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Art Museum
Jiangxisheng GalleryNearby City

Jiangxisheng Gallery

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"Art Museum"
Open from 9:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Jiangxi Art Museum, we welcome the sincerity, straightforward, simple, no additives art works exhibition, this is "the eye of innocence. Hand in Hand", children's art practice exhibition. "Through paintings, prints, oil paintings, colored lead, oil painting sticks, watercolors, Chinese paintings, etc., express the feelings of children, their thoughts, their perceptions of the world, the way they smear freely, express them freely, and express them freely, without any scruples, and these are the things that we as adults have to do." The most precious, liberated nature, can be like children like painting, I think, this is the highest state of the art. The environment Jiangxi Art Museum, located on the side of Bayi Avenue, facing the Bayi Square, belongs to the national art museum, was originally built in 1968, the interior has four floors; Features in the child's perspective, looking at the world, found such colors, brilliant, strange, and clean pure, exhibition not only painting works and crafts works, many creative space design, a graffiti wall for children to do the colors at will; There is a series of scenes of life, let me stop for a long time, a group of teeth falling big brother big brother playing chess, a group of pedestrians stop to see big moms playing mahjong, very real, real can hear big men throwing sound fall, onlookers each other's opinion of the nervous, very cute, Discover our original life, the scene is commonplace, so comfortable and light, this is the child's perspective; A set of environmental protection works, far-sighted is the feeling of beauty, near-sighted, let me shock, with garbage pile, 10-year-old children, let my senses in the far-and-near between the very different transformation, is a kind of behavioral art. In the age of technology, many boys are longing for the world, often hearing them chanting words, chanting, brain space may be in the sky and man, star wars, there are modern weapons, robots, heroes, and the wider universe. Cost: Free Opening Time: 9:00—17:00 (Closed on Monday) Address: 266 Bayi Avenue, Xihu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province (West side of Bayi Square) TIPS: Concern with the public number, there are different theme painting exhibitions on the Bayi Square on an irregular basis, you can browse the square with the red theme. It is best not to go to the first or last day of the painting exhibition, because it may not be well arranged, or it may be withdrawn early. Jiangxi Provincial Art Museum "