot Air Balloon ride! This experience was beyond incredible and I can’t recommend it enough! We woke up at 5am to travel to the balloon and met up with our team just as the sun was rising. Our pilot Kevin was superb and made us feel so safe and welcomed. He shared so much information about the balloon and area we were flying over which was fun to learn about. I even got a chance to pull the fire lever up in the air! We flew over the majestic gumdrop mountains of Yangshuo. The view was amazing! After we landed, we toasted with a glass of champagne and received our honorary pilot’s license for completing our first ride. Again, 10/10 recommend! This was such a fun experience! We booked the flight through our Tour Guide that we arranged our Guilin trip with. The name of the Company is “Sky Walking General Aviation Company Ltd. Guilin”. Ask for Kevin! We just loved him! #travellater #staycation #summervacation #campingglamping #urbanexplorer #wintergetaway #travel #travelinspiration #china #guilin
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Hiking in Yangshuo was an exciting and rewarding experience. Going to the top offered me one of the most amazing vistas I have ever seen. As I love mountains, I can say that this place is Probably in my top 5 most beautiful mountains on Earth. Apart of hiking, it is possible to take a bamboo boat to enjoy the views from the Li River. #travellater #yangshuo #guilin
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As a solo traveler it’s often difficult to get pictures of myself when I’m on a trip. Zhenmei Resort Hotel in Yangshuo nipped that problem right in the bud ✂️🌷 Located right in the heart of Yangshuo, it’s literally seconds away from all the action. Rooms are cozy, super affordable starting at around 100rmb/night, and they have the most amazing views of the karsts! 🏞 Perhaps the best thing about this hotel is its roof! Designated as an “influencer” spot, it is set up with various props and items to be used for a photo shoot. Plus they have multiple tripods - perfect for solo travelers! The backdrop of the karsts ensure that your photos will turn out *chef’s kiss* 🤌🏾#chinatravel #queenb_travels #travellater #yangshuo #instagramworthydestinations #scenicspotguide #guilin #solotravel
Li River
I traveled 🧳 from Guangzhou to Yangshuo by train 🚆. It took around 3.5 hours. And the train station is around 30-40 minutes far from the city center. I will tell you more about Yangshuo in a specific post. In this post I will talk about the photoshoot. 📸 💰 I payed around 1800 RMB and got 70 photos. ⏱ I went to the office around 3pm to choose a dress, hairstyles and do make up (all included in the price). 🚘 After I was ready around 5pm the photographer took me to this place, everything was ready. 👩🏻 Because I couldn’t speak Chinese, the company sent a girl to help me to communicate with other. ⏱ We finished around 8pm. #guilin #yangshuo #traveller #photography #chinalife #awesomepic
Guilin in south China, the place is called Xijie in Yangshuo district. it's one of the best tourist destination in Guilin. there you can find local and western restaurants, prices are quite cheap, local food starts from 15 RMB. if you are planning to travel in Guilin, I suggest you to book hotel in this old area -阳朔西街, it's close to any place and it's too beautiful❤️#themepark #guilintravel #guilin #yangshuotravel #yangshuo #chinatravel #china #chinalife #summervacation
Sun and Moon Pagodas
The Sun and Moon pagoda and Moon hill can be visited in one day. The twin pagodas were not originally built in this place but in 2001 they were reconstructed in Guilin. This pagodas must be seen during the day and night. it is totally worthy to visit this place as the sun pagoda is the tallest bronce pagoda in the world!. The moon hill is a rare gift from nature, you can literally see a whole just passing below the summit of the mountain (hence the name). This hiking can be done slowly in less than 2 hours. #travellater #sunandmoonpagoda #guilin #china #moonhill
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Guilin is one of the top tourist destination in China. one of the places to see is the Elephant trunk hill which is one the the major tourist attraction by local an international visitors. This place is located at the confluence of the Taobia river and Lijiang River. You can meet local fishermen who use birds to assist them to catch fish. Definitely a must to visit. #travellater #china #guilin #elephanttrunkhill
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Longji Rice Terrace
Guilin has magical places but my favourite was Longsheng Rice Terraces, also known as Longji Rice Terraces. This place offers amazing landscapes which can be visited all year long as it changes completely according to the season. if you want to see the rice fields in golden shades as my pictures then it is recommended to go during autumn. Getting there requires a driver as it is located at 77 km from the city. #travellater #guilin #china
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