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Rector’s Palace

Rector’s Palace

3.9/516 Reviews
Ranked #10 in Dubrovnik Can't Miss Attractions
1.8km from city centre
"This building was described as "the most beautiful building in Dalmatia" when it was just completed in 1464. Nowadays, there are still many master paintings stored here. It is the cultural and historical part of the Dubrovnik Museum. Ministry, those who like art and history can consider buying tickets to enter the tour. In the second season of "Game of Thrones," there is a scene where the dragon girl Ka Lixi negotiates with the spice giant, which seems to be filmed here. At that time, the fat and big-eared wealthy businessman stood on this step and was very impressed. Next to the stairs is the statue of Miho pracat, the only citizen who has won the highest honor in the city. It was built in 1638. Miho Pracat was a large shipowner from Lopud. The Republic suffered a serious economic crisis that year. He did not hesitate to donate his huge wealth to charity. To commend him, the government funded the establishment of this bronze statue. It is the only statue in the city that has not fallen for hundreds of years. There is a small museum next to it, exhibiting the remains of this building, such as the exquisitely carved pillars. Upstairs, there are many master paintings stored in the palace, which is the cultural and historical branch of the Dubrovnik Museum. But none of them can be photographed. Although it cannot be compared with the palaces of many European countries, as the official residence of a governor more than 600 years ago, the furnishings inside are considered very luxurious. Each room contains many famous paintings. Unfortunately, we don't understand this very well! Although you cannot take pictures in the palace, you can take pictures of the square outside the window through the windows on the second floor. This angle is very good! I can take a very clear picture of the top of the Assumption Cathedral on the opposite side, really beautiful! (Look at my last photo)"