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Taoping Qiang VillageNearby City

Taoping Qiang Village

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Ranked #2 in Li County Amazing Natural Scenery
71.6km from Heishui ·
"Taoping Yaozhai, located in Lixian Zagu Nao Riverside Taoping Township. Yaozhai distance from Lixian District 40 kilometers, Wenchuan City 16 kilometers, Chengdu 139 kilometers, is a national key cultural relics protection units, the Jiuhuang Line Tourist Circle important scenic spots. Taoping zhai is the most intact and living zhai building and residential buildings in the world, enjoy the "natural air conditioning" beautiful name. Its perfect underground water network, all-round passageway and maze architecture art of the ancestral building are known as "living fossils of the ancestral architecture art" and "mysterious eastern castle" by Chinese and foreign scholars. Taoping zhai to the castle as the center of the eight outlets, the exits connected to the ramp to form a road network, the people of the village, such as the outsiders into the maze. The wall is built with pebbles and tiles, and the walls are mottled and mottled. In the village, the lanes are vertical and horizontal. Some of the houses have low walls. The houses are wide and crisscrossed, usually with two to three floors, above which are used as houses, below which are oxen and sheep pens or farm tools, and inside which the roof is often built with a "small tower" to worship the god of white stone (a piece of white stone in the shape of an egg). The underground water supply system in the castle is also unique. The springs from the high mountains flow through the trenches to every house, not only to regulate the temperature of the room, as a fire-fighting facility, but also to avoid the enemy's water cut off and escape in the event of war."