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Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman StatueNearby City

Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman Statue

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"I especially like the elephant at the door of this place! When I first arrived at the door, I said that I was not allowed to take pictures inside, and then I took a few pictures outside. The building looks particularly matte and delicate. It is like a small castle. I really like it. In fact, my favorite is the door. The two lifelike elephant statues are so cute! After entering, I found that the inside is quite spacious and the area is relatively large. The overall style of the building is very magnificent, that is, it has special ethnic characteristics. It is a very wonderful thing to experience different cultures. In addition to the very magnificent building, It’s really exquisite. Some of the sculptures on the top and the painted colors are all very delicate. The environment inside is very good, the ground is very clean, and the outside is probably in the middle of the building. There is one The big statue can be seen from the outside. It should be a more important and symbolic representative sculpture here. I don’t really know when I read, haha! You can go around by yourself or ask a local guide. The advantage of having a guide is that you can have a deeper understanding of the local culture! Tips: The opening time is really earlier than all other attractions, at 6 o'clock in the morning, but the cut-off time in the afternoon is also earlier and closes at about 4:15 in the afternoon. You must wear decent clothes when you go in and visit. Short skirts and suspenders, of course, are not allowed to take pictures inside, but they can be taken on the street outside."