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City Park
Qianling Mountain ParkNearby City

Qianling Mountain Park

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"City Park"
Ranked #1 in Guiyang Great Urban Parks
300km from Baise ·
"20220511:1. Located in the city, tickets are 5 yuan and the bus is directly accessible. The popularity of the week in the off-season of tourism is also very popular. 2. When you enter the park, you will see the stone screen of the "First Mountain of South Guizhou", with the background of the Qingshan Green Water Stone Bridge. It has a unique feeling. The area of the scenic spot is large. If you want to finish the day, you must take the western side of the mountain cableway. It takes 20 yuan per person for one way to save time and effort. 3. Walk down the ropeway to the nearby pavilion and wait for me not only overlooking the high mountain and the city's commanding heights on one side, but also the enthusiastic monkeys. But I suggest not to feed them. Once the monkeys know that you will feed, they will take care of you. After feeding the tourists around me, they were patted on the shoulder by the monkey. 4. Go down to the "Shufu Temple", first look at the stone pagodas standing outside the temple, is the tombstone of the death of the monks in the temple. Spend 2 yuan to buy tickets to the temple, the temple is large in size, the layout and gardening are very beautiful, the Buddha fragrance reminds that this is not a Jiangnan garden, the turtle in the pond is lying in front of the Guanyin image as if it is accepting. It happened to meet the truck to send ingredients to the temple canteen, full of potatoes and winter melons. There is a teahouse directly opposite the temple gate, and the gardening layout inside is also good. 5, after the worship from the temple to "Ling Ling Lake", originally wanted to start from the west side of the lake around the lake, but the west side of the mountain forest monkeys, monkeys sitting in the middle of the road to occupy the road, the sound of the chirp through the forest, although only to greet the companions to eat, but the girl behind fear of being "robbed" had to turn around. Then down the mountain from another road to the lakeside food area, while eating and watching the lake view, there are people swimming in the lake. After the meal, we passed the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Jungle Slide to the Wind and Rain Bridge. Although we went to the west edge of the scenic spot, it was very lively. I walked close to the novel wetland aquatic plants, the northernmost of the lake thought that it would go out of the scenic spot and turned back, did not carefully look at the map caused to miss the north "Xiaoguan Lake". 7. Return south to the "Jian Meng Ping Tomb" (Xinhai Revolution Guizhou leaders, walk a few layers of stone steps to see the tomb) began to climb the mountain, up the stairs are very long and have been uphill, but the roadside can be a lot of branches as crutches. It takes a lot of physical energy to finally reach the T-junction of the top of the mountain (the highest point of the West Peak), choose the east road down to the "Zoo". 8, animal species is not as much as professional zoos, but also a lot of large rare animals: tiger, bear, panda, etc. "The bird garden" impressed the most, people and birds roamed close to the innermost feelings of their cage, birds in the cage outside to see. 9, out of the zoo south to "Cave", the cave entrance of the memorial hall was originally Xi'an incident after Chiang Kai-shek house arrest Zhang Xueliang and Miss Zhao Si cell, there is a history introduction very increase knowledge. The cave is illuminated by colored lights, and after crossing the cave is a commercial rest area, with a unique view of the lake. 10. Next, southwards, the wild macaques viewing park (no monkey has been abandoned), the ancient Buddha Cave (a small grotto with a locked wooden house outside, which can be worshipped outside), and the White Elephant Spring (the water is covered with glass and the outside is repaired with white stone). 11. It took 7 hours to return to the entrance of the scenic spot. The main peak of the “Baixiang Mountain” and the Xiaoguan Lake on the east side of the scenic spot did not go."