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The Old Farm, Strawberry HillClosed

The Old Farm, Strawberry Hill

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"Historical Site"
1.8km from city centre
"[Attraction Guide] Detailed address: 174MiddletonRd, AlbanyWA6330, Australia Transportation Guide: Public transportation is not very convenient. There are branch flights from Perth to Albari every day, which takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is recommended to drive or travel with a group. It takes about five hours to drive from Perth. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:00-16:00 Ticket price: Donation Highlights Features: Centennial Noble Manor, "Old Farm" on the Strawberry Hill in Albany. Going to Western Australia in winter is the local summer, and the climate is quite pleasant, especially the small town of Albany in southern Western Australia, which has now been voted as one of the most livable cities in Australia. When domestic partners wear down and freeze During the dog season, summer travel in a seaside town is really envious of others. The most prestigious attraction in the small town of Albany is undoubtedly the old farm on Strawberry Hill, which is regarded by the Australian National Trust as one of the most important historical buildings in Western Australia. Although it is called the "Old Farm" with the grounding atmosphere, it is actually a small two-story building and manor with beautiful gardens and lush vegetation. The national heritage entry of the old farm grandly introduces the status of the old farm: "This is a good early example of a country gentleman's manor, including the main residence and related outbuildings." The history of the old farm can be traced back to 1827 In 1988, it was used as a vegetable garden to grow corn to provide food for soldiers in the colony. Sir Richard Spencer purchased the estate and the adjacent 43 hectares of land from the government in 1833, and later built larger two-story houses, as well as buildings such as sheds, barns, and stables. , And was later destroyed in a fire. In 1889, the architect Francis Bird purchased Strawberry Hill and carried out extensive renovations and renamed it "Old Farm" in 1890 to commemorate the creation of its former owner and as a social place. Until 1956, the Western Australian State Government purchased the farm and listed it as a historical monument. Today, the dense and towering trees in the manor are the seeds that Sir Spencer sown here."