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Luxe Lakes Eco-City

Luxe Lakes Eco-City

3.5/528 Reviews
21.6km from city centre
"The lake is just more introduced, one of the ten great houses in China lake villas. Because the lake, buy a house to see the house need to take a boat, so Langjiu Group (Wuhu developer Wanhua) set up a ferry, to provide cruise boat for people to visit the lake, also convenient to the opposite shore or surrounding supporting parks. 1. Location: Tianfu New District, Wuhu District, the boat location in Wuhu Art Exhibition Center, like Abazhou Yi nationality tower, the architectural design concept is also Xiqiao tower; 2. Opening time: 9 to 6, you need to make an appointment in advance by boat, by Sou Penghu Public No., look for a boat (the house requires 10 million proof of assets, and the boat does not need); 3. Play: (1) boat view, the high-end quality of Lake Biwa, water quality clear, the fish in the pool can be hundreds of head, if empty, under the sun, shadow stone. Lakefront is a billion-dollar top villa, architectural styles and forms, all designed by foreign designers, except for the summer mosquitoes, can not find the shortcomings. Windward and the wind, the man-made lake in this bustling city also seems to have a little poetic painting. I have to say that money is good, here should be built as a city of Chengdu citizens angry to work hard education base, with lively on-site education to tell you, in order to live a better material life, you need to work hard. (2) The Biwa Lake Ecological City has been written by many people, many people have also been to, no longer recount. Dragonbone Bridge, Cloud Park, Red Rock Park, Deer Reed, this is children's paradise, can be said that the whole Midwest can not find a higher-end than here. Four stars recommended."