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Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley of East Africa has almost crossed all countries in Eastern Africa, with the longest in Ethiopia. It forms Lake Abaia and Lake Zwai in the middle of the Ethiopian Plateau. It continues north to the Red Sea and then extends northwest from the Red Sea. In the Jordan Valley, the rift valley here has a bandwidth of about tens to 200 kilometers, and the valley bottom is mostly flat. There are steep cliffs on either side of the rift, and the height difference between the bottom of the valley and the top of the cliff ranges from a few hundred meters to 2,000 meters. In fact, the Great Rift Valley is not limited to the East African region. It is actually a huge fault zone across the Middle East and East Africa, so it is called the largest scar on the Earth. mentioning the Great Rift Valley in East Africa, the first feeling of many people may be "the deep canyon". In fact, the Great Rift Valley in East Africa is not an abyss we imagined. Its widest place is more than 200 kilometers, so even if we walk in the Great Rift Valley, we don't feel that we are walking in a rift or a canyon. At sunset we arrived at a national park on the edge of the Grand Canyon, saying it was a national park. It was actually just a rope to stop it. A small old house was used as a toll booth. We looked at the car with a puzzled look. When I entered, I saw wild ostriches and wild boars not far from the entrance. The huge birds flew overhead, and this moment suddenly returned to ancient times. In Ethiopia, no matter where the car is going, there will always be children running on the side of the road. When they see the car, they are excited, but when they really get to the front, they are too shy to speak.
Kenya Amboseli Wilderness Tent Hotel finally arrived in the dream of Kenya in September this year after planning for two years. This is a country that must travel with the group and ends in mid-September. When the peak season in August was not up to eleven, the price was cheaper than before and after. The group was in the golden Africa set by Trip. I lived here the first night. Later, the tour guide said that this is a family with the AA of Masai Mara, which was opened by Beijingers. [Environment] On the counter, there is a gift shop on one side. A long road leads to the back room. Flowers, trees, chairs, fire pits in the garden... Its a good look, the desert oasis looks like a wild and a pastoral. When you reach the end of the road, you can clearly see Mount Kilimanjaro, the side of the mountain is Tanzania. [Rooms] There are a lot of houses. There are two kinds of cabins and tents. The tent looks simpler than the wooden house, but it is the feeling. The people in our group lived in tents, and the tour guide said that people from Europe and the United States came to ask for tents. Indeed, there are many places in the wooden house, but the garden tents in the wild are rare. Traveling out to experience the special accommodation is a very important part of my travel. My dad and I got a 3 bed tent, the size is quite large, the bathroom, the bathroom and the washroom are in the middle, providing simple washing utensils, of course, no toothbrush and toothpaste. The door is zippered and there is a lock on the zipper ring. When the wind screams, the tent will have a slamming sound. When I go to bed in the afternoon, I want to be so cautious in the evening, like Liaozhai. Looking at the treetops in the evening in the evening, some are desolate. Actually, the wind stopped at night, and it was still shaved when I was asleep. It was so comfortable, but when it was not dawn, it was awakened by a group of birds. This is nature and it feels so good. [Eating and drinking] Kenya water quality is not good, similar to Nepal, so whether it is raw water, you must use bottled water, you have to bring your own kettle, if you want to drink hot water. Two bottles of drinking water are provided in the room. Food is really not like Beijing people, it is very unsuitable for Chinese people to eat, so it is necessary to bring some pickles and instant noodles. Hot and cold milk is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kenya. It is a good news for my milk lovers. The fruit is not bad, the watermelon is sweet, and the chicken is delicious. [Service] Black waiter's English is good, basic English can be passed. From the lobby to the room, you have to tip, Kenya is a tipping country, giving 1 or 100 shillings. Tips: 1, cold in the morning and evening, cold in the night, colder than Inner Mongolia, because it is a plateau, so dont wear it with little 2, anti-mosquito because it is Africa. Although mosquitoes are rare
Knight Rider
Ambosele Nation Park
The wildness at the end of the seesaw road, Kenya's must-have national park "Amboseli" killing and winning the natural selection, the cruelty of the food chain and the balance of nature, this is the case. From an early age, Zhao Zhongxiang explained "Animal World". When I really set foot on it, I felt very different and stronger. The first stop in Kenya is Amboseli Park in Amboseli National Park. It takes nearly four hours to drive from Nairobi, including a long seesaw road. No matter how good the shock absorption is. Villages near the park are rare, and they are poor, poor, and poor, as can be seen by children and pedestrians who pass by the road. But here every year, visitors from all over the world, especially in Europe, America and China, are gathered to chase animals on the grasslands. 392km2 Amboseli National Park has fewer carnivores. It is not easy to see lions. Due to the experience of our drivers, we only saw a few before the park closed. Park is at the junction of Kenya and Tanzania. Although the 5,895-meter Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is in Tanzania, the whole picture can be clearly seen in Kenya. The rare equatorial snow-capped mountains are seen. Snow, now due to the global warming of the greenhouse effect, it can be seen from the photos that there is very little snow. September's Amboseli is a dry grassland, yellow, rarely green, herbivores are not easy to see, only see a green wetland, hippos drink in the mouth, bath, birds in It plays on it. We saw hounds, badgers, gazelle, elephants, foxes, lions, zebras, juveniles, monkeys, wildebeests, hippos, and various birds... Carnivores started to work at night. Tips
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