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Beihai International Garden and Flower Expo Park

Beihai International Garden and Flower Expo Park

4.4/5477 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Beihai Great Urban Parks
7.9km from city centre
"I have heard that Yuanbo Garden is the largest garden show and cultivation base in Beihai City. Beihai City hosted the 2014 Guangxi Provincial Garden Expo, which was built on the theme of "Huahai Silu Green Ying Zhucheng". She is a central part of the urban planning green centre, with a total area of about 298 hectares. Today, there are more people in the car exhibition, and there are more people on Sunday. To make a lively trip, I rode an electric car for ten minutes to the park east of Nanzhu Avenue and north of Yintan Avenue. The gate is really head-scratching. The old and young are very active. The staff constantly reminds them to wear masks. Sweep the code, buy tickets for 10 yuan per person. There is a tourist parking lot next to it, and it is very convenient to park for a fee. Enter a straight avenue in the park, facing the archaic old street archway, the car show gate, and the crowd is endless. We took a tour of the playground, and the indoor parts were basically unseen. The outdoors were covered with trees and flowers, the artificial wetlands were green and green, the stadium buildings were vivid and chic, and the artificial sculptures were everywhere. There were many amusement parks and amusement parks for children. It has become a permanent park and a venue for large-scale cultural events. It is a comprehensive city park with garden art display, paid public entertainment and vacation. The park is too big, we walked about a third of the area, feel a little tired, then returned, have the opportunity to come back to slowly enjoy it."