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Snow Mountain
Mount GonggaNearby City

Mount Gongga

4.6/5323 Reviews
"Snow Mountain"
Ranked #1 in Luding Amazing Natural Scenery
241.2km from Chengdu ·
"Gongga Mountain is located on the eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, at the border of Kangding and Luding counties in Sichuan Province. It is the main peak of the large snow-capped mountains in Hengduan Mountains, with an altitude of 7556 meters, an altitude of 141.8 degrees in the east and a height of 29.6 degrees in the north. It is the first peak in Sichuan Province and is known as the "king of the mountains". Gongga Mountain is composed of a huge diorite granite intrusion with rigid structure and hard texture. Under the long-term cold weathering, it is steep and difficult to climb. Gongga Mountain is one of the most developed glaciers in China. There are hundreds of glaciers, covering an area of 300 square kilometers, of which Hailuogou glacier is 30 kilometers long, 220 square kilometers, and 3500 meters above sea level. It is the world's rare low-elevation glacier. Gongga Mountain is a complex landscape, bioclimate belt vertical distribution clear, plant and animal growth. Gongga Mountain is a mountaineering exploration and alpine tourism resort. Gongga Mountain around the concentration of more than 5,000 meters above the peak of more than 20. Among them: Zhongshan Peak elevation 6886 meters, Edjia Peak 6618 meters, Redema Peak 6549 meters, Bijia Mountain 5880 meters, set Haizi Mountain 5878 meters, Baihaizi Mountain 5924 meters, Tianhaizi Mountain 6070 meters."