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Gran Sasso

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16.9km from Castel Castagna ·
"Italian National Park | Gran Sasso National Park | Grand Sasso Mountain I have heard about Gran Sasso National Park and always wanted to climb to finally get the line. It is in the central Italian mountainous area, Abuzzo, about 180km from Rome, mountains, it is a 3 hour drive. It is a great place for outdoor lovers all year round, skiing in winter and hiking in other seasons. The highest altitude is no more than 3km and it is very relaxing. We drove all the way from Rome to the mountain area, suddenly opened, is a magnificent, the mountain here is a bit of a hairless stone mountain, weathered, there are a large weathered small stone formed slope. The large clouds cast the shadow of movement on the mountain, the low moss of the cattle and sheep, the cool wind of the high altitude, the bells of the horses' necks, the deep shallow color of the mountains, the blue sky, the few cars on the road let you walk freely, it is really great, Let me have a moment to think back to Sichuan, but more than Sichuan is comfortable too much, because there is no high anti-trouble. There are more than 70 recommended hiking routes on the official website, from about 2 hours to relaxing try routes to a few days of routes, from simple hiking to need to use more professional climbing equipment can also be chosen. And I think outdoors is very popular in Europe and suitable for all ages. When I went to Mount Bronx on foot before, it was normal to meet 70-somethings to walk the long line. This time I also met a child who was not stable at two or three years old. And then mom and dad brought us along this hike. On the road, I also met a lot of families traveling in a RV. Mom and Dad took a few children and drove the RV. They walked on such a magnificent road, stopped at a beautiful scene, and set up a sundeck table and chairs. The children were playing in the grass, and they slept in the arms of nature at night. My trip was to the Grand Corno Grande, but I couldn't get that far behind. I would definitely come back here again, with my tent on my back, and walk a long line up to the higher peaks."