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Aya Yorgi Church

Aya Yorgi Church

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"The best view on BUYUKADA island must be at the highest point YORGI CHURCH, but the round-the-island carriage does not arrive, so you have to walk and climb a steep slope, but, a little hard to see the scenery, often, more worth it. Indeed, the dreamy sea wonderland, only high above, can be spread out in front of the most arduous, behind a dead tree, the fifth largest island of SEDEF as a platypus floating on the sea, the island of ELIO SEDEF restaurant is quite beautiful, and the distance is Istanbul Asia, a densely lit coastline building. Unlike the church we were impressed with, YORGI is a small Greek church, small to a small bell tower and a room, the entrance, the priest sees a child, and deliberately takes a candle, after the lighting, insertion on both sides, take its usual brightness, no red tape, It's simple. The church is a large collection of objects, more like a small exhibition room, in the center of the cultural crossroads of East and West, Istanbul is more like a meat grinder of religious conflict, Western religions have not survived the hard times, a small Greek sect, can be carefully preserved, It is more difficult. The door opens, the church door of the wisteria blooming, Lao She had a poem cloud, "Four winds fragrant spring, in front of the courtyard ten-foot wisteria flowers," in April, purple with blue, as if a purple waterfall full of life, is always hidden in this place, Unexplained, dead wood spring earnest insist. Church side, there is a cafe, casual sit, are excellent fashion and scenery, occasionally a seagull, will come to the table for food, small drink slow drink, forget the time."