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Sanhe Classic Car MuseumNearby City

Sanhe Classic Car Museum

4.6/5175 Reviews
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Ranked #10 in Chengdu Must-Visit Museums
190.9km from Heishui ·
"See the exhibition recommendation | falling in love with the museum! Explore the old car's past life! 🛻 / 𝒮𝓮𝓅. "Fashionable fashionable places are not short of Tongcheng, but we need some "natural power" that is full of life every night and every day to bring life to the dull and dull, The museum of three and classic cars has more than 200 Tibetan cars, covering nearly 60 famous brands at home and abroad, which perfectly shows the charm of the old cars in their past life, which is rare and really worth it. -🚗 Chengdu Sanhe Class Car Museum 📍 No. 2 Xinyuan South 1st Road, Singapore Industrial Park, Chengdu Airport Road 🈺️ 09:00-17:00 (16:00 stop entrance) 🏖️ Closed on Monday 🎫 Adult 60 yuan / Zhang 🎫 Children 30 yuan / Zhang (1-1.4 meters, free of charge below 1 meters) 🎫 There are also parent-child package discounts on the line! - Visited here with friends for a half day, you must have two great attractions in Amway: 1 ⃣️ 1st floor | Museum First Exhibition Hall 🔮 Open Space | Interactive Experience This museum is the most vintage car museum in China, domestic, imported, used by celebrities, Milestone ... Each design feature, all the vintage cars show, space planning and vehicle and introduction display are very characteristic! 2⃣️ Second Floor | Retro Culture Street 🔮 In addition to visiting the classic cars from Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Belgium in the museum, there are vinyl, ancient books, hand-made, buyers, desserts, cinemas, The barber shop ...... Classic car element has a wonderful presentation in every corner and store! ☕️ Adorable retro American cafes can also drink a limited latte, delicious! 🍦 Stop and stop walking is tired not only have cafes to rest, but also can buy pink and tender Wenchuang ice cream: The first car in the world, "Benz 1" prototype, three colors are different flavors, and I of course choose the favorite strawberry flavor! The clever Wenchuang ice cream 🐰 is not where can buy it! - Not only a car-loving paradise, but also a great place for friends and family, Jane's restaurant, cafe, exhibition hall are the focus of attention, and the second floor of the science and education center is a lot of related activities, Great place to bring kids to experience a wonderful life! - National Day and classic car trial activities, located in the Sanhe Park, you can also get a Palm Museum Zhi Box!"