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Sichuan Songci MuseumNearby City

Sichuan Songci Museum

4.8/540 Reviews
Ranked #13 in Suining Can't Miss Attractions
298.6km from Heishui ·
"Sichuan prefectural-level cities have few permanent museums of the topic, which has set a precedent of the museum covering the local history, and provided a new way of exhibition. Suining, relying on the Song Dynasty porcelain unearthed in the Jinyu Village, has cultivated the local history of Song and Yuan Dynasties, and created this modern museum. 1. Location: Suining suburbs, close to the high-speed railway bridge, is the Suining New Area area, sparsely populated. 2. Open time: 9 to 5. 3. Look at the point: (1) Suining history. On the first floor of the exhibition hall, the Suining Shi was quickly pulled over, from the primitive clan of the Shehong people's skull to the modern era, half the exhibition hall to be done, may be Suining history is not too much to book, or the exhibition hall to give themselves room for improvement, because Chen Ziang, The historical sites of Yuwen and others are worth a book. The statue of Yuwen is still standing at the commercial street of Suining today. The name of Suining is also from him. "Suining is peaceful." Suining digs out the Song Dynasty porcelain in Jingdezhen, the village of goldfish, and the focus of historical research is transferred to the Song and Yuan Dynasties. The history hall is mostly a display of this piece, but the exhibits are generally not very bright. (2) Song Porcelain Hall. The ancient Chinese porcelains built on the foundation of Song porcelain in Jinyu Village are exhibited, from the clay of Neolithic period to CHINA in the Han Dynasty, to the early exposure of various kilns in the Tang Dynasty, so that the peak of the Song and Yuan dynasties, the five kilns, and finally the brilliant desolation of the Ming and Qing dynasties, The paper introduces the general knowledge points of the ceramics related to Linlin and displays the corresponding exhibits collected from the whole country, focusing on the characteristics and history of the kilns of the "Five Great Kilns". But most of the porcelain unearthed in Jinyu Village was from Longquan kiln in Zhejiang Province and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province. To be honest, I think blue and white porcelain is not as delicate and beautiful as porcelain. Longquan porcelain in Jinyu Village really shows the characteristics of "Jiuqiu Fengluyue kiln, winning the green color of Qianfeng", such as green as water, warm and moist as jade, and refreshing. There are also some scattered exhibition halls display unknown portraits, such as, not as the main exhibition, considering the characteristics of porcelain, four-star recommendation, go to Suizhou Prefecture do not forget to go."