Amasya Merkez
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Things To Do in Amasya

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Historical Site
new2000thThere are countless sunrises and sunsets at the destination, and you can only have a glimpse; the countless people passing by at the destination, you can only look at each other once. Walking is a short-term contamination, so cherish it.
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Historical Site
Little_monster_2018This old castle is not too popular, so fewer people come here by car. You need to climb up the mountain. The road is a bit steep. It feels a little bit of field exploration. I climbed to the top of the old castle. The scenery is beautiful and you can overlook the whole city.
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Historical Architecture
乖小咪The clock tower in Fanhonghua City is a landmark of this historic city. Because the buildings here are not tall, the clock tower becomes the highest point here. At the top of the tower, there is a big bell, which will ring every time when it is punctual, and the melodious bell echoes over the small city, which is very artistic.
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
zixunshi99The ancient city of Hattusash is also a place that makes me think he is very mysterious. Under some ruined walls, there are sections of deep history buried, and we can also see the daily life of the people in the ancient city at that time.
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Historical Site
小鱼儿2015This is also an ancient building. Ankara is a very old city in Turkish history. After many years of rule and colonization, there have been many modern wars, until the independence and liberation movement. [Fun] Ankara is very fun [Value for money] Lots of free tours
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Hot Air Balloon
Geological Sites
Other Sightseeing Tours
莲子99Although the price is gratifying, it is basically the best hot air balloon product that can be enjoyed within the scope of business travel around the world. The scenery is excellent and the safety factor is high. It is a brand operator, which is very shocking.

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