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Top Things to do In Anxin 2021



380 things to do found in Anxin
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Exhibition Halls
Baoding Military AcademyNearby City

Baoding Military Academy

4.4/5179 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 8 reviews
"Memorial Hall"
Open on Tue-Sun,8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The army military academy (formerly known as "Baoding military academy") was the first regularized military academy in the history of China, which was the army Hayasei school of the northern ocean army in the Qing Dynasty. It was the earliest, largest, most complete facilities and most regular school system in the history of modern military education in China. Between 1912 and 1923, Baoding Military School ran nine periods, with more than 6,000 graduates, many of whom later became Huangpu Military School instructors. Baoding students are in the Kuomintang and Communist Party. If from the Beiyang Military Academy, Baoding trained nearly 10,000 officers, of which more than 1,600 received the rank of general. Made up a large number of military personnel, in our modern history, can not be ignored. The Baoding Military Academy is famous both in China and abroad, and the talented generation and the influence of modern Chinese history. Only 11 years after the reform of the Republic of China, the graduates, 6553. Many of them have become famous figures in the history of the modern revolution of China and have made immortal achievements in the cause of the revolution of the Chinese people. Comrade Ye Ting is a famous military general of our Party. His "iron army" during the Northern Expedition made the enemy fearless. He was the commander of the New Fourth Army during the Anti-Japanese War. Zhao Bosheng and Dong Zhentang Martyrs are well-known leaders of the Ningdu Uprising. Comrade Zhao Bosheng was the Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Red Five Army Corps. Comrade Dong Zhentang was the head of the Red Five Army Corps and sacrificed honorably for the cause of the revolution. At the critical juncture of the Huaihai campaign, the Underground Party members, former Deputy Commander of the 33rd Group of the Kuomintang Army, Zhang Kexia and Comrade Ho Jifeng led the Fifty-ninth Army and the Seventy-seventh Arms Line Uprising respectively, making great contributions to the success of the Huaihai campaign. He Zhuguo and Wang Yangtze also contributed to the cause of revolution. Many of the graduates of the school became the backbone of the democratic revolution, and when the Xinhai Revolution occurred in the military school, he took the risk of bombing the iron bridge of the river to prevent the Qing army from attacking the uprising army. After the liberation, he became the vice president of the people's Republic of China. After the liberation of the Sinai revolution, he served as the chairman of the National People's Congress and the vice president of the National Political Consultative Conference 6."
Baoding Zhuozhou MuseumNearby City

Baoding Zhuozhou Museum

4.7/560 Reviews
"The Zhuozhou Museum of Yanfeng Zhuoyun If you come to a city, you must understand the culture of the city; when you come to Zhuozhou, you have visited the twin towers of the Liao Dynasty, viewed the Yongji Bridge from a distance, and felt the three knots of Liu Guan and Zhang Taoyuan. Come today Arrived at the Zhuozhou Museum; the spacious and cool hall, the history exhibition with pictures and texts, and the detailed display of objects, filled with emotion. The exhibition kicked off with the exhibition hall "Zhuo Shui Long Song", which introduced in detail the human settlements on the banks of Zhuo Shui in the Neolithic period six thousand years ago, and the development history of various dynasties to the present; "Fan Yang Relic" introduces the native land of Zhuozhou Cultural and local characteristics, which is the first time I know that there is Zhuozhou local opera Hengqi Tune, but I don’t know where to enjoy it. There are also exhibition halls such as "Stone Art Psychic", "Tao Yun Xuancai", "Zhengrong Years", Zhuozhou has outstanding people and talents, in addition to the well-known Taoyuan Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, there are also "Bodhi No Tree , Mingjing is not a platform, there is nothing in the first place, there is no place to get the dust", the sixth ancestor Huineng, Lu Zhaolin, the fourth best of the early Tang Dynasty, the generation of poet Jia Dao, and Dou Yujun in the three-character classic "Dou Yanshan has a righteous prescription", Geographer Li Daoyuan et al. After the visit, I sat in the multi-function hall and watched the video introduction. I also saw Zhuozhou history books in the reading area; I decided to go to the eight scenic spots of Zhuozhou: Shuangta Qingyan, Tonghui Lantern City, Juma Changhong, Lou Sang Chun She, Hu Liangxiao Moon, Shao Village flower fields, Du Kang Qiucheng, Panpo snow. The museum built in Zhuozhou, whether it is a building or a display, should be said to be perfect; I have also walked through some historical sites and looked at the messy and disorderly state. I feel so distressed. I sincerely hope that these monuments can be protected. Later people felt the moral integrity of Zhuozhou, the number one state in the world." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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