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Things To Do in Anyang

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area
3,047 Reviews
icqpupTaihang Grand Canyon is a scenic spot in Linzhou, Henan Province (only one word of the Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon in Huguan, Shanxi province). The scenic area consists of three blocks, Taohua Valley, Taihang Tianlu and Wangxiangyan. It is said that there is also an iceberg scenic spot, but it is not open. Taohua Valley and Taihang Tianlu are together. Take the sightseeing bus to the gate of Taohua Valley, follow the valley where the waterfalls in the mountains are split up and trace the origin. While watching and playing for about two hours, there are many restaurants open by residents. After the supply is completed, take the modified Wuling minibus on the spot. It is dismantled on all sides and is convenient for panoramic viewing. Start the trip to Taihang Sky Road. There are three down stations in the middle, for the high view of Taihang. Some items that require extra payment, see everyone's intention, but there is a section of glass path included in the ticket. Although the glass has been worn away, it can be seen that the scenic spot is still very careful. Taihangtian Road has been able to see Wang Xiangyan at the end, but here can't go down, you have to return to the original road. The part of Taihangtian Road is very narrow, only allow to go one way, there will be staff to hold a flag at both ends of the narrow road. After 4 or 5 pm, in order to be safe, the Taihangtian Road is closed, so I want to go to Taohua Valley and Taihangtian Road in a day. Wang Xiangyan has a lot of people, mainly climbing mountains, and still have requirements for physical energy. There is no tour bus, it is all by walking. There is a net red skyscraper ladder after all, is the symbol of Wang Xiangyan scenic spot. In addition to Taihang Tianlu and Wang Xiangyan scenic spot close to the distance but not open, other aspects of Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon has no trough point, management is still good.
Yinxu Museum
2,547 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
自由行省钱侠客"The palaces of Yin Ruins are modern and magnificent, and the remains of the concave palaces seen today are not difficult to imagine the development of the human society created by the early Chinese people, especially the earliest wagon pits found so far in China." These are the epitome of the early days of Chinese culture.
Red Flag Canal
1,854 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
110***72From Anyang Bus Station, take a car at 8 o'clock to the Red Banner Canal. You can only buy tickets at the manual window. 10.30 to the Youth Cave Scenic Area. We walk to the Youth Cave. After crossing the ropeway, there is a mountain road, you can go to the top of the suspension bridge, and then go down the mountain road to the Youth Cave. The old man can walk all the way to the Youth Cave. Don't go up the mountain road, and finally take the scenic car at the youth cave to the gate. The return car is about 3.30 to the youth cave, get on the car at the place where you get off, and finally go to Anyang at 6 o'clock. Overall, it is awesome, the scenery is good,
Tangyin Yuefei Temple
680 Reviews
Memorial Temple
M25***70You can see it on the way. It is not necessary to go there. The two places are not far from. The Yao Temple is in the city center. The tourist is more than the suburbs of Yao Li City, and the number of people is less. The newly developed area of Yao Temple is not very touristy.
Youli City
554 Reviews
Historical Site
60岁极省自由行Free day trip to Tangyin Sansheng Temple. Henan Tangyin has a long history. There are Yaoli City, which has imprisoned Zhou Wenwang, and there are Yuefei Temple and Bianfu Temple. Called the local three temples. I originally intended to go to Yaoli City and Yuefei Temple. After the bus master's enthusiastic explanation, we went to Bianbu Temple ~ Haha, this place is estimated that few people from outside the country come. In the morning we started from Anyang Railway Station, take No. 61 bus, one yuan per person, in Yiwu small commodity city station to Anyang high-speed railway station to Tangyin Yufei Temple Antang tourist bus, ten kilometers away, two yuan per person to the city of Yue Li. After the tour of Yanli City, take the No. 1 bus Tangyin, originally intended to go to Pengfei Temple, later found that the terminal of this car is Bianyue Temple, the bus master introduced Bianyue Temple is good, and directly sat at the terminal, each person brushed Alipay electronic ride code 20% off, 08 yuan, 40 minutes drive. Bianyao Temple is not big for more than 1300 years, and locals have been there to seek medical advice. Come out, we took the No. 1 bus again to Pengfei Temple. At 17:00 pm, at the west gate of Pengfei Temple, continue to take the Antang Tourist Bus back to Anyang ~ This car is the last bus at 17:30. The departure interval is 30 minutes. . In this way, we spent only 7.6 yuan per person to complete the travel activities of dozens of kilometers a day from Anyang to and from the Sansheng Temple in Tangyin County. Is it very cool and very happy? Tell me, the navigation of this path is not available in Gaode Map, and it can be guided by Baidu Map.
Dream Land
67 Reviews
Theme Park
Y-SunSuitable for playing with friends, the night scene is super beautiful, the area is large, arrived at 2 pm, played five items, overall good, affordable price, can come again when you have time, recommend it.

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Anyang Zhangjian Christian Church
Anyang Zhangjian Christian ChurchAnyang,China

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Yinxu Wangling Archaeology Site
Yinxu Wangling Archaeology SiteAnyang,China

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Red Flag Canal
Red Flag CanalAnyang,China

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Tangyin Yuefei Temple
Tangyin Yuefei TempleAnyang,China

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Anyang Travel Tips

About Anyang

Anyang is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 3,000 years. As the main birthplace of the Chinese civilization, it is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. It is sometimes called the “first ancient capital of China.” Anyang has traces of many ancient stories such as Ximen Bao at Ye City. This is where the first female general of China was buried. It is known as the first capital in ancient China. In addition to its long history, Anyang has spectacular landscapes such as the Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon.

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Anyang Weather

Apr 18, 2021
10 ~ 22
Apr 19, 2021
14 / 26
Apr 20, 2021
Light rain
12 / 16
Apr 21, 2021
Light rain
12 / 13
Apr 22, 2021
12 / 20
Apr 23, 2021
11 / 17
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Anyang
Apr 18, 2021 Anyang Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:25-34 kph, Humidity:31%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:46/18:58
Anyang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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