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Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum

Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum

4.2/519 Reviews
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"Other Places of Worship"
32.4km from city centre
"It feels ancient and magical to me. First of all, it is the oldest church in Asia, about 420 years old. It was the first stronghold of the Jesuit missionaries in Spain. The style of the church is Spanish, the exterior is vicissitudes of life, but the interior is gorgeous, especially the brilliance of the stained glass, which adds a lot of mysterious beauty to the church while being solemn and sacred. The building materials of the Baclayon Church are the same as those of the Spanish castle. It is made of coral stone and egg white. It is said that millions of eggs are used as a binder.   said that the magic is because there are naturally formed bearded figures on the wall outside the church. Some people say it is Jesus, some people say it is a certain missionary. Our driver also pointed to another wall and said that it was the image of the Virgin holding the holy baby, but there was only an outline, which was not as shocking as the huge portrait.   Visiting the church is free. There is a museum in the church for a fee. The museum houses many religious relics, including vestments made of gold thread, and Latin church music lyrics written on sheepskin. Baclayon Church is proud of its peculiar ceiling frescoes and intricately carved ancient confessionals. Choose a sunny time to enter. The ground will reflect the beautiful colored glass light and shadow, which is very charming."