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Changqing Park

Changqing Park

5/54 Reviews
"City Park"
1.1km from city centre
"Changqing Park is located in the center of Beihai City, a comprehensive park with a theme of commemorative activities, free for tourists. We rode electric cars to the main entrance of Beijing Road, electric cars can be placed on the temporary parking space outside the door free. The entrance is facing the monument commemorating the revolutionary hero, which fully reflects the significance of the park and the people's admiration for the martyrs. The whole monument is meant to be "Beihai is a revolutionary tradition of the harbor city, heroes blood, sacrifice, before and after, just exchange for today's liberation and new life, descendants should inherit the legacy of the hero, the new North Sea to build a better!" The park area 12.1 hectare, the park uses the topographic characteristics of artificial lake, lawn, stone path, rock pile, and so on. It is cleverly matched with corridors, pavilions and bridges, and combines artificial and natural elements. It achieves the beauty of ingenuity, making the visitors enjoy the eyes, lingering and forgetting, and the artificial lake is rippling. Happy Angel Children's Paradise, Fitness Exercise Gymnasium, Dew astronomical Recreation Area. The park is full of trees and flowers, especially in summer people walk in the sea blue paths, breeze, this quiet in the city makes people feel comfortable and cool. Such as the grassy open and fresh, accompanied by the growth of various tropical plants in the South, let people linger."
Beihaishi Diyi Botanical Garden

Beihaishi Diyi Botanical Garden

5/51 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
6.5km from city centre
"Starting in 2021 🔛In the small city of Guangxi Northwest Sea, the pace is slow and comfortable ❤️, the friends know what the city flower is in Beihai? We are walking in the park with warm sunshine ⛲️ ✌️📍 Detailed address: Beihai City Haicheng District, Sichuan Road and Tianfu Road intersection 🚗 Traffic Raiders: Didi is still quite convenient, public transportation 🚌 No research ✌️🕙 Open Time: Free 🆓 Open 🌟 Highlight Features: 1⃣️The whole park ⛲️ is full of Beihai City flowers, that is, triangular plum, also many other cities and Zambia 🇿🇲 national flower 🌹, this flower was originally grown in the Americas and Africa 🌍 tropical plants, in the North Sea this temperature survival is only suitable ✌️2⃣️ plum ♣️ It's natural to have a sense of pride. Triangle plum has pink, red and a small amount of white and yellow. The flowering period can last for more than a month. Although it's not at its peak, it's also good at this time. 👍3⃣️ There are many flower corridors that are very tuned. There is also the saxophone 🎷 sound of uncles and aunts in the distance. Life is like this, comfortable and comfortable. Lying on the withered and yellow grass, looking at the blue sky, emptying yourself, putting everything down ❤️ The new year is getting better and better ❤️📌 Small Tips: There are cakes at the door, buying half a piece, eating more uncomfortable, said it is still OK, 25 pounds a little expensive"