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Ranked #17 in Aix-en-Provence Can't Miss Attractions
Recommended sightseeing time:1-2 hours
Valensole est situé sur un plateau où se rencontrent le Luberon et les Alpes.Map

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The understanding of Provence began with the Jon's play, which made Provence a dream. Today, when he grew up, Provence was not a city but a big district, composed of cities like Marseille, Avignon, Arles and Aix. Airplane arrivals to Marseille, train arrivals to Marseille Station or Avignon Station. I took train from Bordeaux to Avignon, to Avignon round trip to lavender fields, some distance, the best travel state is chartered drive tour. Lavender will hit Cavalonsoll, Sovill. Flower Valensoll 6.20-7.20 Sovillion Late 7.10-7.30Valensoll Valensoll I left Avignon on June 29th, drove about an hour and a half to Valensoll, drove along that area and stopped, and got off when I met the beautiful flower field to take a photo. The most beautiful flower field with "two trees", the magic of two small trees, let the whole picture is very harmonious. The parking lot is called [distillerie lavandes angelvin - A200m] Unfortunately, too dreamy to forget to locate, see this plaque must get off! The flowering period of the village is a little later than Valon Sole. When I went on June 30, Huahai only went to the calf. It is recommended to go to the village after July 10. The traffic guides fully chartered cars, Avignon round-trip transfer per capita chartered cars around 3000 / day; Ride-sharing around 800 / person practical tips to Valensool lavender Grand Canyon before 11 am or after 5 pm, good light. Don't go at noon, the sun is above the head and the face is dark. If the itinerary is the opposite, put Valensoll in the afternoon. It is only dark at 10:30 in the evening in France in June 67, so the light after 5 pm is also suitable for taking pictures. It is recommended that white is really good to wear, and other colors are taken well enough to be not enough. So beautiful women remember to wear white! White! White! Say the important thing three times.


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