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The white sandy beaches of Boracay are the most densely populated places due to the tourists. The S1-S3 is basically occupied by the beach bar restaurant, the coffee shop and the massage drink shop. The seawater here is beautiful and fresh. The sky is a beautiful blue and there are always large clouds that float in the sky. Long Beach is a paradise near the sea. There are many people who love to visit this beach, and you will always find young children who love to play around in the sand. 
Posted: 17 Dec 2018
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Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Madagascar opened an electronic sign, magical animals here crustal movement over 135 million years ago, the supercontinent split, Madagascar Africa was split out and became Africa's largest island. Madagascar is one of the most endemic countries in the world, with a unique landscape such as baobab trees and the world's top ten pure beaches. We have been to a dozen African countries, and the favorite place is Madagascar except South Africa. Now that the e-sign has been opened, you can fly to see the world's unique lemur and chameleon. Motor Capital, is a petty and idyllic mountain town. I was fascinated by the idyllic scenery outside the window from the airport to the city center. It was once colonized by France and the house was painted with colorful patterns. h come to Madagascar where to go, the world's unique scenery. It is a boulevard 10 kilometers away from Murong Dawa. In the sunset, it becomes the planet of the little prince. Be sure to come. is comparable to the island of Mauritius, but less than one-half of the consumption in Mauritius. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is rated as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The island is full of chameleons and lemurs, and you can see them when you walk out. The hotel here is also very cost-effective, and the food is suitable for Asians. !! You must see the lemur lemur once, the kind of lemur king in Madagascar animal movies, which can only be seen in this country. There are dozens of lemur species in the motor that can be seen at the zoo. Or go to the island, they are very courageous, see the bananas and run to you, the hands are soft and super cute. !! Must play once. The chameleon chameleon movement is really slow and slow, but the tongue is very long. Let it crawl on the hand and observe it quietly. There are also many varieties of chameleons. Common greens don't change color. Others don't change color. It's fun. They can swim. Visa: The third country can be signed on the ground, the electronic sign is also very simple, 72 hours in advance, just fine, the required information is not much. Airline: It is more expensive to fly from China. It is recommended to leave from Hong Kong. We found a very cheap ticket, with a minimum of 2,200 RMB from Ethiopia to Madagascar.
Royal Palace
When the plane landed, we came out of the airport with a nervous and exhausted mood. After being killed by the customs, some of them got bored and walked out of the airport. The result is a terrible night. Is this group of darkness in front of Madagascar? I thought about it again and again before coming to Madagascar. Because of security issues, we didn't dare to come to this country at random. I didn't expect the capital to be the most chaotic place in the country. Without the protection of the sun, there were many crimes in the night. I heard that people in the travel notes didnt dare to run in the city with their cameras. I was scared that I didnt dare to bring another lens, even in the taxi. Take great care when taking pictures, lest the camera be taken away by people outside the window. This is probably the result of excessive urbanization. The whole city is a huge urban village. Only a few of the obvious streets are paved with stone roads, and there are many farmlands within the city that can be cultivated. If you are in the fringe of the city, it is all paddy fields, and the scenery is quite spectacular. The densely colored buildings are distributed on hills and there are thousands of Miao villages. was founded in 1625 by King Andrian Jakar, the city name (in Madagascar meaning "the city of thousands of warriors") taken from Andrian Jaka to deploy soldiers guarding the city Number of people. In fact, the monuments can still be found on the road. It is not a large stone plate left by the colonial period, leaving this ancient mystery a mystery. The morning and night are very attractive. When the morning dawns, the white mist in the valley begins to smoke!
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