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National Park
Arenal VolcanoClosed at 16:00

Arenal Volcano

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"National Park"
Ranked #8 in La Fortuna Can't Miss Attractions
58.3km from Bagaces ·
"|Costa Rica|Buddha Free Travel (Scenic Spots + Accommodation Guide) Visa: Get it on Ctrip, and other travel agencies apply for visas. You can choose what you need for travel: camera, phone card, sunscreen, raincoat, quick-drying T-shirt, long comfortable shoes Trousers (to prevent mosquito bites in the jungle) and so on. You can search the traffic on the Internet by yourself: renting a car is recommended to rent an SUV. After all, there are many mountain roads, and you can also choose to carpool or travel with a group. It is special from November to April, dry season from May to October, rainy season to enjoy the recommended: La Fortuna: Arenal Volcano can finally see the volcano of heart! The most famous volcano in Costa Rica! It is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world! Friends who come to play must not miss the check-in! When I first entered the rainforest, I saw its cone-shaped crater from a distance. The volcano is located in the tropical rainforest. The top of the mountain is always clouded and misty, like a fairyland, beautiful! I stayed at The Springs Resort and Spa at Arenal, which is close to Arenal Park. It is surrounded by majestic volcanoes and mysterious rainforest world. I like the volcanic clay body wrap treatment provided by the hotel. SPA, eliminate the fatigue of the day, sleep in comfort! Puntarenas Province: Watching animals in Corcovado National Park! The original zoo is much better than most zoos in the city! Known as the strongest place on earth-Corcovado National Park, all kinds of natural creatures, you can think of, all satisfy you! Macaws, toucans, and white-faced capuchin monkeys make you dizzy. It is recommended to work with the local tour guide. For those of us who are not familiar with the tropical rain forest environment, it is better for someone to lead the way! When staying in Puntarenas, we stayed at the Hotel Puntarenas Beach (Hotel Puntarenas Beach). We stayed in a sea view room by the sea. The room was spacious and bright and the hotel service was also good. Take a walk on the beach and blow your hair, a perfect place to punch in! Alajuela: Hacienda Alsacia Starbucks Coffee Farm, the only coffee farm in the world-Hacienda Alsacia Starbucks Coffee Farm. The open venues, including nurseries, greenhouses, various coffee bean processing plants, and R&D centers, allow visitors to better understand Starbucks. The aroma of coffee is everywhere. It’s wonderful to breathe it once! Haha, this is also a means of Starbucks marketing products! Costa Rica is also an ideal place to grow coffee beans. Rainwater/altitude/soil, each of which provides excellent innate conditions for the production of coffee beans! Coffee lovers, don't miss this place! recommend! San Jose: Teatro Nacional Costa Rica spent a few days in the natural scenery and came to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, to enjoy the city scenery. Teatro Nacional National Theater, located in the south of San Jose Cultural Square, can be said to be a relatively distinctive building in San Jose, although it is small but exquisite. The murals and sculptures in the theater are worthy of everyone's appreciation. There will be performances every night in the theater. It is suitable for those who love art to listen to the opera, watch the performances and experience the unique culture of Costa Rica. Let’s talk about accommodation. Ctrip booked Barceló San José on the Internet. The hotel has a beautiful garden and a comfortable swimming pool. Although the room is a bit older, the service and scenery are very good. Those who mind, choose carefully. ! Nearby attractions, parks, and easy access to the airport! Alright! The above is my travel experience. Everyone is young and the sunshine is just right, hurry up and go out and have a look"