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Huangjing Cave Tiankeng National Forest Park

Huangjing Cave Tiankeng National Forest Park

4.3/53 Reviews
Ranked #7 in Baise Amazing Natural Scenery
103.6km from city centre
"This trip to Mengyin Mengshan started from Yinan County on the morning of October 2. Entering the Mengyin section, the road is under construction, and the road is clear for a while, and the whole journey is fairly smooth. Overall, I feel that there are still too few signs near the scenic spot. Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of the people of Yimeng, I arrived at the scenic spot in various circles. It's a holiday and there are still many people. The ticket collection point is not too long, and ticket collection is very convenient. The discount rate for online shopping is still considerable. The gate of the scenic spot is still under construction, and the overall feeling is rather messy. The entry toilet is not very good either. There is only one faucet, so I don’t know why I didn’t fix it in advance. As far as the scenery and landscape are concerned, it is good. The natural oxygen bar is not empty. But I feel that the overall development needs to be worked hard. There are not too many fun things, the assault car is on the top of the mountain, but unfortunately there is not much fun in the climbing process, just climb and climb, so I did not climb to the top and came down. Fortunately, the children had a good time playing in the children's play area halfway up the mountain. The drifting excitement is not enough, but it has already won the hearts of the children. When there is water, the whole mountain will come alive. The Cultural Square was originally a small store, and no culture was seen."