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Det Kongelige Biblioteks HaveNearby City

Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have

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"The Royal Danish Museum and the University of Copenhagen Library merged in 1989 and were directly under the management of the Danish Ministry of Culture, becoming the "hardest backstage" library in Denmark. Copenhagen Black Diamond is a very creative place. Its name is derived from the smooth and bright black granite outer layer of the building itself. When the waves of the canal reflect on the surface of the rock, it looks like a diamond. As an extension of the Royal Library, the Black Diamond Library was completed in 1999. Here, you can see the manuscripts of the famous Danish master Søren Kierkegaard, which is collected in the Søren Kierkegaard Archives of the Royal Library. Even for the staff in the museum, only a small number of people have access to the magnificent collection of manuscripts by this master, let alone people outside the museum. A large dividing line divides the building into two parts, filling the atrium with light. The atrium connects the city with the sea outside, and also connects the old and new buildings of the library. Iron frame beams weighing 1 metric ton/meter support the glass wall. The 200-square-meter masterpiece of the famous painter PerKirkeby dots the ceiling of the Black Diamond Library. In addition to the usual main functions of the library, it also provides catering facilities and opened a small bookstore to provide services to readers and tourists who frequent the library. Here, you can also find the National Museum of Photography and a 600-seat Queen's Music and Drama Hall. In the lobby, you can enjoy the view of the canal and the boats and kayaks passing by. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 08:00-19:00"