Dongpu Suspension Bridge
Taiwan is filled with many hot springs. But this one in particular is at Dongbu hot spring located in Nantou County and its one of the entrances to the famous Yushan National Park with beautiful mountains and rivers. This hot spring is popular due to the 12 hot spring hotels located around Dongpu where you can enjoy the hot spring and mountainous scenery together while you unwind yourself and relax. While heading up to Dongbu, you will head thru many bridges where one of the few popular brisges the tour buses will stop are the sun and moon bridge towards the hot spring Village of Dongpu. You won't miss this as it is 2 separated brisges connecting a small little plot of land where you can also see the highway originally build on the side of the mountain. But it has seen been closed due to the many landslides making it too dangerous for traffic. Also you will passby the Dongbu suspension bridge which has an impressive arch and this gives tourists a great photo opportunity. There are too many bridges in Taiwan, especially heading into the country side, but there are a few bridges that makes it a worthy photo opportunity for tourists. #createwithtrip #taiwan #mountains #adventure #nationalpark #naturalwonders #dongpu #mountains #scenic #views #manmadewonders
Sprague Lake
Rocky National Park has alot of scenic and beautiful lake with simple hikes. One of the breathtaking ones is the Sprague Lake in Colorado Rocky National Park. This place is located on the south side of Glacier Creek, about two miles south of the Hollowell turnoff. The half-mile walk around the lake is wheelchair accessible and features boardwalks and bridges with views of Flattop Mountain, hallet peak, otis peak, taylor peak and thatchtop mountain. If you are lucky, and a cloud passes by the peaks, you can snap a photo like how the photos are. The hikes here are relatively simple(30 min walk) which not much of a gradient although its surface elevation is already about 2,000m. This is simply because Colorado is a place high up in the mountains. Sprague Lake is also a very popular destination if you love fishing, there are brook, brown and rainbow trout here for fishing avids. Just tao take note, Sprague lake is open all year round and you DO NEED a pass to enter since this is under the rocky mountain national park. The drive from denver is about 2hours, but it is definitely worth the drive as there are also many other hikes and views to take on this drive. #hikes #hike #mountains #mountain #nature #naturalwonders #holiday #rockymountain #rockymountainpark #nationalpark #awesomepic #lakes #gorgeous #scenic #panoramicviews #adventure #memories #photos #instatravel #instapic
Arches National Park
One of the most popular most visited attraction in the arches national park is the delicate arch. Although there are 2000 stone arches in this park, but this particular arch has become a widely recognized symbol of the state of utah and one of the most famous geologic features in the world. Many tourists will flock here during the sunset to see the colour changing rocks due to the reflection of the sun. To reach to the delicate arch is it a 4.8km round trip hike with moderately difficulty simple beacause there will be a steep incline about 800m one way up and after the hike is generally easy and rewarding. This hike is not shaded at all and can get really hot. Do some rock scrambling and get the perfect spot for the sunset. Don't be surprise, the photos attached shows many tourists during sundown. After sundown the national park gets really really dark really fast, do remember to bring your torchlight to guide you back down the arches and down to the carpark. This hike is definitely a MUST to go to when you are in Utah Moab. #moab #utah #america #colorado #nationalpark #naturalhikes #hike #hikes #mountains #naturalwonders #awesomepic #holiday #gorgeous #sunset #pictures #memories #beautiful #breathtaking
Rocky Mountain National Park
Quandary Peak is the highest summit of the Tenmile Range in the Rocky Mountains of North America and is the most commonly climbed fourteener in Colorado. It has nearly the same elevation as Castle Peak and Mount Evans. This hike can be quite treacherous as it took me a total of 6-7 hours return. You will climb approx 3,450 feet with a total distance of approx 11km. This also includes the very thin air which causes you to go abit light headed at times. But with slow and consistent speed you will be able to make it up there. Make sure you bring food and water with you as this hike is really long and tiring. You would also want to take a good break at the top of the mountain to absorb the amazing views that you work so hard for. This is a very well trekked hike, so you do not need to worry, many people come here to hike even on weekdays. This is a relatively easy hike with an increase of elevation at the top of the mountain, this isn't wheel chair friendly as you will need to climb rocks on the way up. In 2020, quandary peak is popular as one of the 14ers, you will need to ensure that you get parking slots before you go as there are new parking policies in play. #hiking #mountains #14ers #breathtaking #hikers #hikes #dayhike #view #scenic #colorado #peak #quandarypeak #denver #instaworthy #instapic #instatravel #awesome #awesomepic #nature #nationalpark
Mount Evans Scenic Byway
Denver Colorado is located at already above 10,000feet above sea level. Air can be really thin up here, so be slow and steady on the things you want to do. The view everywhere is magnificent and breathtaking, and of course really chilly as well. Mount Evans is one of the popular mountains to catch the beautiful sunset of colorado. Mount Evans is always happens to be one of the highest paved road in North America and the view with alpine lakes, massive granite walls and strands of twisted, ancient bristlecone pine takes your breath totally. If you are lucky you will also be able to spot mountain goats and bighorn sheep in the mountains. Driving on Mt evans, has to be extra cautious as the road do not have any barricade and it will be a long drop down below if not careful. Most of the scenic points here are wheel chair friendly but there are a few trials for the adventurous. Make sure you plan your trip and ensure that you have enough fuel and clothes as it gets really cold and also it can be a long drive up to the summit. #breathtaking #views #mountains #trail #hikes #adventure #winter #hiking #colorado #denver #gorgeous #amazing #vacation #awesomepic #instaworthy #instapic #instatravel #holiday #magnificent
Manuel Antonio
El Avión (The Plane) Bar and Restaurant is located in Manuel Antonio, Quepos. Just a miles from Quepos downtown and 5 minutes away from Manuel Antonio beach and national park. This historic restaurant is nationally recognized, one of the most famous restaurants in Costa Rica. Food is good. Although burgers 🍔 were not mind-blowing, the scenic view was perfect. A cold beer during a hot afternoon was needed. During our dinner, we saw 3 monkeys 🙊 going around the roof and jumping in from of us to the near trees. Such an amazing experience! #staycation #themepark #beachlife #costarica #nationalpark #plane #restaurant #foodie #food #awesomepic #scenicspotguide #beach #mountains #monkey #forest #beer #summer #summervacation #summervacationtravel #summerdays #summervibes #summertrip #naturalwonders
Cradle Mountain
A Trip is not complete is Tasmania if you do not drop by Cradle Mountain. Cradle Mountain is popular due to its synonymous with nature, wilderness and all things pristine. It is like a place out of a picture, with abundance in this spectacular national park giving opportunities to encounter many wild life, which we encounter an Echidna. Such adorable but shy little creature. It is also filled with many lookouts and hikes from amateur to professionals. Dove Lake Circuit is one of Tasmania's premier nature walk and was a relatively easy hike and took us about 2hours to complete, minus the photo taking and such. The total circuit is a 6km loop which a few lookouts. The walk is easy because there is a man-made broad walk for most of its way and is suitable for elderly and kids. From the parking lot, you can already see the amazing view of backdrops of mountains but of course parking may be limited, do also check the weather, on the day we went, it started snowing and we all got a bit wet and was chilly as well. It was definitely an amazing hike with such spectacular, breathtaking view at every corner. This is definitely a recommended attraction to go. #adventure #explorer #awesomepic #lakes #wintergetaway #nationalpark #nature #mountains #cradlemountain #tasmania #tassie #lakeview #hikes #hiking #breathtaking #thisislife
North Table Mountain Park
North Table Mountain is a mesa on the eastern flank of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 6,555-foot (1,998 m) mesa summit is located in North Table Mountain Park. This park has no shade and tends to get really hot. But it gives you a very nice walk, and if you have a bike, most people bike up this mountain too! This mountain was formed by lava about 60 million years ago and now you are able to enjoy panoramic views and plus a view down at the town below. This is a perfect place for a hike near Denver if you have limited time on your hands and need some fresh air. The surroundings are really peaceful as not many tourists comes here, but this mountain park is huge that it has approx 20kms of trials all around it. Do plan your trip when visiting here, as there are places to visit in the west, south and east of the mesa. This park is open all year round but do take note that south side of the mesa has some preservation going on at times. Also, do not go off track because there might be rattles snakes around the area and other creatures around. A tip when coming to Denver, come during summer and not winter. Because winter here is often below zero and you will face heavy snow which most of the time be spent in your home. #hiking #hike #mountains #naturalwonders #mountain #hot #denver #colorado #america #views #panoramic #panoramicviews #awesomepic #summervacation #adventure
San Remigio Beach
The pilgrimage site has the same structural features as that in Portugal, such as the Stations of the Cross, the image of Portugal's Angel of Peace, a replica of the Valinhos site where Our Lady first appeared, a rosary garden and a gazebo. The capelinha was built in order to propagate the devotion to Our Lady of Fatima as well as to spread the authentic Message of Fatima. Aside from Cebu, the other three replicas of the chapel were built in the United States, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. The opening of the Marian chapel in San Remigio was also part of the celebration of the 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines. #church #christianshavn #mountainview #mountains #chapel
Located about an hour and a half from Beijing; you can drive or even get a taxi to take you there. Gas should cost about 300 excluding toll gates, taxi should cost around the same. Bookings can be made on trip and the manager is extremely helpful once you arrive. The resort has an eastern thai theme which was very aesthetically pleasing for me. There are many lounges and bars to relax in. There are little waterfalls and a stream can be found outside! There is also an outdoor restaurant. The food was good, I especially enjoyed the ribs. The hotel serves a simple English breakfast. The rooms were comfortable and I loved the bathroom! Activities in the area include horse riding and go-carting. The surrounding scenery and area around you truly makes it an amazing getaway. It was just what I needed to reset. #staycation #mountains #nature #getaway #beautifulhotel #beijing #huairou
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