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Wellstead Heritage Museum

Wellstead Heritage Museum

1 Reviews
4.7km from city centre
"This is the best pizza in my life. To Amway this store, we have to start from the beginning. The Wellstead family is the first family to live in Bremer Bay. Their family should be very rich. They have a wine estate and a museum estate. The museum estate has a homestay and a small restaurant. The small restaurant is rented out to When a local couple ran it, the pizza I was talking about came from this small restaurant. The pizzas here are delicious because they are all fired and have a dozen different flavors. Pizza is only available on Saturdays. The tourist season is Wednesday and Saturday. Except for pizza, all their food is homemade, using local ingredients to cook creatively. Among them, this dish, which is a bit like rou jiamo, is very popular. It looks like rou jia bao, but it is not the same. Australians seldom put the delicious fried pork slices made of pork in it. The salty and fragrant are especially delicious. They also have homemade desserts available throughout the day, as well as various flavors of milkshakes, coffee, juices, etc. The entrance to the museum is in the restaurant, and the ticket price is $5. The price of pizza ranges from $18-30 each. Their pizza needs to be booked over the phone, otherwise they might not be there. Google search Wellstead museum and find the link of their restaurant, you can directly link to the Facebook homepage, which contains his home phone number, business hours, dishes, etc. By the way, it is recommended to go at five or six in the evening. There are many cute kangaroos on the grass."
National Anzac CentreNearby City

National Anzac Centre

1 Reviews
151.3km from Bremer Bay ·
"[Attraction guide] Detailed address: 67 Forts Rd, Mount Clarence WA 6331, Australia transportation guide: Public transportation is not very convenient. There are daily regional flights from Perth to Albari, which takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is recommended to drive or travel with a group. It takes about five hours to drive from Perth. Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Ticket price: $25 for adults, $11 for 4-15 years old, free for people under 4 years old, $21 for seniors over 60 years old. Highlights: The museum where you can play machine guns and cannons by the sea, and the royal fortress in the town of Albany. Going to Western Australia in winter is the local summer, and the climate is quite pleasant, especially the small town of Albany in southern Western Australia, which has now been voted as one of the most livable cities in Australia. When domestic partners wear down and freeze During the dog season, summer travel in a seaside town is really envious of others. An important historical site in Albany is called the Royal Prince. Although the two world wars in the twentieth century allowed Australians to see the scale of the real war, the "fragile" Australians at that time were convinced that they were vulnerable. During the 1970s and 1880s, the fortress protected Albany, the only important port city between Perth and Port Lincoln. The fortress was stationed from 1893 to 1956, after which the complex was transformed into a school and holiday camp. The site was renovated in 1987, and a military museum was built next to it. Visitors can visit the guardhouse, canteen, commander’s residence, stables and barracks, as well as various large machine guns and artillery preserved. Review in the guide’s commentary Those prosperous years."