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The 38th ParallelNearby City

The 38th Parallel

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"Military Site"
Ranked #1 in Inje-gun Can't Miss Attractions
36.9km from Chuncheon-si ·
"After that, we took the car again to the "real" Panmunjom that we often see on TV on the armistice line. It is said that in order to facilitate the search for the representatives of the Chinese army, a pub and small grocery store made of wooden planks near the meeting place was hung with the three characters "Panmunjom" written in Chinese as a sign. From then on, the place was named Panmunjom. . After getting off the bus, we first went to pay tribute to Chairman Kim Il Sung's signature monument under the leadership of the explaining officer. Under the huge stone stele is engraved with North Korea’s national flower Jindalai. On the smooth stone stele are three Korean characters autographed by Kim Il-sung. The date of signing is July 7, 1994. This was the signature of Chairman Kim Il Sung on a document on the reunification of North Korea and South Korea, and this was the leader's last stroke. He passed away the next day. After lining up and bowing as required to express our respect, we went to the observation deck on the North Korean side under the leadership of the explaining officer to watch the 7 simple wooden houses built on the military demarcation line. This is a military establishment based on the armistice agreement. The conference hall of the Armistice Commission and the workplace of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. Many famous talks between North Korea and South Korea have also been held here, so we can often see these buildings in TV news. In front of these tall buildings facing each other are two equidistant and spacious roads. In the middle of the road are 7 board houses, of which 3 are sky blue and the others are white. The tour guide told us that the sky blue houses were built by Americans, and the management principle of these board houses is who builds and manages them. There is a very obvious cement boundary in the middle of the slab houses. The northern side between the slab houses is a cement pavement, and the southern one is paved with gravel. The distinction is clear and unambiguous. We saw soldiers standing guard outside the board room door on the Chaofang side, while no one was seen on the Korean side on the opposite side, but a dozen cameras on the third floor platform of the tall building on the opposite side were watching intently we. Looking further away, passing through the mountain top covered by lush green vegetation, the South Korean national flag is fluttering in the wind on the tall flag tower in the distance. The division of a nation is revealed to us alive in this way, and this division has been going on for more than 60 years. Although it is a place condensed with a heavy history, the tourists are very relaxed on the observation deck. Everyone asked various questions to the tour guide and the explanation officer with great interest, and they took the trouble to answer patiently. When a tourist offered to take a photo with the soldier on duty, it was very surprising that they also readily agreed. It seems that North Korea’s opening up is also unknowingly moving towards greater relaxation and freedom, which is also in line with the trend of historical development and social progress."